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#1 Jun 14 2012 at 4:52 AM Rating: Good
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From here.

Herja's Fork 99 Polearm DMG:141 Delay:492 Accuracy+10 Attack+10 "Quadruple Attack"+3% "Store TP"+5

Dux Visor 99 Head DEF:40 STR+5 Attack+13 Physical damage taken -3% Enmity+3

Dux Visor +1 99 Head DEF:41 STR+6 Attack+14 Physical damage taken -4% Enmity+4

Enif Zucchetto 99 Head DEF:49 HP+35 MP+35 Accuracy+7 Attack+7 Magic Accuracy+7 Haste+5%

Murzim Zucchetto 99 Head DEF:46 HP+42 MP+42 Enmity-6 Haste+5% Automaton: Haste+6%

Dux Scale Mail 99 Body DEF:68 STR+9 VIT+9 Attack+15 Physical damage taken -4% Enmity+6

Dux Scale Mail +1 99 Body DEF:69 STR+10 VIT+10 Attack+16 Physical damage taken -5% Enmity+7

Enif Corazza 99 Body DEF:75 HP+45 MP+45 Accuracy+23 "Quadruple Attack"+2% Haste+3%

Murzim Corazza 99 Body DEF:75 HP+53 MP+53 Attack+15 "Store TP"+6 Haste+4%

Dux Finger Gauntlets 99 Hands DEF:32 VIT+4 Accuracy+10 Physical damage taken -2% Enmity+4

Dux Finger Gauntlets +1 99 Hands DEF:33 VIT+5 Accuracy+11 Physical damage taken -3% Enmity+5

Enif Manopolas 99 Hands DEF:30 HP+33 MP+33 Accuracy+5 Attack+5 Enmity+7 Haste+4%

Murzim Manopolas 99 Hands DEF:30 HP+35 MP+35 Attack+5 Haste+4% Increases critical hit damage

Patentia Sash 99 Waist DEF:8 Attack+8 Enhances "Dual Wield" effect "Store TP"+5

Dux Cuisses 99 Legs DEF:55 STR+7 Attack+11 Physical damage taken -4% Enmity+5

Dux Cuisses +1 99 Legs DEF:56 STR+8 Attack+12 Physical damage taken -5% Enmity+6

Enif Cosciales 99 Legs DEF:49 HP+40 MP+40 Accuracy+6 Attack+6 Enhances "Fast Cast" effect Haste+5%

Murzim Cosciales 99 Legs DEF:49 HP+36 MP+36 Ranged Accuracy+16 Ranged Attack+7 Increases "Rapid Shot" activation rate

Dux Greaves 99 Feet DEF:30 VIT+5 Accuracy+9 Physical damage taken -3% Enmity+4

Dux Greaves +1 99 Feet DEF:31 VIT+6 Accuracy+10 Physical damage taken -4% Enmity+5

Enif Gambieras 99 Feet DEF:29 HP+48 MP+48 Accuracy+6 Attack+6 Ranged Accuracy+6 Haste+4% Wyvern: HP+80

Murzim Gambieras 99 Feet DEF:29 HP+35 MP+35 Attack+12 Enmity+8 Haste+3%
#2 Jul 14 2012 at 9:28 AM Rating: Good
Anyone have bad thoughts on the Dux set? I've just re-re-re-turned to FFXI and my DRG has basically no gear. The Dux set to me looks like it could be a good bought set until upgrades can be gained. Thoughts?
Sandinmyeye | |Tsukaremashi*a |
#3 Jul 14 2012 at 12:35 PM Rating: Excellent
Not really. While a couple pieces could be okay for weaponskills till you can get your hands on better alternatives, for TP purposes, since none of them have any haste on them, they aren't worth using in that regard. A cheap gear set like the Perle set would do you better, or even an old lv. 75 armor set with Homam and W.Turban would do a lot more for you as far as TP sets.

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