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#1 Jan 23 2009 at 10:01 AM Rating: Decent
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Hello, I am hoping for some advice on my merits. I do not get to play much, usually only 2 hrs a day, except for my day off which I play probably 12+ hours then. I have a 75 Bard and I always sub White Mage since my Ninja is too low. The only time I use my Bard is for the few endgame events I do, which are the occasional Dynamis with pickup groups and Nyzul with LS members. I do not own any haste gear or a minstrel's ring. The problem I am having is that my songs seem to wear so fast, I might be wrong about this but I feel I have to recast constantly. I have the correct horns, my CHR is at 110 and I use a light and earth staff. I plan on leveling melee jobs next,whenever I get the chance but have five merits just sitting there. What I am wondering is if the job abilities Troubador and Nightinggale (sp?) are really that good. If they are worth it I will use my merits on them since I do plan on at least getting a Walhara Turban soon. Can anyone offer advice on this issue? Or is there anything else I can do to make my songs last longer besides these abilities? Thanks for any feedback given.
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Well, if you're using the correct instruments for the songs, then there's really not much. You're going to have 2 minute ballads and 2:24 melee buffs.
Part of it may just be the pace of the events. It can be hard to keep up with a group in Nyzul, because kills are often very fast, and then people move. Dynamis can be similar.

The JAs are good, but they start at a 20 minute recast. Even at max, you're still looking at a 10 minute reuse, and that's after 22 merits apiece to upgrade them. You'll never get them to the point where you can use them every cycle.

IMO, unlocking the JAs is a good idea. This isn't so much to use them whenever they're up (though you certainly could), but more to use in conjunction with Soul Voice. Basically, use SV, and then when you reapply songs, use Troub/Nightingale to double their duration. Nightingale counters the longer singing time on Troubadour, which is usually the only reason it's used.

The other major use for the JAs is really just for Troubador. If going BRD/BLM, to Elemental Seal elegy on mobs that it otherwise won't really stick on, then extending the duration is desirable. Maxing it out means it matches the 10 minute timer on ES. However, for that use, there's no need to couple it with Nightingale. Given what you've mentioned about what you do in-game, I doubt you'd need to consider that though. Just figured I'd mention it.

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If you do any serious endgame (anywhere where you rotate bards in an alliance during soul voice, or in fact any case where you use a planned soul voice: Zerg fights, einherjar, limbus, dynamis lord, etc) then it is worth getting 1 of each. If you do serious HNM, it's worth getting the full 5/5 for both. Because having it's recast match Elemental Seal is very useful for certain longer fights.

I'll eventually go 5/5 when I can be bothered. I just can't be bothered right now.
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