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Okay so I had a... heated discussion today.Follow

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All about quick draw. My cor is (atm) level 73, I've always looked up things on the forums and tried to keep my knowledge of the job somewhat decent in comparison to most. Anyway two 75 cor... not friends, aquaintences in my ls, that I was in a mire party with, said that I was gimp because my light shot missed x2 on an imp and they both ended up dying lol no one else did but they did because the one who was a thf decided to pull before the other one was even close to dead. So he started complaining about my light shot missing, and that imps are weak to light and that light shot should never miss. I said that my light shot usually misses them, but I've been in two merit parties and my light shot isn't completely consistant but it does hit about 65% of the time. He said I was obviously lying because they resist light. I wasn't exactly sure if that was true but then he made a comment about my AGI not being good enough, I have 21 AGI when I don't have my peacemaker equipped (I wasn't pulling so I threw my old matchlock gun on for dmg) I made a comment about how terribly his cor is geared and how he really doesn't have the room to judge mine, and it rolled into a debate about quick draw, he claimed that his cor is set up for MaB for quick draw, and nothing else. (I don't really see it because he has like a light staff and a moldy earring and a mirke and that's all I've seen of his so uber "mab gear") I told him that he should probably consider having a macro set for that and also have an RA and melee swap because I don't really feel that quick draw is a cors main offense OR defense and it shouldn't be treated that way. Anyway the debate esculated until he got so mad that he muted me, and dropped the linkshell we shared causing even more silly drama. Anyway I'd like to know your thoughts on the conversation and blahblahblah?
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drraaaammmaa indeed :/

Not even really sure what to say....

Of course, best case scenario, its always optimal to have the gear and macro slots to try to maximize each ability to its best possible potential...

If you're having trouble landing Light Shots... well, take some of your own advice maybe and look into some AGI gear/Magic Acc gear to macro in, if you are getting alot of partys where you are the only sleeper.

As with life, you can't be responsible for the opinions and actions of others.
All you can do is learn how to better -yourself-, for one self is the only true factor that you have control over. And try to lead by example.

Not everyone's gonna like the way you choose to do that... someone's always gonna think "their way" is the best way, or the highway.
Thats just... how it is right now (sucky as it might be).

So do and play however makes YOU the happiest. :)
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MAB doesn't do anything for Light/Dark shot.

For Light/Dark you should be using Elemental Staves, and to a lesser extent Elemental grips + 2 Magic accy to corresponding element.

For the other elemental shots MAB gear. The big ones being Elemental Obis, Uggalepih Pendant, Denali Kecks/Nimue's Tights and Novio Earring.

As for your agi quick draw. >_>" You should try and improve on that. Just with AH gear you can get almost double that.
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I wouldn't say imps are WEAK to light really... it's just that they are hella resistant to dark, so if you want your sleep to have a reasonable chance of landing it has to be light, not dark >_> (Or use Elemental Seal)

Imps are still magically resistant to pretty much everything, like colibri are.

Edited, Aug 16th 2009 3:08am by Fynlar
#6 Aug 16 2009 at 6:11 AM Rating: Decent
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It could have been just bad luck. I can sleep things for a ton of light shots in a row then have a couple resists back to back. Random deal/ Wild Card is your friend in those "Oh ****" moments.

21 AGI is a pretty good amount at 73. You can get more but there are a lot of factors here.

What system are you playing on? Do you have unlimited macro space? On PS2 and 360 you can't make a billion macro changes like you can on PC.

What race are you? If you are Elvaan, you are going to need to put some more effort into AGI to be reliable. I have a Mithra COR which gives me a significant more amount of AGI than other races but leaves me always hunting for STR.

And what mob are you trying to sleep? Imps are very magic resistant. Colibri are pretty resistant as well. Most beastmen aren't (except RDM and WHM versions). Light based mobs are also a pain. You're going to need more AGI/?MACC for resistant types.

At this point I feel pretty comfortable sleeping things I need to (Dynamis mobs, merit mobs, Nyzul mobs) with a setup of:
5/5 QD acc merits
5/5 QD timer merits
Drone x 2
Mirke Wardecors
Comm Gants
Emerald Ring
Garrulous Ring
RK belt
Comm culottes
Cor Bottes

That gives me +27 AGI on top of merits. if I'm in a critical situation where sleeping is a primary role, then Light staff, peacemaker and squid sushi get piled on top of that.

In the end, **** happens. If it was just a couple resists, fine. If its happening all the time, then man up and get better gear.
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