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#1 Jul 27 2011 at 8:03 AM Rating: Excellent
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SE, ***** your Click & Buy nonsense.

I want you to process my payment, like you always used to do.

Not transferring unless forced, and perhaps I won't bother even then.


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#2 Jul 27 2011 at 11:25 AM Rating: Good
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reposting from other thread on this in general:

Terms of Service PDF from the C&B site (page 10 has the breakdown--looks like a flat 1.80 fee/transaction if you use the euro??!!):

Post on ffxi-highwind breaking down the fee structure for C&B also--shows the 3.9% transaction fee for funding with a credit card:

Though it may be a pain to manually preload Crysta....looks like the best way to go.
#3 Jul 27 2011 at 12:13 PM Rating: Excellent
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I concur. ***** Click and Buy. ***** your stupid Crysta program. I want to pay you money and have my game. If that's too complicated for you, I WILL BE CANCELING MY ACCOUNT.
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#4 Jul 27 2011 at 12:49 PM Rating: Excellent
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It seems pretty likely that I'll be in the same boat too, unfortunately. ******** with my money was one of the few things SE could do to make me quit.
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#5 Jul 28 2011 at 2:45 PM Rating: Excellent
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I'm feeling the same as the rest of this thread. Extra billing nonsense will most likely result in me quitting this game in a month.
#6 Jul 29 2011 at 9:17 AM Rating: Excellent
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Click and Buy caused my bank to charge me an extra 60 cent international transaction fee when I bought Crysta. Maybe using a UK based company is great for the EU crowd, but last I heard NA users outnumbered EU two to one. Oh, and everyone in EU despises Click and Buy, so maybe not.

If they also charge this fee for the recurring payment method, then SE seriously needs to find an alternate vendor. We'll see next month.
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#7 Jul 29 2011 at 11:50 PM Rating: Excellent
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As an Australian player, my fees basically double by being forced to pay in Euros, for no reason at all. And that's before you factor in the ClickAndBuy ********* I'm pretty dirty over this whole thing... idk if I'll renew.
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#8 Aug 11 2011 at 8:43 AM Rating: Good
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Yes SE, please have a direct payment option for non-Japanese players.

I'd like to continue playing, but I will not sign up for Click & Buy or jump through hoops to buy Crysta.
#9 Sep 03 2011 at 6:45 AM Rating: Good
Today I have cancelled my account with SE. If my payment method for the last five years was not good enough then SE's does not understand customer service and in my opinion never did. I don't need FFXI or SE. There are plenty of good MMORPG available. I'm not giving my CC details to a company in Europe that is subject to hacking and pay international transaction fees. Without paying customers this game is too wither and die. Witness the combination of servers caused by players abandoning the game for more exiting and customer friendly online games. Maybe one day SE management will understand what is important in a relationship with paying customers.
GOODBYE SE. goodbye my friends in FFXI.

#10 Oct 14 2011 at 7:04 PM Rating: Good
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I signed up for the Click and Buy crap and they have my account blocked for "security reasons", which NONE of the employees I talk to know why.. What I would like to know is, why is SE allowing this company to ***** their loyal customers! I've only been playing for about a year, but my boyfriend has been with them since almost the beginning!!! They messed with his account, and two months after... they are still messing with mine! CaB gave him the run around for NINE DAYS, and me two months. I'm about five seconds away from taking my bank transactions to a lawyer! They charged me the "comfirmation" charges... (the $1.00-$1.99 charges) but they keep charging me $3.15, $2.43, and etc. What do I do? I want my final fantasy! If I knew how the Crysta worked, I would've gone that route! DEFINITELY! I WILL hit CaB for my whole year of payments, and anything lost... I had JUST purchased Abyssea and only went in about five times... I'm so sad and mad at the same time... lol.
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#11 Oct 14 2011 at 7:05 PM Rating: Good
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And I forgot to add in that CaB also charged me the $43, but failed to let SE know -_- so yeah.
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