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Elemental Obis for BRD?Follow

#1 Jun 04 2010 at 3:54 AM Rating: Decent
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I'm wondering if elemental obis, particularly light and earth, do anything for BRD? I already have them and I really only play BRD to merit my other jobs but figured since I already have them maybe they could be useful in merit situations (or endgame for that matter).
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Weather and Day bonuses on MACC has still not been proven. Since MACC was recently uncovered, more tests will have to be done to reveal how weather and day affects MACC. It is speculated that weather bonus does provide a MACC boost, but day bonus does not. Until someone publishes more research data that indicates one way or the other, no solid answer can be given.
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Yeah, no clear consensus yet on whether day/weather helps m.acc.

Maybe with Klimaform, the weather might have some purpose for BRD. (It is worth nothing that with /SCH, Sandstorm might become available for use, although I'm willing to bet Klimaform itself will be adjusted such that only SCH mains will be able to use it, since it is technically their AF "weapon")
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The general consensus is that day/weather has no effect on macc, but we don't know with 100% certainty. And even if it does, it could very well apply all the time, regardless of whether you have an obi on.

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#5 Jun 10 2010 at 8:13 PM Rating: Good
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Obis are intensely situational for a BRD, and there's only one or two places where you can count on weather to be up all the time to even test the theory.

Limbus and Dynamis are two of those areas. I had a light obi for Limbus on my BRD, and a dark obi for dynamis on my RDM.

A further note on Limbus: Requiem appears to be generally more accurate in this zone. On things that aren't immune, it will tend to land. I wore the obi for kicks.

To answer the OP's question more precisely:
It's rare to have dependable weather. It usually isn't worth it for anyone who's not a direct magic-DD of some sort to carry Obis. Bards rarely get weather buffs from SCHs, and they're definitely not going to be light weather or earth weather buffs. Weather in general is a weird sort of phenomenon.

Should obis be included in every bard's kit? EH. No. You can bring the light one with you because Requiem can be a little variable in the resist department. Elegy is a ridiculously accurate song and there's more important things to bring with you -- like a full kit of instruments, gear, and food.

If you want to be good at HNM Elegy, have /BLM available and cap your Troubadour merits (and Nightingale, if you're feeling especially committed).

Edit: The things would be pretty useless in a merit situation ... where in all likelihood you'd be wearing a Haste belt, an MP belt, or a CHR belt. The bonus from weather effects is so small and you have so many other things going on that it'd be an ugly swap to manage. Not all weather shows up in all areas, either! I can't say I've ever noticed a tangible difference using or not using Obis, even in Limbus. The most tangible accuracy boosts I've ever acquired on BRD are, in order of magnitude: capped bard merits, HQ staves, and valkyrie's coat. Valk was just the icing on the cake.

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