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Cool players you have come across.Follow

#152 Oct 02 2004 at 11:04 AM Rating: Good
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ive met many good people in FFXI but the best so far are mainly from the linkshell i belong to - Tarustu,Chibireizo,Malachies, Emryck,Natus,Hobbitses,Hosien,Kiso,Jupo...(list is very long if u were not mentioned sry bout that ^^;)

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#153 Oct 02 2004 at 11:32 AM Rating: Good
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the coolest ppl i have met in this game would have to be arwynn colautie thoes two are one **** of a combo oh i can't for get abou verssens she rocks to
thfs rock or they did do they still do
ganking is when a lvl 60 beats down a lvl 1. 10 level 60's beating down a lvl 1 is not ganking it's called beating the holy **** out of him/her
#154 Oct 03 2004 at 2:52 AM Rating: Good
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WOW there are many to list, but i will only go with some of the coolest, lol

WELDON- a truely dedicated drk, been farmin for over 2 months and he has the most dry and sarcastic sense of humor i have ever encounterd

ARTEMESIA- a woman who can hang with the boys, and never never get offended, u gotta love that

KEN (eshemanato or whatever the **** it is) for inviting me on my first bcnm 40 and to there LS (go legion!!!!) and for radomly humping objects

SANJURO well, cuz hes the man

VUMONT- for losing all our items at bcnm 40 >.< and i still love him,, thats how cool he is

BRARION- cuz he taught me more about the in's and out's of this game then anyone else, and he probably doesnt even realize it.

BELLUS and DIRAPHE definatly deserve some mention as well

There are a few things im no good at, fortunatley being a Dad, boss, lover and MMO beast are not included :)

Unfortunatley money management, sobriety and staying out of trouble are :(

#155 Oct 04 2004 at 7:05 PM Rating: Decent
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#156 Oct 05 2004 at 8:47 AM Rating: Good
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Hmm, okay, let's see what I can come up with this time.

Geoffrey, a German player. Part of the credit I got away from the dunes was because of him, because he was so good and cool. Of course, the powerleveler he brought in later on ( can't remember her name...sin-something) helped a lot too. And I got to speak some German too. :P

Yesterday I was in party where PLD did very good job generally. You see, lately PLD's haven't been that good I've partied with and as a Ranger, I've often ended up tanking about 40% of each fight. But not with this PLD. His name was Levi-something. ( really sorry I can't remember names -.-)

Damantha. This person is helpful, nice and funny too. At least that's the impression I got few days ago at 'nest. We got in trouble with hornfly, one of our pt member died, she was flag up there and came to help. I always appreciate players who alones comes to help.

Alazar ( again not sure about spelling) - Norwegian player. Very helpful person. Kind, cool. Always willing to warp me out of the trouble. :D

Elwing! It was awesome when we had two ranger in party ( Me and Elwing). That party rocked and got exp very quick. He/she was a very funny person too.

I'll add more on the list later.

Aaveraiskaaja. Tarutaru 75 RNG 75 MNK. Asura. LS: Illuminaire ( shellholder)
#157 Oct 05 2004 at 9:42 AM Rating: Good
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Might as well add a little list most of these are around my level so don't expect getting on my list :p

Salazar - nice and good blm that offers his help all the time but when he does I rarely need it :p

Magdan - Experienced ranger that knows how to play his job right. Always good pt's when I have been in pt with him these few times.

Csego - A whm that knows how to play his job, he rarely talks but does his job right to deserve his name on the list.

Kimball - Another rng on the list helped me with the davoi coffer key (we were about to give up but we got it in the last kill :D)

Sinisa - Another fellow Norwegian player was a mnk before but gave it up and is now a very good blm :)

Xinxine - Another Norwegian and another blm :p he's fun to chat with and also plays his role as a blm right.

So now too lazy to think of more people :p

#158 Oct 05 2004 at 10:30 AM Rating: Good
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I need to add Ahtnamas to my list.

Took one for the team when we fought the Sandy dragon understaffed and helped me get to rank 3. Thanks again!!!
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#159 Oct 05 2004 at 3:11 PM Rating: Good
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Heh, like all my friends are mentioned 10 times and im mentioned twiceXD one from Sesshomaru, suprisingly*new list time*
Asmadeous(come back **** you>_<)
*all i can remember, /slap me if i missed ya<.<*(im gonna get lots of slaps now..-.-)
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#160 Oct 06 2004 at 7:23 AM Rating: Good
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Hmm... my list....

Redyne (All around nice girl)

Vletts (All around nice guy)

Willlbert (Full of sage advice... and he always gives it cuz he's always fishing)

Samias (Monk Advice, also nice guy)

Magusraven (Partied with him as Aburame and got PL'ed from him as Catt; very nice guy)

Oxfurd (he may be an *WARK* sometimes... but he knows what he is talking about...)

Gram (Probably the best ninja I have seen... Got almost 4 levels in 3 hours in Qufim with him)

Rekiem (Definitely one of the best/nicest people I have come across while playing FFXI... But he quit)

Rawrah (Also a very nice person, don't see very much of her....)

Montague (Męster Chef & Hilarious Guy)

and I thinks thats it... I mean, I have a short term memory.... :/

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#161 Oct 06 2004 at 9:08 AM Rating: Decent
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everyone in my ls is cool and everyone else can kiss my *** =P
tauren war 70
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emerald dream
#162 Oct 06 2004 at 7:08 PM Rating: Default
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rock on man rock on
thfs rock or they did do they still do
ganking is when a lvl 60 beats down a lvl 1. 10 level 60's beating down a lvl 1 is not ganking it's called beating the holy **** out of him/her
#163 Oct 06 2004 at 11:33 PM Rating: Good
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DodoBird wrote:
Oh yeah, also Legomyegolas (sp?) for having the best name in the history of FFXI.

Yay, my mule got mentioned! I don't play him much anymore because I'm focusing on my blm, and rng is just too expensive.

Hmm...Some cool people I have come across:

Novareide (moved servers though)

EDIT: Oh my! How could I forget Psiko? He's awesome! He's probably the only relatively new player I know that puts so much dedication to being the best he can both in game knowledge and equipment. Not to mention a great RL friend.

...and I'm sure many others that I just can't think of right now!

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#164 Oct 07 2004 at 1:44 AM Rating: Good
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Awww, my name isn't anywhere on this list *laughs* Oh well... the times I play usually coincide with JP times ^.~ (Well, that's my excuse anyway *laughs*)

A few people who have helped me out through my short lived career as am adventurer:

Syrous - He has singlehandedly done more for me than any other player in the game ^.^ He's helped me on rank 3, 4 _and_ 5, helped me unlock ninja, as well as helping me get through Beaudecine (sp?) Glacier to get my ice weather for my Carbuncle's Ruby.

Redaske - Another great guy ^.^ Helped me get my pet wyvern Delphyne, who has since taken up residence sitting around messing up my mog house, which send my moogle into a frenzy, since he has to clean it up!

Cristerwister - Crister is probably at 75 as a white mage by now. But he's helped me a few times as well on rank runs and the like. I envy him every time I see him run past decked out in a Vermillion Cloak, dual Astrals and an Astral Aspis *laughs*

Tyre, Sair, Taanath, Arelgon, pretty much anyone from my linkshell really ^.^ I'm in a roleplaying group (which is a _ton_ of fun I must add ^.^), so we'll often help each other out if we need it.

Oh, and finally, thank you to the random person who gave me 8k for no apparent reason the other day in the dunes ^.~ I spent it on arrows soon after since I was levelling ranger... but it was much appreciated!
Drusenija - Resident Scholar of Asura
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#165 Oct 07 2004 at 3:15 AM Rating: Good
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lol hiya dru =D thanks alot but hehe im not 75 yet still 74 =( i mess around to havent got to see u in ages !! sat morning is promy run all of them 9 am our time tell if u can make it =D or when u can i can set something up !!

cool ppls are the whole **** server even whoflung poo who NO ONE will give a second chance but the boy is really trying hard and doing alot of nice things that are going un noticed =( sigh... i see you trying who u A OK in my book =)
#166 Oct 08 2004 at 1:40 PM Rating: Decent
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#167 Oct 08 2004 at 1:54 PM Rating: Good
85 posts
Adding some more names:

Dannii(SP?): High level WHM who helped me get a Sea Serpent Grotto coffer key, enduring my tendency to pester people behind the mythril beastcoin door ^^.

Asika: RNG who kindly helped to defeat the Ninja AF2 NM.

Character Name- Oxide Server- Asura
San d'Oria, Rank 10
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#168 Oct 10 2004 at 7:06 PM Rating: Decent
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Knowing full well that it will be quite some time until I might appear on this list, I figured I'd add in a few people who have made my experience more enjoyable.

Frodobald - He sparked my interest in the game, and for that I am eternally grateful. Not only that, but he also added me into his linkshell and is the best friend a guy could have, both IRL and in game.

Maticus - He gives a new definition to the word helpful. He was the first person in the linkshell I really started talking to (other than Frodo), and he has helped me with missions and getting sub-job well as advice.

Geno - This man let me borrow his Traveler's Mantle when I thought about leveling Thief. His elitist nature makes him seem cold and remorseless, but there is a great guy behind all of that. I wish I could find a Paladin to party with that is half as good as him.

Okay, I know, that isn't very many people and all three are in the linkshell, but I'm yet to see anyone with any consistancy. I just can't wait to catch up to those guys so I can be a part of their semi-static...only 30 more levels to go!
#169 Oct 10 2004 at 7:41 PM Rating: Decent
106 posts
To start this I'm not going to list anyone in my LS because the list would be too long, but if you see someone wearing a Saints shell, most likely they're a cool person.

As to others,
Arjuna(rich punk), Luan(the spastic bst), Choy, Chiccabo, Astrial(tied with Chiccabo as my favourite whm ever), Glacian(not to be confused with galcian), pretty much all the NA Bsts 65+ are cool, I can't think of any exceptions right now. Napoleon, Precarious, Dilemma, the list goes on and on.

It is strange to me to see Ultimax name on here, I've seen him MPK intentionally a few times, and have seen him KS at least half a dozen times.
#170 Oct 11 2004 at 7:16 AM Rating: Decent
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many of the great players have been mentioned.
but for me i am glad to know these people.

Beran- he is a loyal friend. has my back in all things. he is quick to stop those who say false things about me. i cannot express how cool this guy is. he sticks to a goal until its completed. helps people along the way.

Seigfried- stood up against his own LS members that called me a F***ing liar about various NM topics. always ready to help with anything i need.

Alixila- i once considered her a friendly rival. a formidalbe NM hunter. we even hunted Leaping Lizzy together. she was the only NM hunter that could beat me to Lizzy back then. after she beat me 3 times, my faith in hunting went down the drain. but she renewed my spirit when she told me not to give up and that i was the best hunter she ever saw. (not self promoting on purpose) it is because of that kindness i still hunt today.

Raiyn- ever cheerful. one of the nicest players. always ready to accompany me in hunts. he is one of the few who can give me a run for my gil on claiming targets. nothing slows this guy down. uses an almost role-playing style of speech that is refreshing and not corny.

Zoolander- currently in basic training. another loyal friend. helpful in all things. not to mention one of the funniest guys i know. i hope he returns to us soon.

and those who no longer are with us..

Sliver- friend IRL. he was mentioned earlier in the thread. he knew the ins and outs of the game and made it easier for all.
Nevah- friend IRL. married to Sliver IRL. a constant help. supportive and cheerful.
Juilin- my bro IRL. at my side almost to the very end. a master hunter.

and those who have encouraged me, in great and small ways, along the way.

Petme- a great THF. challenged what i knew as a THF
Vorador- another great THF. showed me how to do SATA.
Dizzyhurricane- lead a great Eco-Warrior and known for his bone-crushing galkan bearhugs.
Glacian- mentioned earlier in this thread. an expert hunter i met in the Highlands.
Tece- a great THF who helped me get NIN flag. helped his friends obtain leaping boots.
Eunjin- mentioned earlier in this thread. i knew her from the start. she was a non-stop healing RDM that never tired.
Gigi- she impressed me greatly with her kind gesture after i got my emperor's hairpin.

there are many great people we meet along our paths. this thread has inspired me to be more helpful in my ways. i specialize in NM hunting. if you should have need of a humble 45 THF please contact Prophet, owner of LS NotoriousHunters.

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#171 Oct 13 2004 at 12:36 AM Rating: Decent
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Here is my list:

Pergatory - How can I forget my best friend.
Pwa - Sadly a casualty of imigration
Celephais - Same as Pwa
Tomodachi - Your favorite pld ladies man
Azkuron - Little rough around the edges, awesome friend, just dig deep
Ravien - the silent ninja
Stu - my favorite smn
Deje - just a weird little whm taru :P
Declyn - great pld
Cronus - he's cursed when it comes to good luck (papyrus bad memories)
Star - hmmm....intresting is all I can say
Narse - I havent seen him in awhile, but I looked up to him a lot
Jjsviper - ldr of my first stable ls, I haven't forgotten you guys
Eglztalon - just another weird galka ^^
Melchor - another pld ladies man
Toast - a great taru drk, what more can I say
Sanjin - my fav gilseller just because I kicked his *** so much until the awyis crew screwed it.

I know I'm leaving people, you know I love you all.
"Me veras volar por la ciudad de la furia, donde nadie sabe de mi y yo soy parte de todo."
#172 Oct 13 2004 at 9:09 AM Rating: Good
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Hmm.. lemme be lazy about this and just list cool people.

Guineveire, Deakka, Arjuna, Me, Melchor, Tatiana, Me, Glavan, Niami, Fortunato, Antigone, Thanatos, Erintribal, Draca - Kicked my **** in Ballista. - Boxerz.. whom I dislike personally but respect, erm.., Me, My Moogle, Raenius, Evangiesomething, Fistandulus.. forgive my spelling, he's a little uber Taru, breeza, Chewwie, Whisperingkiwi, Me, Rahziela, Echandra, oh man, I probably missed a billion people.. but.. ya know.

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#173 Oct 13 2004 at 2:53 PM Rating: Decent
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i also would like to add-

Elring- i have lots of fun being with her. she's laid back and nonjudgemental toward me. i like everything about this person. i will have to hurt any1 who messes with her. not that she can't take care of it herself. i can trust her with things i never would with others. say...lending a pair of leaping boots to her.

Coerne- wow. this kid is really something. he is cheerful and friendly. he makes one **** of a hunter. he seems to have a down to earth attitude and has his priorities in order. ever helpful and willing to go the extra mile.

thanks to all who have supported me on my way.
please take care and have fun in all things.
Prophet-The Forgotten Hunter
Asura Server

#174 Oct 13 2004 at 3:51 PM Rating: Decent
483 posts
Whisperingkiwi wrote:
Hmm.. lemme be lazy about this and just list cool people.

Guineveire, Deakka, Arjuna, Me, Melchor, Tatiana, Me, Glavan, Niami, Fortunato, Antigone, Thanatos, Erintribal, Draca - Kicked my **** in Ballista. - Boxerz.. whom I dislike personally but respect, erm.., Me, My Moogle, Raenius, Evangiesomething, Fistandulus.. forgive my spelling, he's a little uber Taru, breeza, Chewwie, Whisperingkiwi, Me, Rahziela, Echandra, oh man, I probably missed a billion people.. but.. ya know.

Edited, Wed Oct 13 10:27:16 2004 by Whisperingkiwi

A little shameless self praise I see. :P
#175 Oct 14 2004 at 12:11 AM Rating: Decent
77 posts
Ninerman wrote:

A little shameless self praise I see. :P

Just a little bit ^.~
"Me veras volar por la ciudad de la furia, donde nadie sabe de mi y yo soy parte de todo."
#176 Oct 14 2004 at 10:38 AM Rating: Good
250 posts
Whaaaaat? Me? Nah.
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