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William Shakespeare wrote:
Through tatter'd clothes small vices do appear;
Robes and furr'd gowns hide all. Plate sin with gold,
And the strong lance of justice hurtless breaks;
Arm it in rags, a pigmy's straw does pierce it.

Previous Sticky by Ashkente

Previous Sticky by Zisaa

Previous Sticky by Nanisevel

For Starters: Dragoon 101

FAQ please read before starting a thread by Ketrel (Nov '06) As it says, read this first!

Important Guides

Fafnir's Hoard - The 2009 DRG Equipment Guide by Noodles and Lucinus (Feb '09) A current and up-to-date DRG gear guide, concise and yet descriptive.

The Art of DRG soloing by Awwwsnap (March '05) Legendary solo guide that has aged well.

Breathing 101 by our very own ecator (March '07) Instructions on how to let your wyvern breathe more effectively.

Other Guides: SUBJOB

DRG/BLU Examined by Ashemmi (April '06) One of the earliest proper looks at using DRG/BLU for solo, quite detailed.

The 2008 Subjob Guide by Lucinus (April '08) As the title suggests, it's my attempt at a subjob guide. It needs a horrible amount of tweaking.

Other Guides: SOLO

Lucinus' DRG Solo Guide by Lucinus (August '07) A bit dated, but an alternative solo guide for earlier levels. I really need to update this one...

PB and JT's Guide to Duoing and Soloing by Jellytime (September '07) An alternative look at lowlevel solo and duo.

Pulling the Plug DRG Solo! by Banalaty (February '08) Solo strategy for this ENM.

Other Guides: EQUIPMENT

Professor Lovebun's Equipment Guide by ProfessorLovebun (June '06) Another equipment guide. Bit dated, but I used it as a basis.

Lucinus' DRG Equipment Guide, v1.15 by Lucinus (Jul '08) The forerunner and sister guide to the current Fafnir's Hoard.


Dragoon and Store TP by NoodlesCCCLV (August '09) Detailed info on a DRG Store TP setup. Replaced the old link.

Solo Light SC by IfritLeenk (November '07) Macros for DRG solo Light SC.

Dragoon on RoZ - A guide by Dantai (April '08) Proof that DRG can fit into pretty much any RoZ setup.

Older Guides

The story of DRG AF by Fhernias (Jun '04) Back in the day before we had Wiki, we had this. It's five years old but it's staying in as a very honourable mention.

How to Obtain the Jaeger Ring by Dashh (January '05) Again, a Ronseal guide - "does exactly what it says on the tin"

Assault Jerkin & You: A Guide by fedex (March '05) It's aged well; this guide should help you get your orange rugby shirt.

Wyvern Names Revealed by Cactuara (June '05) A list of what the various wyvern names mean.

Wyvern Feed Regen by Vaspinne (June '05) Information on what Wyvern Feed does.


Damage Calculations by VZX (March '08) READ THIS. NAO.

Kanican's Enmity Testing by Kanican (current) The mechanics of enmity unravelled.

Interesting Discussions

Advanced Breathing Techniques (Healing Breath Uncovered) by Byxfluxba (Mar '08) Byx plays around with numbers to reveal the hidden mysteries of Healing Breath.

Amir vs Assault Jerkin debate by Ninjaro March '08 Debate about Assault Jerkin and Amir Korazin. PROTIP: don't use Amir Korazin, it's trash.

Milk and Cereal (formerly Meat and Sushi) by NoodlesCCCLV (Feb '07) Noodles walks through fire to educate about foods in game.

Our Jumps Give no TP by AdamPD (March '07) Definitive proof.

WS Damage Modifiers by Archain (November '04) It looks old, but although a couple of the numbers are a bit off, trust me, it's current.

VIT affects Jump by TheHolyDragoonSeraphus (January '07) This has stayed in because although it's common knowledge, it's still not a bad read.

Potent Belt Theorycrafting by ChaosRook (July '07) Potent Belt vs Life Belt theorycraft. It's not entirely accurate because it's written around an update that was later partly taken back, but it's worth a read all the same if you like numbers.

Jump/High Jump and Drachen Greaves by AelliusTDS (December '07) Back when we didn't know what Drachen Greaves did, we all argued like this.

Magical japanese book of what things do by Byxfluxba (Oct '08) Includes a small parse where Byx tested Drachen Greaves and showed us all what they actually do!

GKL or Dark Mezraq by Gourry (Dec '07) Discussion on Grand Knight's Lance, Dark Mezraq and Schwarz Lance. Caution: includes lots of flaming, and an off-topic Middle East debate, but at least Milich slings his mathematical weight around on page 2.

Geirskogul (Gungnir) findings by Vaelin ( January '08) Vaelin tests his (at the time) newly acquired Gungnir.

On Assault Jerkins And Scorpion Harnesses by Lucinus (Sep '08) I did some number crunching comparing Assault Jerkin with both the NQ and HQ Scorpion Harness.

Cletine good for Drakesbane? by JonnyWolf (Dec '08) Pahn strikes again when answering this guy's question.

/WHM, /BLU, or both (or others)? by Kurugi (Feb '09) This turned into a fairly heated discussion, but I added it because it's ultimately informative.

Thoughts on Herder's Subligar for Drg? by alangstdffa (Feb '09) As it says, here are people's thoughts on Herder's Subligar.

Dragoon subs? by BrookieDragon (Mar '09) Not so much for the thread itself, but there's a concise list a couple of posts down which I liked enough to want to add this entry.

Ranged Accuracy and Jump? by Marrus (May '09) Again, not for the thread itself -- basically, a troll gave us a laugh -- but I added this because sometimes, it really needs reiterating that JUMP IS NOT A RANGED ATTACK.

High jump hate test by DraganFairy (May '09) Tests done on High Jump's hate reduction.

On Zahak's Mail and Askar Korazin by Lucinus (May '09) I revise for a French exam by crunching numbers. Hmm. Seriously, though, this is where Pahn, Meldi and myself put our heads together to draw up a comparison between these two bodies. I've left my mistakes in there so I know what Pahn's correcting.

Pole Vs Sword Straps (Math) by Banalaty (Sep '09) Banalaty crunches lotsa numbers to show us that the difference is a lot closer than we think.

More coming soon...

Honorable Mentions

Wyvern Emotes by GutterMoo (March '07) A somewhat pointless update provides us with lulz.

Dragoon Achievement Thread by HadesBothari (September '07) The title says it all. You are legitimately allowed to brag in here.

The official "rate my gear" thread by Darkani (December '07) Rather speaks for itself. If you want your gear rated, you post here and we'll rip it to pieces.

Melee Damage Formula Spreadsheet v3.0 by BrimstoneFox (Mar '09) Requires Excel, but this looks very, very nice.

An irresistible force meets an immovable object by HadesBothari (Feb '09) Don't blame me, blame Siralin!


The Brakki DRG Guide by Brakki (Oct '06) It's Brakki. 'Nuff said.

The Whitemoon DRG Guide
by Whitemoon (April '07) Whitemoon beats a troll at its own game.

DRGs on YouTube

FFXI Dragoon onry ODS KS30

FFXI Dragoon solo Light Skillchain

FFXI - DRG Trio "Under Observation"

New Wyvern Emotes!

DRG Hundred Fists


If a thread needs to go in here and I missed it out, shout at me and I'll fix it.

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UPDATE: Currently re-labelling all the headings at Thayos' request, I've tried to start now but I'll get going with it properly in the morning.

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UPDATE: Should be mostly fixed now.

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LordFaramir wrote:
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If you're going to link to my spreadsheet, should probably link to the newest one (see my sig.)
FFIX Melee Damage Comparitor
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Link updated.
LordFaramir wrote:
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Lucinus wrote:
Don't blame me, blame Siralin!

Smiley: lolSmiley: oyvey
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Good, good.
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+1 for teh drg
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