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Relic, EMP Campain Weapon skills, Follow

#1 Aug 12 2011 at 2:58 AM Rating: Sub-Default
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I have a suggestion for weapon skills. This applies onlyto the true quested weaponsskills. Not WoE or abby13 hit WS.

But if you have quested and completed an weaonskill with aditional affect and say double dmg. You should be able to do another quest to unlock that to use on any other weapon. You wouldnt get to carry the additional affects or aftermath over of course.

But one it limits people to one weapon. And while most of the time one weapon an be great there are times one may wantto zerg or use multi hit weapon and should be able to use that weaponskill they unlocked.

While they are at it, the three campain weaponskills should be unlocked at leastto be used in abby campain through a quest, as it is the same type of event.

Any thoughts?
#2 Aug 16 2011 at 3:58 AM Rating: Decent
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Is 20 dmg for the hit like 30 dmg if a RNG shoots?

Seriously, I have no idea what you're trying to say to even comment on it.

Try to construct your sentences better.
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#3 Aug 16 2011 at 6:56 AM Rating: Default
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I think I get what you're saying somewhat. You probably need to get the terminology down a little bit better tho.

Yes, I also thought it'd be nice if you could use the empyrean weaponskills for any weapon. I actually.. do not get the point whatsoever of new weapons coming out unless they're something like twilight scythe or something you can offhand for stat bonuses. The WoE weapons and the Empyreans are too powerful and to easy to get.

Also "Abyssea Campaign"= bastion.

Yes, you should be able to unlock the campaign weaponskills, although.. I think they gave us those just to slightly motivate us to do campaign. Unfortunately at this point still, its either magian or go home. (Although I think the campaign aoe ws's are good for killing hordes of mobs at once as long as you can survive.)

Once again, it would be nice to use for bastion--but probably overpowered as well. Might get a better idea of what the mods are for those ws's being able to use them in abyssea and all with atma's to try them out with.

Anyway to elaborate maybe they should let you transfer the empyrean ws from the WoE version to different weapons (because I don't see any weapons coming out for 95 cap that will outdo them) but there's nothing wrong with just using the same weapon. Many people have used the same relic weapon for over half a decade--its one of the strongest weapons and empyreans are in that same category now.

Since you're not saying transfer the ws from WOE weapons and actual relic/empyreans, I don't understand at all tbh--the after math is what makes the empyrean weapons/relic pretty much, it'd be pretty hard to top unless once again its something like twilight scythe (and that'd be situational depending on immunity). If there's a weapon better to zerg with than empyreans atm (I'm not a zerg guy) then switch to them, that simple.

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Edited, Aug 16th 2011 8:58am by Thelastremainingintime
#4 Aug 17 2011 at 5:42 PM Rating: Default
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Thanks for your advice.

You have an overall understanding of what I asked. But if I finished say relic scythe WS, and EMP scythe. Both should be unlocked so I can use on one scythe.

As for zerging, the 4x weapons with proper haste gear or dual wielding two multi hit weapons would be a better zerg otion if you could use your relic, emp, or mythric.

Emp's are easy to make, but Relics took forever and years and to only be limited to one weapon. Same for mythrics. And yea the campain WS maybe over rated or abused in abby, but ho often do you eepeople in there. So many things like brew overpower the game anyway, let people have fun with there campain WS's.

Anyway that was just my two cents
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