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#1 Nov 27 2003 at 9:15 PM Rating: Decent
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OK so I'm level 24 now and am grouping all the time now. The problem I am having is I have melees hitting macros in the middle of the huge text spam of a fight, showing the name of some attack they are going to do to use their AT, and then I guess I'm supposed to know within 5 second what spell to cast and start casting it. (WTF coudln't they just add it in their macro?)

It seems all melees want me to cast the right spell for whatever they decide to use, but 100% of them never put the element I need to use in that macro. I get people telling me to use thunder, and I get ****** off because that spell takes me something like 8 seconds to cast, and they are doing their text macro about 1 second before using the ability, which leaves me no time to use it.

Does anyone know of a simple list of melee's skillchain abilities and the element I need to use for each one?
#2 Nov 27 2003 at 11:05 PM Rating: Decent
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unfortunately with the 8 second cast time on your spell even knowing the element to use after that attack means little as you hafta get the spell off within 5 seconds of it, what you are having is called to quote a good movie "A Lack of Communication!"

talk to the fighters you group with and find out what Weapon Skills thier gonna use for the chain and start casting accordingly, remember the second attack in the chain must happen about 3 seconds after the first, not too soon not too late and then you have 5 seconds to get your spell off so know your cast times and prepare accordingly
#3 Nov 29 2003 at 4:40 AM Rating: Decent
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Your group, for one, definitely should better coordinate your renkei chains and MB, that is something you should discuss before you start fighting. You should also use the chat filters to filter out all the irrelevant text so that there is not so much spamage and it's easier for you to see text that needs your attention. An 8 second cast time for your thunder spell is obviously a gross exaggeration, I'm currently a lvl 43 blm and can say that all spells up to Water II should be possible to cast in time for a MB even if you start casting after you see the WS animation start, and for first level spells like Thunder should often be possible to MB even if you cast right at the beginning of the extra Renkei animation. Including the time for the WS animation, the extra Renkei animation, and the 5 second window after the renkei for you to pull off the spell, you should definitely be perfectly capable of pulling off a MB up through most of the level II spells, and once cast times start getting longer than that, It should only take a bit more timing and effort.

I do hear that the high lvl spells (IV and up) do become a bit more challenging to time the MB, especially if you want to MB multiple times within one renkei chain.
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