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I think I need to fix my bard.Follow

#1 Jan 18 2011 at 4:09 PM Rating: Good
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Once I hit 75 on bard, I didn't put a lot of work into bard after that since I don't enjoy playing the job. I'd pull it out to help friends, but rarely for events. It was common for me to pull out bard to help friends on Chary. However, I've had to use it in order to get abyssea wins and atmas. Periodically, I'd pick up new instruments and upgrade old ones.

First of all, I know my gear needs a lot of work, so posts pointing that out are neither helpful nor constructive.

I use HQ earth, light, and dark staves, and buggard strap.
Full relic except Minstrel's Coat. KO is available if that's better.
String and Wind torques
Singing earing and sometimes string. If not, it's melody. I could have sworn I had a wind earring. A pair of trumpet rings (I think that's the name.)

Through these pickup events, I was able to hit 77.

Edit: I didn't want to start a brand new topic for this. Which atmas should I be working towars? I have a lot of melee atmas, but not much for bard, which is about as "mage job" as I have right now.

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Best bard atma is Deep Devourer paired with Minikin (for refresh if you're in a support role), or appropriate DD atma if you're fighting and /NIN or something else. Deep Devourer cuts cast time down significantly - my songs go off around 40% which is crazygonuts.

As for gear... relic is actually crummy. Store everything but the hat and the pants, and store the pants if you can get a hold of Byakko Haidate or AF+1 pants. AF+1 hands are also still in the running as macro pieces, as is the AF+1 body. So do your AF (the storyline is quite sweet) and do some limbus if you've got an opportunity...

Or not. Some empyrean+1 and +2 pieces blow bard AF+1 out of the water, as it should be. If you're gonna upgrade, focus on feet first (12% movement speed, ****!)

If your singing skills are very low, head to {sea} and sing threnodies to goldfish. They won't attack, and they'll get your skills up to 75 if you go in the deep areas. Just swap between string and wind to skill up each kind. I've heard of people going from like 0 string skill to 200+ through that method, although I personally only went from 90-180ish at first XD
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I wish I played the same time as you catwho.... I would /t your brains out! Questions about bard that is!!!!
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that's naughty....
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