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#1 Aug 03 2011 at 10:03 AM Rating: Decent
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Hey all

After playing monk and paladin for ages I décided to go back to a
Mage job and put my level 37 blm in the street of Jeuno.

I'm now 42 and have some questions for you.
What subs are requiered?
I'm working on whm and already have rdm at 50.
Will it be enough?

Regarding Equipment I plan on getting af1 then
Teal set and Goethia.
As for shiny items, I'll browse the forum a bit more
To find What I need but I will focus on equipment useful
level 90. Only now level equip I plan on getting is Moldavite

Is it thé right way to follow?

Thanks for your input.

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#2 Aug 03 2011 at 10:58 AM Rating: Good
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As for subjobs: You need RDM as your go-to sub, and if you plan on doing abyssea content, you need BRD. Other subs are situationally useful but not terribly important.

BRD is useful for, and only for, yellow-staggering NMs in abyssea. BLM/BRD has every BRD stagger available to them (although it loses dispel from RDM), and can easily land songs with elemental seal. When ES is not up, sometimes using the right atmas and gear is enough to land songs. A lot of people may disagree that this is a *required* subjob, but if you are serious about BLM, you should really have this subjob leveled by the time you get high enough to do abyssea. Your linkshell/pick up groups will thank you for it.

WHM can't hurt to have, for traveling if nothing else, but RDM is almost always superior for everyday use.
NIN helps for soloing at low/mid levels before you gain the survivability from RDM and WHM. It's far from needed, especially if you level in a group.

For equipment: Everything you listed is good. I might recommend the relic hands for dark magic. While you're leveling, igqira/genie gear at level 70~ is nice to pick up. I still use the legs and head for enfeebling. The body is nice for nuking but will be replaced. Pick up the elemental/enfeebling/dark torques when you can. The elemental one will eventually be replaced, but it will serve you until then. Until you get to af1 level, just stick in INT gear where possible. Upgrade INT rings when possible. Use elemental staves and never take them off from 51 onward. They won't be replaced until if/when you make the ToM versions. For straps/grips, I use bugard leather +1, macero, and whatever the dark skill one is called. Noteworthy accessories at 90 are the Goetia accessories, the cape turul drops, witchstone, hectate's earring, siegal sash (sp?), and probably a few other new goodies I'm forgetting.

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#3 Aug 04 2011 at 4:40 PM Rating: Default
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For blm subs you will need rdm brd and whm.

/Rdm is a beast when soloing. Gravity and convert are your best friends.

/brd is used for 8 extra procs in abyssea and can give party members march..... WHOOO!....

/whm I actually love and prefer tbh. The reason is it offers alot more potional lowmanning in abyssea. I have duo'd many nms with nin/war and blm/whm. You can remove debuffs, have a re-raise, have actual curing potential with cure 4 (kinda lol but it works), and have the ablility to proc. Once I proc the mob, I basically just become a gimp whm that cures and debuffs mob with slow and paralyze.

For Shineys you will want

Witch stone. (about 100k)
Cognition Belt (About 10k)
Goetia Mantle (100 % drop in miseraeux Coast abyssea)
Goetia Neck ( Get a A Blue Proc on Bakka in Highlands abyssea)
Twilight cape (Shinryu)
Searing Cape (Can't remember)
Hecetes earring (Rani 100%)
Moldavite earring (Mystic maker in LoO)
All +1 elemental staffs (150k each on AH)
Varuna's +2 (Ice staff trials)

Hope that helps.

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#4 Aug 06 2011 at 2:55 AM Rating: Decent
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thanks for your input.
I hadn't thought of bard sub.
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