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Maat Strategies Only ^^Follow

#52 Mar 14 2006 at 10:59 AM Rating: Decent
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If you have any close friends who don't mind lending you uber gear then by all means borrow away.

went in as: 75mnk/1blm

Eat carbonara+1
boost 9-10 times
/attack <t>
focus dodge hundred fists
-run in
chi blast = 400ish
when hundred fists wore off DK @ ~250%

beatdown and hope you outlive him
I won with 56 hp remaining, got really lucky with 3 or 4 counters very early and dodge a few punches. no potions(macro didn't work) no chakra...luck finally worked in my favor.

1/1 on the old man

Fenrir Server Rank 6 MythEternal LS
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#53 Mar 14 2006 at 12:31 PM Rating: Decent
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Berjik Quick Hands wrote:

went in as: 75mnk/1blm

Hah, I love that.. if for no other reason then to psych the old man out :-)

Maat: "WTF? This noob is subbing BLM! I'll keel him!"

Grats on the win :-)
#54 Mar 15 2006 at 9:35 AM Rating: Decent
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I went and fought Maat last night.. and I'd like to thanks to all that posted their Strats here.. it did really helped me alot.^^

Maat 0 / Riio 1

It was pretty straight forward and did a minor mistake which i didnt change Blink band to AF and never got to use the Blink band LOL

But for my surprise, Maat Missed me 11 TIMES w/ no blink band on..

I only have SH, 2xDodge earrings and Dodge ability on when i fought him..

what i did was: (btw, i used CC which i borrowed from a friend)

Ate Food Carbo
2x Hi-Potions
slept to get 100%
Boosted up to 8 times
Raging Fist
punched him a bit
(at this time maat used 2hr)
ate icarus Wing
Raging Fists
2 punches
Maat Gave up w/ my 582 HP left w/out using Chakra or Vile elixir

Thanks again for all the great info here^^

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#55 Apr 30 2006 at 9:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Im gearing up for my fight now. This thread has given me lots to think about.
A quick question do you lose XP for dying to the old man? I was thinking of just going in and giving him a go to size up his accuracy evasion so i knew what to expect.

#56 Apr 30 2006 at 9:30 AM Rating: Decent
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No you do not lose exp if you lose the fight.

Good Luck
#57 May 02 2006 at 5:42 AM Rating: Decent
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Another quick question do the subjob activated latent effect items work in this?
Im 0/2 so far :(

#58 May 02 2006 at 7:56 AM Rating: Good
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Maat = no subjob.

Subjob = required for latent items to work.

Ergo, Subjob latent items no worky.
#59 May 02 2006 at 9:12 AM Rating: Default
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Have you tried it? From what i can tell your subjob gets set to 0 but you still technically have it.

#60 May 02 2006 at 9:23 AM Rating: Decent
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Which one could we use and actually take advantage of? We can't sub MNK while on MNK main...and the Axe Belt wouldn't exactly help us much. :3
#61 May 02 2006 at 10:06 AM Rating: Default
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i was thinking the bard earring that gives +5 evasion. 20k for +5 evasion seems beter than 180 for +3 (dodge earring)

#62 May 02 2006 at 10:20 AM Rating: Decent
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Oh, EARRINGS...My bad, I missed that.

Well, one easy way to check is to put on something like a Genin earring, or another earring that provides a tangible bonus (i.e. AGI+4), then go into a subjob-less BC with the proper sub and see if you have the bonus.
#63 May 02 2006 at 11:13 AM Rating: Decent
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IGE Sucks

Delete every helpful post and let this scum-acquired forum rot.;mid=114668646932202500;num=0;page=1

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#64 May 02 2006 at 11:00 PM Rating: Decent
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First off this thread is uber helpfull thanks to all the post i finnaly beat that old ****** tonight.

Here's what i did

EQ: AF legs,feet,hands, Borrowed S. Harness from Friend as well as 2 dodge earings, 1 sun ring 1 Verner ring, Brown belt, Tiger mask, Spike necklace, Blink band and Opo-opo were switched out, and Feral Fangs

Food: Carbonara (sp) and Peroski au luait

Meds: Icarus Wing and Vile Elixir +1

Went in naked cept for Cvl Mantel and Stumbling sandles (just in case)

Slept 100% tp used food's and activated Blink band switched eq, used some leftover hi-pots to get HP up.

Ran up to Maat engaged with my back to him, Boosted 8 times
dodge, focus, Hundred fists, Chi blast, Raging Fists

used Vile Elixir +1, raging fisted again at 100% tp used wing one more raging fist dead Maat left me with about 532 HP.

hope this helps anyone who hasn't fought the old ****** yet :p
this thread sure helped me.

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Wanted to add extremly helpfull and very recommended for your item macros' instead of spaming just repet
/item "Icarus Wing" <me>
do that on all the lines you have for that macro. I did this with the Wing and Elixir and neither of them went off right away took till the 3rd line before it kicked in. Usefull so you don't accidentaly hit the wrong macro while spaming.

Edited, Wed May 3 13:27:15 2006 by CrimsonDevil
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#65 May 03 2006 at 8:31 AM Rating: Decent
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I beat Maat tonight. I want to thank a lot of people in this thread as they made this battle a whole lot less stressful for me. I barely lost to him last night but I pwned him tonight.

Vile Elixir
Vile Elixir +1
Icarus Wing
Hi-Potion x2
Periskos Au Lait
Sleeping Potion x4

Feral Fangs
Tiger Mask
Drone/Dodge Earring
Sun Ring x2
Temple Gloves, Gaiters and Cyclas
Spike Necklace
Brown Belt
Amemit Mantle +1

Opo necklace
Justice Badge
Blink band


Entered naked, ate carbonara and equipped everything excluding Tiger mask and Spike necklace. Had blink band and Opo necklace. Slept to 25tp, used blink, put on my mask and used the au lait to regen my health to full. Used the remaining 3 sleeping pots to get to 100tp.

Stood out of attack range from Maat, engaged facing backwards. Boosted 5 times, popped Focus, Dodge and Counterstance (in one macro) and Chi Blast and Hundred Fists (in another aswell as swapping in Spike Necklace after Chi). RF for 450ish, as I hit 60tp he used Hundred Fists, once at 100TP I hit another RF for 450-500 and he went down as I spammed my I-Wing macro.

I'd give exact numbers but fraps would NOT work, I tried closing and reopening it but it crashed FFXI. So now I have no physical proof of my demolition of Maat aswell as beating the record by 40-50 seconds. My time was ~4mins and 50 seconds. (Nothing too grand I imagine but hey, I beat the record on my server :p)

I did the exact same procedure yesterday only I didn't use Counterstance and I panicked when he used Hundred Fists. I'd already gotten off 2 RF's at this point but decided rather than using I-Wing for another RF to use my Vile Elixir, it did no good as he killed me a second or two later.

My personal advice to would-be Maat Mashers is to listen to everything you've seen in this thread, create your gameplan and stick to it. Maat WILL use Hundred Fists, it's only natural to panic but you need to keep your cool and stick to your guns.

I walked away with 949/1708hp, never used any of my potions or elixirs and never used Chakra either. Time to resell them and make back some money.
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#66 May 28 2006 at 2:10 PM Rating: Decent
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Weapon: T.M. Hooks +2
Ammo: Olibanum Sachet
Head: Empress Hairpin (Temple crown for Focus)
Neck: Peacock Amulet
Earrings: Dodge earrings
Body: Temple Cyclas
Hands: Temple Gloves
Ring.1: Puissance Ring
Ring.2: Venerer Ring
Back: Amemet Mantle
Waist: Brown Belt
Legs: Aikido Kosh*ta
Feet: Temple Gaiters

Items: Carbonara, couple of Hi-potions, Vile elixir +1

-Eat food
-Used two hi-potions to get to full
-Boost x 10
-Persikos au lait
-Boost x 11
-Focus, Dodge, Counterstance, Hundred Fists
-Boost x 12
-Chi Blast
- Vile elixir +1
-Raging Fists

Maat was at about 40% when I used Raging Fists, had a TP wing for another but didn't need it. Chi blast landed for 550.

Just got the record on Fairy. ^^

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#67 May 30 2006 at 5:44 AM Rating: Decent
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Tried all above including blink band, memento muffler , opo opo necklace, you name I done it. After being pretty hard killed 5 times in a row I concluded that Maat doesn't adjust his stats to my race ( taru taru ). I've won the fight for a friend on galka with the same strategie I used on taru the first time :(

I got my whm out ( lvl 66 ) only af no belt or mantle and won from the old geezer 1st try, costs 2 yag drinks I synthed myself.
I don't wanna redicule this thread but I'm kinda mad that the difference between races is so huge. I found maat on galka in af unbelievable easy in comparison to maat on taru in completely pimped out gear , food and meds.

I was initially ashamed that I wasn't able to beat him on taru mnk my great love. But seeing how easy it was on galka as mnk and taru as whm I can only conclude that with taru mnk you have such a huge disadvantage that its close to impossible to win. I could have tried more but at 600-700K a run on food, meds and stuff I decided to do it this way.

My respect for all that won on mnk, especially taru's. Good luck on your run(s). The strategy's posted here are all solid and will get you through.
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#68 May 31 2006 at 8:47 AM Rating: Decent
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Tried all above including blink band, memento muffler , opo opo necklace, you name I done it. After being pretty hard killed 5 times in a row I concluded that Maat doesn't adjust his stats to my race ( taru taru ). I've won the fight for a friend on galka with the same strategie I used on taru the first time :(

I got my whm out ( lvl 66 ) only af no belt or mantle and won from the old geezer 1st try, costs 2 yag drinks I synthed myself.
I don't wanna redicule this thread but I'm kinda mad that the difference between races is so huge. I found maat on galka in af unbelievable easy in comparison to maat on taru in completely pimped out gear , food and meds.

I was initially ashamed that I wasn't able to beat him on taru mnk my great love. But seeing how easy it was on galka as mnk and taru as whm I can only conclude that with taru mnk you have such a huge disadvantage that its close to impossible to win. I could have tried more but at 600-700K a run on food, meds and stuff I decided to do it this way.

I am pretty sure Maat copies your stats, though it has yet to be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. The first time I fought him I put on food before I went in by mistake and he seemed to take alot less dmg from my punches.

I fought him 4 times with my mithra mnk, the first 3 times I thought he was impossible but the 4th I totally smacked him down. He did a grand total of 230 dmg to me and I finished with 1450 hp. So I think luck plays a major role in the fight.

All 4 times my strategy was essentially the same.
- Go in, eat food and pop an au lait
- Sleep to 200 tp (My last run I was getting nervous and went at 150)
- Activate blink band and boost 3-4 times
- Swap in all my melee gear and activate dodge focus and hundred fists.
- Chi blast for 100-200 dmg
- Raging fists, wing, Raging fists

A few things I did learn from my failures though.

1. Avoid doing too much dmg off the bat, or maat WILL pop hundred fists early. I used raging fists > wing > raging fists at the very start of the fight and he totally whooped me. Definitely save it till he uses Hundred fists.

2. Item macros have a habit of not working when you need them. As somebody else suggested, put /item "Vile elixer etc" <me> in every line of the macro.

3. The time limit allows for alot of preparation, so take your time, double check everything again while your in the BC to help calm your nerves.

4. If you have meds use them asap, because once he pops Hundred fists the 1-3 seconds to pop an elixer or potion is going to leave you open to a few hits.

5. Macro everything! And keep your hands on the macros the entire time. This fight goes by so fast you simply don't have time to navigate any menus.
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#69 Jun 26 2006 at 4:43 PM Rating: Good
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This Saturday, I asked my LS to help me camp Cactaur Cantour as a bday present, they did, 1/1 on the Kung Fu Shoes, xp'd in them for 5hrs & hit 68 & had them crafted in to Wulong Shoes by my friend Japes. Then I tried Maat w/o having lvl 68 HTH & EVA capped. That wasn't the problem. ><

After writing my tactics down on paper (thank you Mightymog!) I made macros for everything. I didn't test them & put Chi-Blast before Blink Band macro ><. Only got in 5/10 boosts, too. Maat pwned me (I never use that word, but in this case it fits) in 30 sec as I was trying to figure out how to fix my headgear situation.

So I asked for LS help in getting another testy last night, got it in 30 min, rewrote macros - added in Counterstance JA & started off in Full AF + Guarding Collar & Guarding Earring (and Carbonara) for total HP 1760ish. Then I went & did solo ENM 60 using my maat macros to make sure they worked, beat that, waited 2hrs & went to see Maat:

Starting Gear:
Main: TM Hooks +2
Ammo: Happy Egg
Neck: Guarding Torque
Head: Temple Crown
Body: Temple Cyclas
Legs: Temple Hose
Feet: Temple Boots
Ring1: Woodsman Ring
Ring2: Puissance Ring
Back: Ammet Mantle
Waist: Brown Belt
Ear1: Guarding Earring
Ear2: Coral Earring

/item Carbonara <me>
/echo Equip Full AF
/echo Equip Happy Egg

/Equip Main "Gelong Staff"

/Equip Main "TM Hooks +2"
stand up

Boost X10 (I used 3 macros)
/Equip Hands "Temple Gloves"
/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 15 (Don't leave a space after the 15, it'll break the macro.)
/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 15
/ja "Boost" <me>
Repeat above on another button
last boost button
/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 15
/ja "Boost" <me>

/ja "Counterstance" <me>
/wait 1
/ja "Focus" <me>
/wait 1
ja "Dodge" <me>

/Equip Head "Blink Band"
/echo Wait 30!
/echo Activate Blink Band Manually!

/echo Number One.. Engage! (Actually, I hit F8 on keyboard & then Attack button while boosting so I made sure I was already engaged; I stood at edge of BCNM where ramp slopes towards Maat while buffing)

/ja "Chi-Blast" <t>

/Equip Hands "Ochiudo's Kote"
/wait 1
/ja "Hundred Fists" <me>

At this point I used my Chakra macro during 100 Fists & switched to all DD gear after Chakra for 282. I think I used 3 hipots, not sure they actually fired from my macro /item Hi-Potion <me>, as I bought so many I forgot how many I had to start & the battle spam didn't indicate that I used them.

DD Gear:
Main: TM Hooks +2
Ammo: Happy Egg
Neck: Spike Necklace
Head: Super Ribbon
Body: Temple Cyclas
Legs: Repbulic Subligar
Feet: Wulong Shoes
Ring1: Woodsman Ring
Ring2: Puissance Ring
Back: Ammet Mantle
Waist: Brown Belt
Ear1: Coral Earring
Ear2: Coral Earring

I never even Raging Fisted him. He didn't Hundred Fists. He did Howling Fist, I think, in the start. I countered him 9 times, he countered me once. Thanks to the Blink Band's 3 shadows, Maat only hit me 6 times. I never used my Icarus Wing. I ended the fight with 625 HP and was shaking like a leaf.

I had made the following macros & didn't use:
/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 1
/ws "Raging Fists" <t>

/item "Icarus Wing" <me>

/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 1
/ws "Raging Fists" <t>

/em pours <t> a frothy beverage! Cheers!

I started my macros on the L1 row, went Left to Right.
I switched to R1 row, went Left to Right, starting with Hundred Fists macro so that I only had to deal with 2 rows of macros & they were all in order so I wouldn't mess up like I did the first time.

*edited for spelling/clarity*

Edited, Jun 27th 2006 at 11:12am EDT by Crouchingllama
#70 Jun 27 2006 at 12:09 PM Rating: Decent
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I mashed Maat at 68 last night. The key were Stun Jamadhars, mentioned in this thread only once. If you're reading this and can't find a way to kill the old man, try them out. They're cheap, 30k-ish, and very, very effective. I'm certain I would have won at 67 as well, and wish I'd had the stones to try it. The following is what I posted to my Linkshell's board:

Weapon: Stun Jamadhars
Ammo: Happy Egg
Head: Blink Band, then switch to Temple Crown
Body: AF (Scorp Harness if you have it)
Hands, Legs, Feet: AF
Rings: Mind rings for Chi Blast, Str rings for the fight
Earrings: One Guard Earring (lvl 35 +3 guard), One merman's (lvl 63, +6 attk, -4 eva). Dodge or elusive earrings, or the +Counter earring from 60 ENM "Pulling the Strings", or Vics or Minuet earrings also work
Belt: Brown
Back: Amemet +1 (NQ is fine if you're not uber)
Neck: Opo-opo for sleeping TP, Justice Badge for Chi Blast, Guarding Collar (+7 Guard) for the fight

Food: Carbonara
Meds: 2x Hi-Potion +3, 1 Icarus Wing, 4 sleep pots

Day: Darksday (This is important!)

#1 - Zone in naked, put on your gear, then eat the Carbonara. Pop your hi-pots to fill up HP.

#2 - Equip Monkey necklace and pop a sleep potion. This will bring you to 25% TP. Do them one after another for 100%

#3 - Equip Blink band run to the arena. Once there, use the band.

#4 - Start your Boost Cycle. Move close enough to Maat to engage and Chi Blast, but make sure you don't hit him til you're ready.

/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 15
/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 13
/echo Initiate Alt-2

/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 15
/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 13
/echo Initiate Alt-3

/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 15
/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 13
/echo Initiate Alt-4

/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 15
/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 13
/ja "Focus" <me>
/echo Initiate Alt-5

/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 15
/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 13
/ja "Dodge" <me>
/echo Initiate Alt-6

/ja "Boost" <me>
/wait 2
/ja "Hundred Fists" <me>
/equip ring1 "Saintly Ring"
/equip ring2 "Saintly Ring"
/equip neck "Justice Badge"

/ja "Chi Blast" <t>
/wait 2
/equip ring1 "Victory Ring"
/equip ring2 "Victory Ring"
/equip neck "Guarding Torque"
/echo Initiate Ctrl-1

#5 - Ok, so at this point you're fighting, and if you're lucky your Chi Blast did ~500 dmg (mine did 508). Maat comes right at you hitting fast and hard - his punches did about 2x as much dmg as mine, so the goal is to end the fight ASAP.

/ws "Raging Fists" <t>
/wait 3
/item "Icarus Wing" <me>
/wait 4
/ws "Raging Fists" <t>

Ok, you've already got Hundred Fists up so you're pounding on him for 45-60 a fist (if you're Galka), and lucky you! His first three hits get absorbed by your blink band (actually, his third hit was a counter that my band absorbed, but w/e). You click that ctrl-1 Macro, and Raging Fists should do about 400 dmg on him. My first did 385, my second did 424.

Now he's ******* and he uses Hundred Fists on you. And that's bad news, because 1) he hits real hard, 2) he hits real fast, and 3) you're not going to dodge or counter many of them at 68. Which brings us to...


Since I was but a little Galka I'd been planning on using Stun Jamadhars on this guy, but it's our own cyber-hero Maasahn who actually pioneered the technique. He/she/it is the first Monk I know who used them to beat Maat and confirm their usefulness. I just refined it.

Here's why they're useful: When Maat's stunned, he can't punch you in the face.

Here's why Darksday is useful: Stun lasts longer on Darksday. The longer he's stunned, the less time he spends hitting you.

The Stun Jamadhars don't have a great proc rate - I'd guess 3% - but they're pretty much guaranteed to go off at least once during the span of your Hundred Fists. Mine went off right after he used Hundred Fists, giving me 10 consecutive hits on him before he came unstunned. By the time he did he was almost dead and I had 100% tp. I didn't even get to mash my Raging Fists macro before he gave up. If I had, I'd have killed the old ******* and no one would ever have had to fight him again, but oh well.

I finished the fight with 130% tp, 946 HP, and one unused Chakra. He only took 12 swings at me: 7 landed flush, one was guarded for half-damage, one I dodged, two were eaten by the blink band (the third shadow was countered down), and one I countered on to him. Stun proc'd once, he dodged one of my attacks and countered one.

And my only regret is that I didn't try this at lvl 67 instead of 68.

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#71 Jul 03 2006 at 11:15 AM Rating: Decent
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here what i did in maat fight and set the record 1min 35sec hp left 908 will i'm galka so i have little more hp :P

Carbonara x1
Persikos au lait x1
Icarus Wing x1
Vile Elixir x1

SH if not af armor
Tiger mask or OH if u got it , i'm little poor so not yet :P
sun rings x2
dodge earring x2
life belt for more acc to use in raging fest
hand = af
feet = af
leg = af
necklace i used Spike Necklace
Amemet Mantle
the Fight

use carbonara befor you go in the bcnm.
when you inside use Icarus Wing , Persikos au lait , pop Dodge , Focus, Counterstance ,hundered fest while ur running to maat , start the fight with Raging Fest , build up Tp to 100 , then do an other Raging Fest , then type /l I DID IT

here is my pic after the fight

clear time 1min 35sec , hp left 908 , i didn't use chakra or Vile Elixir

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#72 Aug 23 2006 at 11:42 PM Rating: Decent
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I beat Maat tonight.

The first trip into the battle zone i forgot to bring a wing with me and i never actually activated my blink band.

For the second trip into the battle zone i printed out a list to help me remember everything.

My equipment was basically full af except pants where I used the level 50 +2 counter pants and feet where I used my wulongs (although I had AF on when I hit my ja macro)

In addition I used 2x avenger earrings, and my 2 woodsman’s rings (wanted the +acc for counter, but these were the only pieces I had on with –eva).

My weapon was my TM+2s

1. Entered the seal with everything unequipped.
2. Put on all AF except head and neck where I equipped my opo-opo necklace and my blink band and TM+2s
3. Ate Carbonara +1
4. used 2 x-potions to get to full health
5. Slept to 100tp (4x sleeping potions)
6. Equipped chiv chain in my neck slot and ran up to the battle area.
7. Targeted Maat and pulled my weapon.
8. Boosted 6 times
9. Hit Dodge, focus, hundred fists
10. Hit my equipment change macro to swap my kick boots back into place, this macro also had counterstance at the end of it since it wouldn't fit in the first /ja macro.
11. Ran into Chi Blast range and hit him for a mid 200 Chi Blast.
12. Used raging fists as soon as I could spam the macro (note there was no boost in the macro) and then continued to fight him until he used his 2hr.
13. When he used his 2hr I used my tp wing, and then raging fists again.
14. He gave up.

Everything happened extremely fast. Hundred fists didn’t even wear off until well after he had given up.

My first raging fists hit him for around 350 and the 2nd one hit him for 440ish.

He hit me once for like 230 and countered me once for 174.

I countered him 6 times. I am going to stress that again. He hit me 2 times in the whole fight. One of them was a counter of my own hit, and I countered him 6 times.

I had a vile elixir +1 ready to go, but I never bothered to use it since Maat hit me a total of 2 times in the whole fight for around 400 points of damage total.

#73 Aug 24 2006 at 8:54 PM Rating: Decent
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Seeing as I just managed to bag the old wrinkly dude (and in record time on Carbuncle :D ) I wanted to share my experience.

First time I fought him I died, it was over in seconds and I was surprised how quick this fight really is. I had used opo opo and took a bunch of meds but didnt have a chance to get any of these meds off in time.

Second time round I nailed him good and proper.
I didnt use opo opo 2nd time and didnt take in any meds either. Food I used was Carbonara but in all honesty the fight was that quick I doubt it had much of an effect on the outcome of the battle.

So here goes.

Went in made sure hp was at max.
Boosted 8-9 times
Fired up Hundred fists and used Focus + Counter
Chi blasted to engage
Hundred fists was there from the off and I pounded away until TP hit 100%
Fired raging fists
His health had dropped to what roughly looked like about 10% remaining
I didnt seem to hit him again but the fight ended and I was given my warp scroll to return home
I finished the battle with about 2/3 hp (he only got about 2, maybe 3 hits on me)

For the record I didnt use any special equipment, my gear is pretty average as follows.

AF head body and gloves
Tac Mags +1
Chivalrous Chain
2x Spike Earrings
2x Puissance Rings
Brown Belt
Akido Kosh*ta
Wulong Shoes
Tiphia Sting
Psilos Mantle

I am a female Elvaan
1st attempt I was lvl 69, 2nd attempt I went back at 70

Hope this helps some of you, just go all out from the off and dont use meds as they take too long to fire off and you waste time when hundred fists could be going at him.

Good luck.


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#74 Aug 27 2006 at 11:06 AM Rating: Good
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very basic gear
Purp belt
Spike Neck
Feral Fangs
Dodge Earrings
Pussinace Rings
Ament Mantle
Bibiki Seashell
Icarus Wing

sleep till 100
4 Boosts
focus, dodge, hundred fists
Chi blast RF
after he poped his 2hr
i followed with RF, wing RG again
and thats it
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#75 Aug 28 2006 at 7:02 AM Rating: Good
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After fighting Maat a few times and losing, I finally beat him last night. And I owe it all to my level 70 Kamper Earring.


-Optical Hat
-AF Body, Hands, Legs and Feet
-Amemit Mantle +1
-Kampfer Earring/Merman's Earring
-Sniper Ring/Sun Ring
-Brown Belt
-Chivalrous Chain
-Opo-opo Necklace

For the fight, I brought some items. Carbonara, Hi-Potion x4, Persikos Au Lait, Icarus Wing x1, Max-Potion x1, Sleeping Potion x5.

I went in naked, as that may have affected Maat. I used the Carbonara and the Hi-Potions for HP. I put on my gear and used the Sleeping Potions/Opo-opo Necklace until my TP was at 100%. I ran up to Maat and engaged him, but I kept my distance so that I wouldn't be close enough to attack him yet. I boosted four times, used Doge, Focus, and Hundred Fists and Chi Blasted him. That was followed with a Howling Fist. The fight began. He hit me twice, then used Hundred Fists when he was at half life. I Countered every single hit he gave me, then used Raging Fists to finish him.

I won and broke the record. I forgot to use the other items because I was so nervous. x_x But hey, that's extra money now that I can resell them and they're not really needed for the fight. I just brought them in case. For those of you who can't seem to beat him, hang in there. It's all about luck. I know how you feel as I almost gave up completely.

Also, for those of you who are interested, the Kamper Earring has Latent Effect: Counter +5 and it kicks in when your HP is in the yellow.
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After it was all said and done, I looked over several strategies and asked many MNK players on my server and came up with my own. This is more for "how I did it" and wouldn't recommend doing it lol.

I did alot of research going into the fight and have heard many different things. The going in armorless doesn't seem to apply anymore; I went in with full armor on and still won. I was told it's just an old wive's tale now and shouldn't be taken seriously.

I didn't do my buffing until entering the BC.

-Entered BC, ate Carbonera, Peroski au Lait
-Slept for TP while HP regenerated
-Changed neck equip to Justice Badge for +12 total MND and boosted 10x
-Focus, Dodge, Hundred Fists
-Chi Blast, engage Maat
-Raging Fists when useable
-Used a Vile Elixer +1 as soon as my life was halfway
-Another Raging Fists for Maat's defeat


All AF
Spike Earrings
Sun Rings
Opo Necklace for sleepy TP gain, Justice Badge for MND boost, Chivalrous Chain for DD
Brown Belt
Amemet Mantle
Spartan Cesti

I also want to thank everyone for the strategies here, and especially to everyone on my server who kept me motivated to beat Maat.

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