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#1 Apr 10 2009 at 10:50 AM Rating: Decent
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I wpuld like to level DNC.. with the new FoV, DNCs solo ability, and stuff it looks pretty fun, although im good at soloing i dont want 2 spend all my time doing are invites? and endgame how do they do?

ty in advance
#2 Apr 10 2009 at 11:39 AM Rating: Default
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Invites are a cake walk up to 70. Dancer is exceptional at supporting a party with waltz, debuffing the mob and giving everyone on the forntline sambas. Then you get into merit mobs and nobody wants you because everyone wants cookie cutter parties of BRDX2 or BRD+COR leaving no room for other hybrid jobs that is untill they find out you can main heal and drop some bomb *** dmg.

Basically you wont have any trouble getting to at least 70 in parties, then you get to the endgame/merit community and your goign to experience being hated on for wearing a dress and heel's.

Its just like any other job on the front line if people see you meleeing in full AF, there going to realize you either don't take your job seriously or just don't know how to play/gear it.
#3 Apr 10 2009 at 1:53 PM Rating: Good
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Before you get dancing edge, dnc low lvl solo can be slow at times. Dagger ws are quite horrible before lv62. One way to combat this though is to use h2h for combo and later on raging fists, which are strong ws (the skill gap isn't very wide until lv60+ but afterward you will need your daggers). If you have an npc buddy though it'll make solo play much faster as you can set them to attacker mode and let them do their work while you cure them (need to make an <stpt> or <st> waltz macro to target them though).

Invites when I lvled weren't brd or cor fast but probably more blu-ish in desire. When you exp you need to keep in mind that you're almost always invited to help make the pt run smoother by curing, debuffing, and even sometimes co-tanking. You'll get a chance every so often to show you can put in fair numbers (sometimes great numbers), like when your pt is running smoothly enough for you to burn a little tp on ws.

At endgame... it's rough. There are a good few spots where dnc is pretty handy, like dynamis, some limbus floors, small group things (assaults, nyzul, salvage) and some low-man stuff. Your task here is support first and DD second. But as much as you can support others, dnc still has a somewhat negative view at some things. This is where showing your strengths and leaving good impressions of your skill with the job are needed the most in order to let you use it more. It can even lead to unconventional uses of the job, something you'll need to think on and find solutions for when the situation requires it.

The best advice I can really give to someone looking to lvl the job is to try and enjoy it. Have fun with it. Some people in ls laugh when they lvl it for subjob and they hate the way they look doing waltzes and stuff, while others like myself actually enjoyed what it could do the whole way up. Whether it's keeping an insanely strong sam/war friend alive at mamools (right beside gc camp), campaigning and earning my lost ranks back by tanking with it (been lazy keeping up with them), or doing random stuff with my friends on it for big cure support and fairly decent dmg, I continue to enjoy the various things I can do on dnc.

#4 Apr 10 2009 at 3:22 PM Rating: Decent
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Much appreciated, Im excited to level it see where it takes me, ty again.
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