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Chapter 2: The beginning....Follow

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(Chapter 1: To comprehend is to understand, can be found here:) )

Chapter 2: The beginning is the end of the beginning.

The light from risen sun rained down upon my sandy face, and i let out a yawn. The tide was coming in closer. I felt the cold, salty ocean water brush against me. I struggled to pull myself up. It wasn't long before i realized why i had awoken on a beach. The previous few hours before my unconsiousness was a complete nightmare. I staggered and began taking small steps. The brightness of the sun reflected from the Whitebone sands like gold, and blinded me. A blinded phrophet was I. My polluted mind would not heal and let me feel relief; only admitted a vague memory and thoughts of remorse. It was then that my brain shifted into function. I began to remember.

My previous night in Selbina was a wild one. I remembered approaching a Mithra visiting from Windurst. Her name was Jayme, and we struck up a quick conversation. She began telling me about her linkshell's large success of fishing and hunting of crawlers that spawn in their backyard of Sarutabaruta. We laughed and tried to relate to one another to feel comfort. After about 15 minutes of conversation the mithra, we were approached by a friend of the mithra, A female Tarutaru by the name of Gwendalyn. I could sense immedietly of the Taru's attraction to me, for i was much larger in size, and well... yea. Anyhow, Gwendalyn informed us about her return from the Bastok Markets, where she had auctioned off a decent amount of fish. Based on her state, it seemed she had recieved a generous amount of gil. On this natural high, she bought the three of us a round of drinks. Hours and many drinks later the 3 of us were enter-twined on the dance floor. I was focused mainly on Jayme, for she was more my size, and i was loving all the "purring". However, Gwendalyn did not seem satisfied. She began to whisper unspeakables to Jayme, as i could only grin and wonder what the future held for us. I came soon to find out that Gwendalyn had a taste for a new drug that had been rising in use around the Zulkheim region. She was looking to get high; her fix of choice, smoking Bone Ash.

We left the Selbina pub around 2, and set off into the Valkurm Dunes to locate a dealer she had been referred to, a dangerous dragonfly notorious monster by the name of The Valkurm Emperor. We walked west, to the Whitebone sands. It took shorter than expected to reach it's spawn point. We continued to drink while waiting ( how the little taru held all that booze is beyond me....) and sure enough, there he was. His dragonfly minions surrounded us, questioning our business and intentions. We informed them that we had no false intentions and were only looking to score. The taru approached the Emperor as myself and Jayme were held back by his goons. Everything looked in order until, I saw several men approaching. I never saw the ambush coming.

The LejendKnights came out of nowhere. They slashed away at the pathetic flys with only several hits, then turned on the Emperor. The tall Dark Knight Elvaan showed no remorse towords the Notorious Monster. The three of us watched as the Emperor quickly fell.... and dropped his blessed hairpin. Myself and the Tarutaru quickly raided the dragonfly's slowly vanishing corpse. I motioned to Jayme that we should be moving on, but i had dissapeared. In her eyes, anyway. Too quickly it seemed they left with the Knights, bragging about their AF equipment and RSE. I walked that lonely road once more, definetly not the first time and probably not the last. I found a quiet spot and returned the Bone Ash back to smoke, and set it free into the breeze from which it came.

Upon remembering the events of last night, i wish i hadn't. I still had no clue how i got here, or what i was doing here.
I was determined to find my answers, and headed to the Gustav tunnel.
Mithran slayer of beastmen
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