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Calling all VanadielKnights!Follow

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Hey all!

I am reviving the VanadielKnights Linkshell. The VanadielKnights are a group of people interested in doing some of the funnest stuff to do in Vanadiel. We have the resources, as we are allied with the EliteAssassins Linkshell. Two great big linkshells that help each other out in missions, assault, salvage, Einherjar, and more!!

Come partake today! We are looking for helpers, people who take on the initiative to start a group for missions, merit or experience parties, NM hunts, BCNMs, KSNMs, YOU ARE LIMITLESS!!

Come join the VanadielKnights, and help us enter 2008 with a great start!

LS Leader

Support Leaders: (Sacks)


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The rules for the linkshell are pretty simple. It all comes down to respecting one another. However, different people have different views on what respect is and how others should be treated. Remember the golden rule, Never do anything to others you wouldn't want done to yourself. You do not have to read and agree to everything below to join our linkshell. We hardly ever have problems in our linkshell as it is.




VanadielKnights & EliteAssassinz Linkshell Mission Statement

These Linkshells are established as a premiere location for adventurers to gather and explore the world of Vana’diel together.

For the VanadielKnights, the very meaning of 'Knight' is “A man belonging to an order or brotherhood” and “A defender, champion, or zealous upholder of a cause or principle.”

The EliteAssassins Linkshell strives for excellence in all areas of the Final Fantasy XI Structure. Together, we are helpful, friendly, social, and fun.

These Linkshells promote a family-friendly gaming environment. This includes team play in every instance and to be helpful in presence, as well as knowledge. We do not subscribe to cheats or known game exploits, as they detract from the fair play for everyone.

The watchwords that both linkshells use as a source for good members are, “selfless”, “honorable”, “trustworthy”, “giving”, “positive attitude” and “team player."

The most important rule is that we all must respect each other while online. For those of you who need this rule broken down as to what we mean, take a look at the following:

Our Code of Ethics

- The Membership should not advocate, promote or publicly announce their usage of exploits in violation of published Square Enix policy (i.e. gil selling, fishbots, other third-party programs).
- The Membership should consider other members of the linkshells and include them in parties or other events, if possible.
- The Membership will keep swearing and negative talk to a minimum.
- The Membership will not discuss sensitive issues that may offend other members.
- The Membership will not under any circumstances, via action or verbal assault, harass another Knight.
- The Membership should not have to “buy” or “beg” for services or assistance. We are a team and are not here to get rich from
others in the order. (i.e. Powerleveling)
- Our Members will respect the decisions of the Leadership Team, as well as those in authority positions in the Final Fantasy

Other potentially offensive behavior are the following:

The linkshells discourages the use of distasteful character names that could negatively impact the image of the linkshells, create unwarranted controversy within the linkshells or cause other members to complain over use of said character name.

The linkshells discourages the unsolicited pushing of one's spiritual or sexual beliefs on other Knights by way of discussion within the Order's linkshell or by having a character name that falls under the bylaw above. Doing so will fall under the harassment bi-law mentioned above.

The Order discourages elitist attitudes within the linkshell. Here are some traits for elitism:

- Not obeying the linkshell order's code of ethics as to rely upon his own set of standards.
- People must rely on their set of standards instead of the established set of standards of this linkshell.
- Only involving yourself in certain activities for some, but then not for everyone else.
- Thinking highly of your own accomplishments and experiences and all those around you are weak
compared to you if they do not succumb to your strategies.
- Disregard for mutual respect of the leadership of this linkshell, which are role models for the linkshell
- Constantly touting about gil, items, rank, strategies, experiences, and expecting them to work for others
also in the same manner.
- Even in the process of helping others, your need for our people to do things your way is
an emotional and egotistical need, and that is NOT being selfless.

Recognition (for VanadielKnights Members)

A Knight’s Sword is given to Knights who go above and beyond the call of duty. Members who provide selfless service to others, both in and out of the VanadielKnights, is a good example of honorable service worthy of recognition. Another example is seeking and accepting increased responsibility within the VanadielKnights.

Pearlsack Policy

Thanks for your interest in becoming a pearlsack! We have a strict policy regarding who gets a sack in our linkshell.

The new requirements for pearlsack are the following:

- You must be a leader of the VanadielKnights.
- You must have been with the VanadielKnights for a lengthy amount of time.
- You must make VanadielKnights your main (or preferably only) linkshell. (We still allow our leaders to be involved in Dynamis/HNM/Einherjar/etc linkshells as long as majority of time is spent in our linkshell in off-hours.)

Also, some stipulations now apply:

- Your pearlsack is forfeited if you leave the linkshell at any given time for any reason. If so, you agree upon dismissal to destroy your pearlsack so it cannot be a weapon later.

- Helpfulness, friendliness, and your accomplishments in this game will not result in anyone becoming a pearlsack. These traits will be merited by other means.

Requests for Visitors of the Linkshells

Please use a "When in Rome" approach when visiting the Order. This means adhering to the Code of Ethics above, as well as the following request:

Please do not solely use the linkshells for powerlevels, selling unwanted items, or looking for our members help for missions / quests / etc.

Dispute Settlement Policy

Disputes should be resolved at the lowest level possible. Individuals should attempt to set aside differences and reach a mutual agreement. This requires honest and truthful communication about the incident. This method works 99% of the time.

If a situation cannot be resolved, a dispute resolution body known as the Storm Knights is available to hear and provide mediation and/or resolution. Submit a concern on the Storm Knights page and it will be reviewed and a resolution issued.

When you submit a complaint to the Storm Knights, please feel free to collaborate with other witnesses of the Order, and submit an accumulative review to satisfy details regarding the member in which you complain. The more details the Storm Knight receives, the more quickly we can react and make a decision regarding the offensive member(s).

Notice of Ratification, Updates, and Changes to the Honor Code

The leadership of these linkshells may deem necessary in the future to ratify, or update the Code of Ethics with new revisions as they see fit. The leadership of the linkshells agree to keep the membership updated to any such ratification or update regarding this Code of Ethics. These changes will be used using our current communication methods, including but not limited to: the forums, the main website, and/or in-game meetings.

Even as such, it is your responsibility to keep checking this page for updates as they occur. Thank you for being a knight and choosing to be a member of the EliteAssassins / VanadielKnights Linkshell.

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