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#1 Jun 21 2011 at 9:24 PM Rating: Decent
Heya all. I am looking at maybe trying FFXI. I heard so much about it. Now that I cant work due to a accident I am looking for something to do. ANd I wonder if this would be a game ofr a girl comming from WoW. :)
#2 Jun 22 2011 at 12:27 PM Rating: Good
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I've been playing ti for 8 years.

I've played WoW/Rift/LOTRO and even WAR(hammer) - I like all of these games. But I <3 FFXI.

For me, it is partly that FFXI is the first MMO I got into heavily. But also, I think FFXI for me was the "Hard Mode" of MMORPGS. In the beginning it was most certainly the most complicated, and hardest MMO to get into and progress in.

Levelling was a grind, experience points had to be gained in parties, as there were very few viable solo options.

Making gil($$) wasn't easy, and again it was grind up a craft or a job to 75 to farm for gil.

End Game content was bottle-necked and majorly frustrating trying to compete for Notorious monsters which would only spawn every REAL LIFE 72 Hours...

BUT! I still loved FFXI.

Most of the harder elements of FFXI are now gone, but the complicated and detailed elements are still around, and this makes me love it even mroe now.

You can read a million threads of people feeling nostalgic and wanting "The good old days back" - but I honestly think they would enjoy it for a couple of hours and /welcome the new ways again with open arms

Exp is now easy to solo, and finding a party to get into and get good exp is very easy too now.

Crafting is a grind, but making gil is now very easy too.

Notorious monsters - these are geting far better with more and more ways of force popping them, meaning you get them when you want (or much sooner at least) with some footwork, but not crazy foot work!

As someone who comes from WoW you will notice that the system, and i meant he ENTIRE system is completely different. The UI and all the mechanics are completely different. So be in for a suprise if you haven't yet tried it.

Lotro/Rift/WAR all take on very similar mechanic and very similar UI as WoW.

My advice:

If you have no real patience with MMOs, and prefer a game you can slip in/out of and have it mainly in easy~medium mode, then I would go for Lotro/Rift/WAR etc. (NB:: THIS IS NOT A BAD THING!)

If you want a challenge and a more complicated system then try it out. If you try this game out is to be patient - if you put in some time and effort, then it can really be fun.

If you prefer storyline then do some research on the game's story you like and follow that!

Whatever you choose, good luck :)

Final note:

This is the "Server forum" for Asura, while it is fine to post this question here, you will get far more traffic and a variety of responses in this -the general- forum !
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#3 Jun 23 2011 at 9:17 AM Rating: Good
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Tarquin speaks wisdom. To add to it, I personally think FFXI is the single best MMO that has ever been released. I've played quite a few MMO's. I played Ultima Online in the beta phase, which was arguably the first MMORPG. I later beta tested Asheron's Call as well, which was very similar to Everquest. I also dabbled in WoW a little bit.

Ultimately when I found FFXI about 8 years ago, I was in awe. The balance in FFXI is like no other game. Most MMO's are constantly being re-balanced, one class is getting hit with the nerf bat while another is suddenly king of the jungle. In FFXI, this kind of shift has only happened a handful of times in 8 years. I remember toward the beginning, Dragoon and Monk were too powerful because of their multi-hit weaponskills, so that got nerfed a bit. A year or so later, Rangers got hit with a nerf too because they were dominating. After that things were stable for a good 5+ years until recently when Abyssea was released, and it kind of shifted the balance of the game around a little. That was it, so 3 major re-balancing efforts in about 8 years. How they achieved such a great balance between the various jobs to begin with, so that it didn't require constant re-balancing, I will never know. I've never quite been sure whether it was sheer luck or if they spent a ridiculous amount of time fine-tuning things. Either way, the result is a masterpiece of a game. 8 years after starting, I'm literally still playing the same class I started as: White Mage.

It's one of those games where the challenge is in the details of a job class, and skill makes all the difference. You can't just bully your way through the game with stats, many battles are fought on a knife's edge where one slip-up will spell a complete wipe. It can be an intense game at times! So if you enjoy a challenge, you'll love FFXI.
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#4 Jun 29 2011 at 6:33 PM Rating: Decent
I am liking it so far. I hope I learn more as I go!
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