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#1 Mar 03 2009 at 12:09 PM Rating: Good
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So I've leveled my SCH to 45...mostly with /RDM(67). But as I'm getting up there in levels, I have a couple of questions for you guys and I was hoping for some help.

1. When you're in EXP Parties, will they typically expect you to use Dispel? I've been lucky enough to PT with another job that can do it for me lately. I've created a macro to switch over to Dark Arts>Black:Addendum but I wind up wasting a charge and it seems to take too long to switch back, in the mean time someones HP is probably dipped below where I feel comfortable. Plus, I would rather spend my charges using Accession or Penury for AOE or saving MP.
What do you do?

2.What's the purpose of the -storm spells? I've experimented with them while soloing, but it seems like if I cast "Windstorm" and then cast Aero, it improves damage by about 10-15...true? OR am I just crazy.

3. Is the Klimaform spell (which was a pain in the *** to get) supposed to enhance that? Like, if I wanna cast Fire, would I cast Firestorm>Klimaform>FireII?

4. How often am I even gonna use those spells? Ive never nuked as SCH...always end up being main heal.

5. Am I gonna be main heal until 75? lol.

6. How do *you* use Accession? Ive typically used it for AOE Regen II, Erase, Poisona. At 45 what are some other options for the use of Accession? En-spells?

7.What's a good sub for solo? /nin?

Thanks in advance.
Any advice in general would be appreciated.

#2 Mar 03 2009 at 2:01 PM Rating: Decent
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1. If the party expects you to dispel and main heal, then they better be ready for a subpar dispeller who won't always be able to get everything. If you are being asked to be a blm though, be prepared to be full time dispel.

2. Storm spells change the weather around you. Really come into their own once you start getting the elemental obis, helixes, and merit Stormsurge.

3. Klimaform increases your magic accuracy when you are casting in the correct weather.

4. At endgame stuff when you are called on to nuke, you will use it religiously. They all help out tremendously, especially if you get obis. I would recommend that ever sch gets light thunder and ice elemental obis from sea just for the +10% permaboost.

5. You can make parties to nuke if you want to, but post Aht Urghan areas you will be main healing 99% of the time.

Light Arts: Protect, Shell, Blink, Stoneskin, Phalanx, Enspells, Barspells, Status Cures, later on -storm spells.

Dark Arts: not as much, but things that come to mind are Sleepga (2), Aspirga, Drainga, Graviga, Bindga, Klimaformga in later levels. Manefestation is not that good at the beginning but gets much better for endgame activities requiring crowd control.

7. If you /nin, be prepared for exp to be slower, although safer. This is because you lose the +20 MaB from /rdm. You can /rdm and get faster exp, but be prepared to die a bit.
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#3 Mar 03 2009 at 3:04 PM Rating: Good
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1. Ok good. I thought I was missing something. I've only had one person ask me about dispel but i explained how it worked for SCH and it never came up again.

2. so for right now, theyre pretty useless? dumb question, but obi's are gear, right?

3. Klimaform increases your magic accuracy when you are casting in the correct weather.
but is this affected by the -storm spells? or only by natural occuring weather?

thanks again for the help. a lot of things cleared up for me.

#4 Mar 03 2009 at 10:54 PM Rating: Excellent
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Klimaform is +50~ Magic Accuracy for spells of the current weather, which you can dictate yourself with the use of your stormspells. You can cast Hailstorm on yourself, use klimaform, and are pretty much guaranteed an unresisted Blizzard, or any ice based spell, for the next 60 seconds.

Two quick tips: Get Desert Boots. The latent effect is +12% movement in sandstorm (like heralds gaiters, hermes sandals and sprinters shoes), and you can just cast sandstorm on yourself for constant movement speed+

When you use Klimaform, use Alacrity. It significantly reduces the inherently hefty recast time so you can use it more often, giving you more unresisted spells and better overall damage.
#5 Mar 03 2009 at 10:57 PM Rating: Decent
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The storm spells aren't useless at your level, but their use expands greatly once you hit higher levels and start to put merits into your job and aquire gear. The elemental obis are waist pieces aquired from the "In the Name of Science" quest, although this requires that you have sea unlocked to farm the organs required.

As for Klimaform, yes, the storms do affect it. The storms act in every way like regular weather conditions that you would experience in zones, and function in this way when there is a preexisting weather condition in the zone:

Preexisting weather different from storm: weather condition is overwritten, weather your character experiences is from the storm
Casting Thunderstorm in Ice Weather will give your character the effect of thunder weather, and will recieve no bonuses from ice weather.

Preexisting single weather same as storm: weather condition is counted as double weather of the storm spell
Casting Thunderstorm in Thunder weather will give your character the effect of double thunder weather, which is 2.5 times as good as single weather

Preexisting double weather same as storm: no effect, weather condition is counted as double weather of the storm spell
Casting Thunderstorm in double thunder weather will have no effect on your character.
Paskil, @#%^ing DRK wrote:
WAR/WHM. Bradygames are @#%^ing prophets.

Turin the Malevolent wrote:
Why don't you read up on my nuts?
#6 Mar 04 2009 at 5:37 AM Rating: Default
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1: Please read stickies (and wiki) before posting. Most of these answers are found in those.

2: Please read in-game descriptions. Most of your questions can be answered by those. (I.E.. Klimaform)

3: Weather enhances spells in this way: 1 weather gives ~25% chance to increase nuke damage by 10%. 2 weather gives ~33% chance to increase spell damage by 25%. Weather enhances accuracy with 2 weather giving better accuracy than 1 weather. Exact values are not known on the accuracy enhancement.

Elemental Obis give the benefit of the weather and day bonuses to the correlating spells 100% of the time.

4: Klimaform is mainly used in situations where resists will be somewhat troublesome *HNMs*. Until you get to that point you'll probably not use it. After you reach that point, you'll use it every time you do whatever you need it for.

5: If you're level 42-67: /RDM solo and /RDM or /WHM for PTs. If you're level 68+: /RDM only. /NIN is in no way safer for soloing that /RDM. Being /RDM you have access to sleep at a much faster casting time. You have access to gravity. These 2 spells will save you more times than utsusemi ever could. SCH, unlike BLM, is more about a more efficient but slightly longer kill speed when nuking. Because of this, mobs will usually live long enough to eat through utsusemi and begin interrupting your spells. With gravity, however, you can easily stay ahead of any of the mobs you would be soloing. At 68+ stoneskin > Utsusemi in most cases, especially coupled with gravity.
#7 Mar 18 2009 at 11:56 PM Rating: Decent
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I saw this thread and thought I'd add some questions for you veterans to answer. I just hit 35 tonight (Yay!) and finally got the coveted sublimation. However, I can't seem to figure out how to use it properly.

My problems stems from the fact that you can't rest while it's charging So, when using it I end up in a situation where I have to start it charging then either not rest mp or cancel it every fight. I also tried just letting it fully charge then resting to full and just popping it for low mp situations to continue chains. What is the proper way I should use sublimation until I get stoneskin?

I've a few more dumb questions?

1. HQ Elemental staves are a big part of any mages ******** which ones are most useful for Scholar?
2. SCHs get there endgame gear from places other then sky and kings, should I be looking into saving points for certain pieces of assault/campaign gear? (What is good endgame gear anyway?)
3. As far as subs go it's WHM, BLM, and RDM, but in what situation should I use each of them?

Many thanks for you~
Zygous of Phoenix
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#8 Mar 19 2009 at 2:08 AM Rating: Good
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When I was leveling SCH before stoneskin I used to activate sublimation when I got up, and use it just before I started resting. I think the MP you get by being able to rest will surpass the MP you get from keeping sub active longer anyway. I did duo to 75 though, so I never really had to deal with it in a party.

For your other questions...
1) Aquilo's, Pluto's, and Auster's staves are great for SCH, since they cover bind/sleep/grav and your best helix spell. Though Jupiter's is nice as well since Thunder IV is the strongest direct nuke we get.

2) Yigit Gages are best for helices and pretty good for normal nukes, with Vicious Mufflers being slightly better for normal nukes. Yigit Crackows for max damage on nukes, or Goliard Clogs for accuracy and hMP. The campaign gear we get is fairly nice, and for 68-72 there's not really anything better than the Cobra Unit Crackows and Trews. It depends on what you do really, but a mix of Goliard and Yigit makes a really good hMP set. Our relic gear is great too, especially head, body and hands, so if you do dienamis that's certainly worth picking up.

3) RDM is my default sub, since it gives me grav, bind, and stoneskin, I'll sometimes sub WHM if I know I'm going to be healing exclusively, but I prefer /rdm for the versatility, and the ability to switch to BLM mode when required.
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#9 Mar 19 2009 at 4:07 AM Rating: Excellent
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"Zygous" wrote:
What is the proper way I should use sublimation until I get stoneskin?

I don't know what the proper way actually is, but I essentially did the same thing as Dominious: Starting Sublimation after standing up and then getting back stored MP towards the end of a fight in order to /heal.

With Clear Mind II, your base hMP is 18, I think. Depending on your gear, your actual hMP might be slightly above 20. You'd get 40+ MP in 30s worth of /heal in this scenario, whereas Sublimation would get 10 ticks (= 20 MP). So better have the Sublimation cooldown timer tick when you're /heal-ing. :-)

"Zygous" wrote:
1. HQ Elemental staves are a big part of any mages ******** which ones are most useful for Scholar?

Pet solo: Auster's Staff > Aquilo's Staff > Pluto's Staff > Other HQ staves.

Pluto's Staff is so **** far behind, because I consider Gravity and Bind much more relevant than Sleep on SCH. Pluto's Staff is nice to have for Drain/Aspir in this scenario, but I rarely had to rely on those spells, because to me the limiting factor was the pet repop timer and BST movement.

Auster's Staff > Aquilo's Staff, because I'm of the opinion that Gravity is the best enfeebling spell in the game and so **** crucial for SCH soro (unless going /NIN for Utsusemi, which I haven't ever done).

Exp pt, main healing: Aquilo's Staff > Terra's Staff > Pluto's Staff >= Other HQ staves.

Aquilo's Staff for Paralyze, Terra's Staff for Slow. Since most mobs you fight after 51 have MP, Pluto's Staff is arguably better than the other ones because of Aspir. I might be wrong with this order, though...

"Endgame": Pluto's Staff > Aquilo's Staff > Jupiter's Staff > Apollo's Staff > Other HQ staves.

I might be lying blatantly (in all honesty, I had to think for quite a long time to come up with that order), because it depends on what your "endgame" activities consist of. If you solo or low-man many things, Auster's Staff might be still the most relevant one, but since you're "just" B+ in all magic skills, there probably will be some RDM around to toss enfeebles. So you either end up giving around buffs (which don't benefit from HQ staves) or nuking, where those staves get to prove their value. Aquilo's Staff is higher than Jupiter's Staff mostly because of Elemental Magic +10, because of your Elemental Magic B+. Apollo's Staff is listed seperately to give credit to Luminohelix, something I will mention in the next paragraph.

In the end, you will want a full set of HQ staves, because SE gave us equally strong potent nukes on all elements, even Light- and Dark-based: Our helices. While useless on quite a few mobs (those with incredible INT), if they stick for a decent number, they tend to be extremely efficient and generating little enmity.

"Zygous" wrote:
2. SCHs get there endgame gear from places other then sky and kings, should I be looking into saving points for certain pieces of assault/campaign gear? (What is good endgame gear anyway?)

Good "endgame" gear would be some that makes your nukes feasible (e. g. by letting you hit the 320/120 tier for peskier HNMs), improve the rate you can get to stick enfeebles at (e. g. stuff that raises your Enfeebling Magic skill) or give you more power while party buffing and healing.

As such, pieces of the Yigit set (esp. Yigit Crackows and Yigit Gages) as well as the Goliard set (i. e. Goliard Clogs) are nice to have. Until you get your Yigit Crackows, the Cobra Crackows is a decent piece, too.

For the time being, the rest of your gear sets probably will be some pieces of the Errant/Mahatma set (esp. the Houppelande and the Slops), your AF (you will almost full-time your AF hat, while your Scholar's Gown, Scholar's Pants and Scholar's Loafers are very decent pieces.) and your AF2 (esp. the pieces Dominious mentioned). And a lot of L65 Torques (Dark Torque, Enfeebling Torque and Elemental Torque come to mind).

Einherjar (read: Kilusha in Nashmau) has quite a few useful items for a SCH, too. At 15k, a decent Einherjar LS that runs twice a week can get you an item in less than 2 months.

Other than that, SE is quite pesky; there's not much else a SCH can wear, so it's mostly a best-of put together from Yigit, Goliard, Errant/Mahatma, AF and AF2 sets.

"Zygous" wrote:
3. As far as subs go it's WHM, BLM, and RDM, but in what situation should I use each of them?

This is my view on SCH75. At lower levels, I might stick with other choices, essentially for Stoneskin on SCH56/WHM28.

/BLM: Unless you do not need any defensive measures, you could go SCH/BLM for INT+2, MAB+4 and Sleepga in exchange for Stoneskin, Gravity, Blink and Phalanx (there are more differences, but these are the essentials). You also lose quite a lot of your versatility, because there is not much you can do on Light Arts except for curing. No broken things like Stoneskinga, Phalanxga or Enspell-ga. Only recommended if your LS asks you to come for nuking solely, in my opinion.

/RDM: This is where SCH really shines. Both incredible spells to abuse with Accession/Manifestation (aforementioned Stoneskinga, Phalanxga and Enspellga as well as Gravityga and Bindga for massive crowd control) and MAB job trait makes SCH/RDM extremely flexible. You perform well on both Light Arts (healing and handing around unfair AoE buffs) and Dark Arts (nuking and extreme crowd control capabilities). Oh, and you have that juicy thing called "Fast Cast"...

/WHM: I only come /WHM if I feel like Bar-spells might come in handy or there is some real chance I have to be casting Sleep II and -na at will. You lose on both sides, because your Dark Arts is crippled by puny nukes (in comparison) and a lack of spells like Bind or Gravity and your Light Arts now is reduced to Stoneskin. Being capable of casting Erase or Reraise on Dark Arts as well as Curaga without the use of Accession might turn out to be handy, but scenarios you really want SCH/WHM are rare. I can't see many.
#10Banggugyangu, Posted: Mar 19 2009 at 8:35 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) once again.... read the stickies and wiki before posting crap that's already been answered a few times before.
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