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#1 Dec 02 2010 at 3:38 AM Rating: Good
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I actually tossed my old Desultor and redone the fight yesterday. But can't convince my self with those augments...
So simple question, what did you augments on your shiny dragon legs ? And why ?
(Or if like me you tossed your old one, what will you pick up ?)

Thanks in advance
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#2 Dec 02 2010 at 11:47 AM Rating: Good
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I actually just recently tossed my cure potency pants and re-did the fight myself. Honestly, none of the stats on the legs look appealing anymore. I have Gaiters so there's no reason to do the movement speed. Siphon+20 would be cool I guess, but I don't even know what I'd do for a 2nd stat if I picked that.

I think nothing has really changed for these pants in recent times. They were never that great. I'll probably end up doing Haste/Acc pants for my WHM/NIN just for lack of anything better.

On a similar note though, I also recently did the same with my Selenian Cap. I had cure potency on that as well, and recently dropped and re-quested it due to Orison Cap +1 replacing it. I still haven't picked my stats for that piece either, but as I looked at the augments for the headpiece there were several which are appealing to me now that I didn't even have the slightest interest in when MKE originally came out. So I think this is one case where circumstances have changed quite a bit.

For example: Pet Damage Taken -10%. I didn't look twice at that stat before, but now that I spend so much time in Abyssea, and Garuda & Shiva spend so much time tanking, I'm actually considering this option. Avatars have a native 50% damage reduction already, which would make another 10% all the more noticeable. Another option I'm looking at is the Pet: Crit Rate +3%. I'm thinking that with Razed Ruins in effect, this is very likely more useful than 5-9 skill or "Enhances Attack" from Karura Hachigane. I'm really thinking about doing a Pet PDT & Pet Crit Rate headpiece next. Another appealing stat is the Pet Haste +5%. Haste + PDT would make a nice idle piece, but I'm thinking the Crit Rate is probably the stat I want the most.
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#3 Dec 02 2010 at 4:29 PM Rating: Decent
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The 10% damage reduction from the hat is applied after the 50% reduction. So your total damage mitigation with the hat is 55%
#4 Dec 02 2010 at 4:40 PM Rating: Good
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Pants are pretty lackluster for SMN. "Pet:" stats are all beaten by other gear. Whatever edge Cure Pot. had is lost with the outrageous HP in Abyssea these days, a couple dozen extra points won't make or break any efficiency threshold, let alone the actual fight. Which is why I'm tossing my hat+pants and remaking them.

Best bet for SMN is an idle piece, Haste, PDT, and Move are all decent combos (Move not so much now). I'm looking at Haste+PDT or Haste+Acc, but that's for my RDM really. Hat gets better SMN options like Perg said, though I still might make a WS piece for RDM or MNK out of it, it just depends on what the game does with the next couple updates.

Pergatory wrote:
Avatars have a native 50% damage reduction already, which would make another 10% all the more noticeable.
If I remember right (reading people messing with 1000 Needles), gear is applied to damage after natural damage reduction, meaning you're knocking 10% off of the remaining 50% that gets through. So "Pet: Damage taken -10%" really just acts like "Pet: Damage taken -5%". Natural reduction makes it less noticable, but still might be worth it if you tank a lot.

As an aside, you can get Haste+5% from Spurrer Beret, only major reason to get it for Selenian is if you want the Haste+DT combo specifically.

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#5 Dec 03 2010 at 1:26 AM Rating: Decent
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Speaking of 1000 needles, can it be resisted? My carby only takes 480ish damage from it, and I have zero damage reduction for my pets apart from their native 50%.
#6 Dec 03 2010 at 1:31 AM Rating: Good
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Speaking of 1000 needles, can it be resisted? My carby only takes 480ish damage from it, and I have zero damage reduction for my pets apart from their native 50%.

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#7 Dec 03 2010 at 4:13 AM Rating: Good
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I don't really plan to melee on SMN actually, well with those !! mark to trigger could be handful at some point.
Thanks a lot for your answer. It will probably end into a move speed gear with anything...
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#8 Dec 03 2010 at 11:27 AM Rating: Good
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I have been thinking about redoing my legs as well. I am going to wait until we get to lv 95 or 99 before I do it though. What I would end up doing with them is based largely on what our remaining AF3 pieces will look like, and whether or not they will be upgradeable past +2.

With Razed Ruin, the 3% crit rate does look interesting but I want to wait and see by how much the remaining AF3+2 pieces will increase the proc rate on the set bonus - a bonus that effects both physical and magical pacts. I already have Spurrer Beret and I really don't use much unless I'm overflowing with MP (which doesn't happen often as I'm usually low-manning things and going for 2 DD atmas if I'm not needed to help cure. A 3rd atma would probably change this).

As for the legs, they were never that great for SMN to begin with. My thinking was similar to Perg's in that I might just make a haste/acc piece for WHM/NIN and my other mage jobs. (Boy I have a lot of skill up'ing to do!) I originally went with mvt speed and cure potency. The latter is no longer needed on WHM, and with only Cure IV for SCH and RDM, it really doesn't make that much of a difference. Other than desert boots, I don't have any other +mvt gear so as I said, I'm just going to sit back for the next few months and see what new gear we receive.
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