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#1 Mar 07 2011 at 2:00 PM Rating: Decent
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.... But not by choice. It's needed by the LS. Anywho... I havn't played my bard since before before the ACP addons... So I'm a little outta my league now.

I've taken my bard to 83 by this point, but it's some seriously slow going.... It seems like bards are almost useless when it comes to EXP in aby zones... So a little advice would be great;

What do I do!? People are usually spaced out too far for me to land my songs on all of them, Even with a harp... The amount of atma's people have makes ballad almost pointless.... **** Atmas seems to make bard completely obsolete... No one needs acc.... lord knows they don't need atk... Sure haste... but again.... I can't land it on more than one, MAYBE two people at a time. out of an entire party of DD's...

Sure, I can toss out some heals... But bards have a limited MP pool, even with atmas and ballads. And more often than not, people are taking more damage than I can keep up with with a c3, c4 is coming up... but my RDM has trouble keeping healing up with just that too... I can only imagine bards trouble....

So a tip from the pro'z?! What am I doing wrong? What am I doing right?! Anything

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Well, presumably, you have more of a defined role in mind for when you go fight NMs or whatever.

March/March would be the normal role, of course. It could depend some on the zone you're in or the particular camp. If people are just running over to mobs, is nobody pulling? Are they not pulling fast enough? Most of the time I've seen DDs scatter (or done so while playing one) it was due to a lack of mobs in one place.

That said, there's also the matter of if what your group is doing is working or not. If it is, and people are happy, then why worry about it? Find something you can do to contribute a little - even gear up for melee - and just enjoy the process.

If it's not, then it's probably not something you alone can change - your group as a whole would need to coordinate better and not run all over. If you're not already abusing ISL crates, Troubadour could help with longer duration songs.

To a point too...don't XP? If you'll be on BRD often for Abyssea NMs and the like, then you'll wind up getting a fair amount of XP anyway. Might not mean 83->90 in an afternoon, but you should get there before too long, and you don't need level 90 to proc (well, occasionally you need to land an element that the mob has an affinity to, but that's a crapshoot regardless of level).

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