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Purchasing FFXI, have questions, please lookFollow

#1 Dec 20 2003 at 2:16 PM Rating: Decent
Well, first off, thank you very much for readin this. I'm a huge FF fan, I work at EB Games, and I've been looking into a new MMORPG, because EverQuest quit working for me. In any case, I'd like to ask a few questions about the game and gameplay of FFXI.

Firstly, as a Bard in FF, it's mostly a support role, isn't it? I'm going to use a lot of references to EQ, so hopefully someone can help me out here. Do Bards get an increased run song? And what do Bard's want to go with for their second class? Damage? Healing? Help me out here.

Secondly, what about a Thief? I'm guessing this class is similiar to a Rogue in EQ. Do thieves get an ability to "backstab" a monster to cause extra damage? And can they hide/sneak and become invisible to enemies?

Thirdly, is there an ability to continually use one arrow as a ranger? This is something you are able to do in EQ, and was just wondering, and also, what is TP?

Lastly, as a Monk, do you have an ability to erase aggro? In EQ monks can feign death and the enemy will forget them. Anything like that in FFXI?

I appreciate anyones help who posts, so thank you. Hope you guys are having a wonderful Holiday season already. And thanks for the input.

P.S. How do groups work? How many peopel make up a group and what are some roles to play? And what would be the best combo for support? And also damage? Lol, sorryf or all the questions...
#2 Dec 21 2003 at 7:08 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey there, I can give my input here. I had a 65 bard on EQ and have been playing this since release. Here goes..

Bards in FFXI are purely support. Their damage is negligible past the beginning levels. They -just- added a Selo-esque song at 75 with the latest patch, I dont know of any at lower levels. Because you're restricted to one handed weapons and have low skill caps, most bards use mage subjobs, usually white mage.

Thieves get "sneak attack" (backstab) at 15, usable every minute. It's a big hit. They get hide at 45 which is basically Fading Memories/Feign/Escape. But they dont have an invisibility skill. And monks dont have a Feign ability ;> Also aggressive monsters are handled a bit differently. Mobs can detect via sight or sound, some are docile until a magic spell is cast, others wait until you're low on HP to attack. Much more complicated than "Does mob X see invis?"

Rangers at 51 have an ability usable every five minutes (I think) to not expend an arrow for one shot, which is used to equip a stronger (expensive ;) bullet/arrow and do some extra damage.

Parties are six people, and are absolutely mandatory past level 12 or so for almost all classes. Beastmasters can solo at any level, and rangers/black mages in very select conditions at certain levels. A bard/whm and a WHM would keep a party on their feet well. Black mages, rangers, dark knights are the highest damage output jobs, but other jobs are close behind. In my experience the biggest obstacle is lowering downtime which I guess could be solved by faster killing, but generally id rather have a RDM or WHM than an extra melee.

Have fun in game ;>
#3 Dec 22 2003 at 10:21 PM Rating: Decent
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I can answer your monk question.

Monks in FFXI are a tad different, they have the highest HP of all the jobs and actualy make good tanks until level 15 or so. HOWEVER, past 15 your armor is horrible, so you can't take hits very well. Monks also aren't pullers, that job goes to ninjas because of their stealth passive ability. monks are, however, terrific damage dealers. Monks are actualy the easiest of all jobs in the game to play, as they have no responsabilities in a party besides hitting things, and they don't have to worry about getting aggro because their HP is so high. The disadvantage, however, is that if you choose monk as your starting job, once you find another job you want (such as an advanced job) the monk will make a horrible sub, as most of their abilities are devoted towards improoving hand to hand damage.
I post my opinions, they're not necessarily facts : )
#4 Dec 23 2003 at 8:28 AM Rating: Default
A few monsters can detect you by smell too, thats there is a spell called Deodorize.

And you could solo for a long time with almost any class. But, the way the Exp system works in this game, solo exp gets to be so incredibly slow it would take much longer to solo then to group. The ammount of exp you get per kill is the same from level 1 to level 75. Its all based on Your level vs the monsters level. Killing something your level is always 100xp. But past level 20 trying top kill anything your level is almost impossible solo. Except for Beastmasters, they can solo. There damage is in there pets and there pets are strong.
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