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Looking for help with Fenrir Prime fightFollow

#1 Apr 30 2009 at 9:51 AM Rating: Decent
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As the title suggests, I am looking for some help with the Fenrir Prime fight.

I have DRK at 75 and have gotten bored with melee jobs so am lookiing at trying something different. My SMN is lvl 11 and I want to start leveling it but don't want to get serious til I have all of the avatars. I have the 6 celestial avatars, the moon bauble and the vial of incense, so I just need to get parties to fight Fenrir and Diabolos and I basically have Diabolos covered but Fenrir is a different story.

My apologies for posting in the job forum rather than the server forum but I figured this would be seen more and probably get more attention here than on the server forum. SMN parties work best(and fastest) from what I've read and seen (videos), so that's why I'm posting here as well.

Server: Ragnarok
Character: Katchii

Just respond to this with your name if you are willing to help and I will contact you in game when I try to put this together with other people from my LS. Thanks in advancce and sorry for bothering your forum. Hopefully I'll be coming and posting here more often with more relevant/ informative topics soon.
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#2 Apr 30 2009 at 11:33 AM Rating: Default
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You really should put this on your server forums. There are 31 other servers worth of summoners on this forum, and SMN x5/6 isn't the only way to do the fight. A basic exp party setup with a ninja tank or pld/nin can take out Fenrir too, as long as you can stun his 2hr effectively.

Not trying to be a douchebag, but yeah, post this on your server forums, will get a better response.
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#3 May 16 2009 at 6:25 PM Rating: Decent
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I just got Fenrir about 2 nights ago now with a RDM/RDM/BRD(me)/SMN setup and the fight went rather smoothly (i think i died once, and a rdm died once)

you dont really need a full 6/6, but an additional person would have made our run faster/smoother

as a drk, you could stand back and nuke it up ~ i dont think your nukes would pull too much hate if you spread it out, but i think you would definately want to throw out as many abs-spells as possible, especially int/mnd/tp

what we did was run in, ice threnody fenrir and then bind/gravity him

from there, we hit him with all enfeebs we had

after we were satisfied with him being enfeebed, we DoT kited him with RDM#1 nuking while RDM #2 DoT'd him, then when he got close to RDM#1, RDM #2 took over nuking him ~ this kept fenrir pretty much running back and forth without hitting anyone for ~most~ of the fight.

durring this time, i (brd) was basically making sure threnody/elegy/requiem stayed on him while ballading all of us and throwing out cures/regens as needed (used harp to hit everyone at once)

the SMN in our group rage'd every min when his timer was up, and kept earthen ward, etc, up on everyone when they came in range

none of us are particularly uber geared (no salvage/hnm/relic), but we all have good gears none the less.
i would imagine you could grab a few random folks from doing a /shout in WG, but make sure everyone knows how the fight works and it should go ok.
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#4 May 16 2009 at 11:09 PM Rating: Decent
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I cannot speak for Fenrir, but I had a fully merited PUP solo Diabolos for me. 1/1
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#5 Jun 11 2009 at 9:20 AM Rating: Decent
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I posted on the server forums and decided to post on here if anyone is or wants to do prime fights I and my brother can help.
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