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#1 Aug 24 2009 at 2:13 AM Rating: Good
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so, a while ago i was mainly going to campaigns with SAM but this last month of so i've switched to SMN. i have to say it's actually more fun, more safe and gets more points that way for me. i usually just do whatever ward pact that seem to be the best, like maybe hastega, rollingthunder, earthen ward or ecliptic growl. then finish off with a rage pact. in between if the monster ppl are fighting don't have some nasty AOE, i would join in to do some attacking myself for spirit taker also. as for the big NMs, i usually just throw carby at them and healing ruby 2 when possible to hit all the NPCs and players trying to bring it down and then do a poison nail (on a side note, poison nail does pretty solid 150~250 damage on most of the NMs and i think that works better then meteorite). at most i've gotten 4450 points from an epic long battle (i think it had 4 waves of beastmen attacking). anyway, just want to see how and what other fellow SMNs do during campaign. let's share some of ur experience ^^
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#2 Aug 24 2009 at 7:47 AM Rating: Decent
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I also do Campaign with my Smn/sch and it is very unique and easy way to get exp or merit points. What I do is different though. I usually send Garuda at the Monsters and Predator Claws it and then switch out with carby and start melee'ing. With Elemental Siphon and Sublimation it is very fun to keep attacking with unlimited mp.
#3 Oct 06 2009 at 5:22 AM Rating: Good
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Hello fellow SMNS. :)

I also campaign with smn when the mood hits, and while I have a much higher survival rate, I actually fight with pup most of the time. It SEEMS like with pup, I can squeeze out a bit more exp, with /sch healing on npc's and 200-400 Howlings and 400-600 nukes from Stormwalker on a regular basis. And no MP upkeep necessary.

But back to SMN, and what the majority of smn did not seem to know, non-healing blood pacts such as hastega do not provide exp. This information is based on what I read on Ffxiclopedia. I love using my Spirits, I have their perp merited, and while I melée, Aspir, spirit take, sublimate and siphon without having to dismiss avatars, I do not find myself running out of MP at all.

I love seeing them cast a AM, a tier IV, back to AM, back to back, when that happens, while I fight. Of course, during crowded campaigns, when the waves die fast, I go for Fenrir doing Eclipse Bites, for quicker damage. I find myself running out of MP a bit faster than I like with the other Avatars. (As of now, I still have the basic smn equipment, giving me a -7 mp/tick MP perp on the Celestials.)
#4 Oct 25 2009 at 11:15 AM Rating: Default
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I like to go to Beaucedine Glacier campaigns and spam healing ruby 2, since its the only buff that counts for points.

I found that going as /sch was a waist since you can take a ton of damage, even be one shot without warning meaning you lose your sublimation. I even astral flow and siphon to BP again. Sometimes I use the astral BPs, sometimes a normal BP.

Also get an Aresian Grip for resting, and a Rose Strap for TP. Get Nirvana, Baha Staff, or Fay Crozier so you can sc with avatars. The highest damaging SC will have you ending the SC with a BP or Retribution, be careful though, it also gets you a lot of hate.

With carby you can easily hold off a single mob till help arrives as long as you don't melee.

My 66 DRG/WAR or /SAM and my 70 BST/NIN can solo the Leechkeepers so a SMN should be able to as well. I solo'd 2 on BST and got nearly 3K xp.

Campaigners love SMNs. You'll have to constantly rest, more than in a xp/merit pt, but you will love it more.

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#5 Oct 26 2009 at 2:43 AM Rating: Good
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for the shadowfang voids, use Ramuh's Enthunder buff - it will quickly take out any of those elementals if there is tons of peeps hitting it because it does 10-15 additional damage on top of the weapon damage - and weapon damage will be low. don't worry about giving any of the shadowfang voids any tp because elementals don't do TP moves.

buffs such as the stoneskin, blink, and hastega are preferred. use healing wards if possible. if using Fenrir's wards, i suggest the ones that target the mobs, especially the one that dispel buffs.

if a mob has aggro on your avatar, it also has aggro on you. campaign mobs work much differently than normal mobs on pet hate. pet kiting does work in campaign to some extent but i wouldn't recommend it (I have managed to successfully execute pet kiting as BST going against single mobs, but it only works in zones where the charmable pets are level 65+).

for damage, stick to predator claws or eclipse bite.
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#6 Oct 27 2009 at 8:37 AM Rating: Decent
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I suppose the general public would not love me too much, I don't do any non-healing wards at all. If I use a ward, it'll be for the exp. I don't heal players much either, if there are NPC's around with missing HP.

If I have out an avatar, I usually run around with Leviathan or Garuda, since they both have healing wards. And let's face it, Leviathan is simply beautiful to look at. I only use Carbuncle during times when I am low on MP, while waiting for siphon, Spirit taker, and Sublimation to charge it back up. I also use him during the AoE happy bosses, since his healing ward 'seems' to be best. Ramuh is one of my favorite avatars, and his pact stuns. Not really an extra special reason to be using it, but I just love using him.

Nothing is more magical than spamming the avatar's magical BP's on the elementals! Providing that some other people are fighting the same elemental that naturally get more hate than you, you will never end up with direct hate unless the other people die.

For survivability, SMN is great for me. I even managed to kite/hold off a boss with Carbuncle, until help came. Something I could never do on PUP.

I do realize that a lot of things can mess with Sublimation, but I just love it. The only problem I have is that the end of campaigns deletes my Sublimation buff, unless it is complete. I am not sure what technicality is involved that makes this necessary. And cheaper cures and/or quicker raises/reraises are wonderful. Best thing: since summoners love spamming stoneskin when they summon Titan, I simply leech for the buff so I don't have to summon Titan myself. Lol. (So I can rest while Sublimation is charging away, during breaks in waves or while waiting for the first mobs to arrive.)
#7 Oct 27 2009 at 9:55 AM Rating: Decent
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FinalPlay wrote:
I suppose the general public would not love me too much, I don't do any non-healing wards at all. If I use a ward, it'll be for the exp. I don't heal players much either, if there are NPC's around with missing HP.
You should, besides physical and magical damage, it's the only other way to reliably maximize xp/minute.
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