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Allow Skill-ups in Campaign battles.Follow

#1 Dec 08 2011 at 3:44 PM Rating: Good
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Sorry if this was already suggested... (I made a quick scan of topics on the first page and didn't see it) but I think that if you could get skill ups in campaign battle it may breath new life into it. As it stands now, you hardly see anyone else doing it anymore. I completely understand why too. Why would you bother going from one battle to another for 5-9K exp and no chance at all of a skill up when you could be in aby getting the same (most likely more) exp, better drops, (some needed for AF3) and skill-ups?
But Campaign was always fun, and more fun when there were a large number of people. Random parties formed in the heat of the moment with no care or concern for job/level simply made it memorable, and added to the idea that WE were all on the same side in the struggle.

Again, if this was already mentioned I'm sorry.
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Skill ups aren't a permanent solution to Campaign's woes, and short of a revamp to how skilling works, Campaign mobs wouldn't even be enough to take people to 99's caps outside of maybe the generals. Heck, even 90 might be pushing it depending on the precise level they adjusted fodder mobs to in their last buff.

No, Campaign needs better longer term goals, like things to spend AN on. Nobody really needs the level 68 sets anymore. The few specific weapons they added are now antiquated or were too niche. Just adding weapons for all the unique WS the generals have and them putting them toward trials to permanently learn those WS would be a phenomenal start in bolstering activity if the WS aren't needlessly nerfed in SE's errant crusade for balance. They can also go on to add more up to date sets or even the ability to buy ancient currency with AN at like a 1:1000 ratio.

Then fix offensive campaigns and give players the ability to initiate an offensive campaign at some AN cost, like 20-25k. Beastmen strongholds would still be restricted to having the appropriate areas controlled for invasion, though. Maybe someday the shadowlord BC will be available again. Maybe.
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