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FFXI crash when logging in to Xarcabard zone (Parallels/Mac)Follow

#1 Jul 16 2012 at 7:58 AM Rating: Decent
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I've been running FFXI on Parallels 7 on my 2011 15" MacBook Pro for a few weeks now without issue. Computer specs are 2GHz quad core cpu, 8GB RAM, Radeon 6490M video card with 256MB. Running Windows XP.

Last night, I was doing the Genkai 2 quest, and the moment I teleported into Xarcabard with my higher-level white mage counterpart, I got the Blue Screen of Death.

Tried to get back in a couple times, but each time, the same result. BSOD.

So I dumbed down my FFXI video settings to 800x600, thinking maybe it's a video issue, and 800x600 would be less likely to push the resources.
I was able to log in, and I thought, YES! I was able to run along for a little bit, and actually get to the Hound guarding one of the pieces of Frigicite. I got the key item, and started running out of the cave, and ... it happened again. BSOD. At this point, I tried everything, tweaking settings in FFXi and Parallels, and I could NOT log into that character in Xarcabard. I could log on with my mule that is in San D'Oria. No problems there. But any time I tried to log in with the character in Xarcabard, I'd see the area for a brief moment, then BSOD.

So, basically. I can't even log into my character to get him out of Xarcabard. But I'd actually like to finish the Limit Break quest I was doing.

I did the Files Check on FFXI and PlayOnline files from the PlayOnline viewer, but it found no problems.

Any ideas? It kills me that I've had zero problems in any other zones. I've been to Crawlers Nest, Ronfaure, San D'Oria, Bastok, La Thiene, Konschtat, Sauromague, Rolanberry, Gusgen, King Rampere's Tomb, Pashhow, etc. I've been to outdoor areas, city areas, dungeon areas, and the only area triggering this BSOD is Xarcabard. I don't remember if I have weather effects turned off, but honestly, even if it was snowing in Xarcabard, I don't see how that would be too much. I've seen it rain in La Thiene without issue.

My only logical thought is that maybe I'd have better luck running Windows 7 in Boot Camp then with WinXP on Parallels. But I'd have to buy a copy of Win7, and honestly, when you start dumping money into a problem not knowing if it's the right solution, it just doesn't feel right.

Wish I could figure out what's happening, because honestly, I have been amazed at how flawless it's been running up until last night when I 'ported into Xarcabard.

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#2 Jul 16 2012 at 3:51 PM Rating: Good
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Have you checked to make sure your fan inlet isn't clogged with dust?
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it would be useful to know what the BSOD error actually was. download and run bluescreenview and paste the error here.
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#4 Jul 17 2012 at 11:19 AM Rating: Decent
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The next morning, I tried it again, and still no good.

But in the afternoon I tried it once more, and I logged in without issue. I was able to finish the Genkai 2, and warp back to Jeuno without a problem. Not sure what happened.

My hunch was the initial crash was heat. I had been running FFXI for quite a few hours on my MacBook Pro. And the vent for the MBP is right at the hinge. I started playing on my dining room table. Vinyl cover. VERY good insulator. lol. So that was the start, then I was sitting up in bed. I have a laptop top tray, but it's honestly not a very good one, so the heat was building even more. Then after my crashes started, I tweaked quite a few video and resource settings both in Parallels and FFXI to try and get it going, so maybe it was too far gone at that point.

When I tried it successfully the following afternoon, I had change almost all system settings back to where they were, but I halved the RAM setting in Parallels, and dumbed the FFXI res down to 800x600, just to finish the quest. Glad it worked. That evening I played again, upping my resolution to 1280x1024 and ran around Jeuno without issue.

Hopefully it was a one time glitch, but who knows. Thanks for the suggestions folks.
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