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#1 Feb 20 2011 at 12:17 AM Rating: Decent
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I hardly do anything outside abyssea atm, so with this set always consider that I have cruor buffs (5/6 abyssite of merit) and atma. For DDing I'm most often using VV, RR and GH. When regain is not needed I'd switch VV with Alpha and Omega. I'm not really into the maths so I'm working blind with attributes. I basically capped haste on gear because I've read that 26% is the cap. I don't know if my crit/triple/double/dex are capped because I could not find anywhere that there are solid numbers for these and it seems to vary.

My main problem is that I seem to miss a lot. I'm okay with food but whenever I pop sushi I get funny reaction about how food is so 2009. So I'm curious as to how I can reach optimal capped acc/capped haste setup from gear/buffs/atma only. I would appreciate any suggestions.

I'm Hume (if it matters) with 4/4 Crit merits, 8/8 dagger and 5/5 Triple Attack.

My current TP set:

TP Set:
Main: STR Kila +2 (working on Emp)
Sub: Twilight Knife (working on Triplus - not sure which would be the better off-hand for emp or kila)
Range/Ammo: Ziskas or Bomblet (most times I'm on Ziskas though)
Head: AF3+2
Neck: PCC
Ears: Brutal/Suppa (Got AF3 earring but not sure if this combo is replaceable yet)
Body: Rapp. Harness (9/9 Ardor Coins, 3/10 raider's seals, working on it)
Hands: AF3+2
Rings: Epona's/Rajas
Back: Atheling Mantle
Waist: Twilight
Legs: AF3+2
Feet: Ballerines (also got Homam, but using Ballerines for haste cap)

Current set has:
STR+ 22
DEX+ 20
ACC+ 34
Attk+ 51
Haste+ 26%
Triple Attack+ 6%
Quadruple Attack+ 3%
Double Attack +13%
Stp+ 6%
Dual-wield +5
Crit hit rate+ 4%

When I complete my body+2, I will also have the option to equip feet+2 for set bonus. Does anyone know if set bonus is worth sacrificing 4% haste? I should finish this in the next couple of days so you might want to assume I have it already.

Moreover, I am looking for suggestions to improve my evasion-tanking set. I seem to focus most on evasion/skill without concerning myself much with Subtle Blow/MDT/PDT/AGI. So any suggestion about replacing current slot with more rewarding armor is appreciated. I have 4/4 evasion. I use the same atma's when I tank, unless I'm fighting high acc mobs then I'd cloak and dagger instead of VV, also if I need HP I'd use SS instead of VV.

Evasion Set:
Main: AGI Kila +2
Sub: STR Kila +2/Thief's Knife (working on second AGI Kila)
Range/Ammo: Ziskas or Bomblet (most times I'm on Ziskas though)
Head: Optical Hat lol
Neck: Evasion Torque
Ears: Brutal/Suppa (Got AF3 earring but not sure if this combo is replaceable yet)
Body: Aurore Body
Hands: AF3+2
Rings: Epona's/Heed
Back: Boxer's
Waist: Scouter's
Legs: Alcide's Subligar
Feet: AF3+2

I have no problem obtaining atmas I require. I probably have them already so suggestion can include atma's too.
#2 Feb 20 2011 at 10:42 PM Rating: Decent
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Set bonus is not worth sacrificing haste feet for no.
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I thought of it first:
#3 Feb 22 2011 at 9:41 PM Rating: Good
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If concerned about accuracy, you might want to consider a dex kila +2. Use it situationally instead of the str kila when you need more Acc. Remember, Dex adds to Accuracy 2:1 so the dex kila gives you almost 20 additional Acc (15 +9/2.

If you're using RR, you're also getting a nice boost to Acc from the Superior Dex+ of that atma. Horned Beast atma gives superior Acc. Cloak and Dagger & Sand Emperor both bive you Acc Major and Eva major, which would be nice for both of your concerns.
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#4 Feb 23 2011 at 5:19 AM Rating: Good
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I'm still not where I want to be for my gear either but my suggestions are;

Agasaya's Collar (Accuracy/Attack +8, Subtle Blow +5) over PCC, 8 Attack is worth 2 Accuracy imo (especially as I'm offhanding Sax). The Subtle Blow is always welcome, especially on Abyssea NM's due to dirty procs. That's not to mention the low delay, Sax is the new Sirocco as far as I see it.

Raider's Boomerang (Accuracy+3, Enhances "Dual Wield" Effect) is entirely a personal choice, but the NM is easy and it's 100% drop. I have this and the Bomblet and I switch to Bomblet on the more defensive/evasive mobs.

I still totally agree with the ear combination, I'm not using anything else.

I started a thread about dagger discussion ( and I've come to the conclusion that I'll go Twilight/Rapidus until Empyrean for Empyrean/Rapidus, the 1% haste will also allow me to use Homam feet.

I don't have the right to comment on your Evasion set yet... I don't have a halfway decent one myself.
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#5 Feb 23 2011 at 9:03 AM Rating: Good
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TP Set :
I'll agree with Mangotastic. If you really need Acc, R.Sax + Homam Gambieras is a good way to go looking at your current set.
Then AF+2 Body should also do the job.
Don't forget Pizza ! (unless you really need RAcc :?)

Eva Set :
- Ungur Boomrang is nice to have if you don't need Blind Bolt (or can't use). And I don't think you'll get too much competition on it.
- Torero Torque would replace Eva Torque.
- Take a look on Ocelot Trousers ;)
- Slither Gloves if you can afford it (better if you can drop it in WoE #05). Derobade Mittens otherwise.
- Antares Harness still offer more Eva/AGI than Aurore.
- Fugacity Beret for the head but I prefer the Acc/RAcc of the O.Hat personally (inventory wise especially)

The thing is that it's for a full evasion set. I rarely need that much.
Skill cap + merit + job trait + GH Atma cover my evasion for most things inside abyssea. I did pop my full eva set against Bennu the other day but could be done without I think. There's also 3 great eva atma available out there > Siren Shadow (drop from Usurper VNM T3 Tahrongi), Cloak & Dagger (Tonberry TierII Konschtat) & Dark Depth (Salvage 4 Boss clear?, miss that one >.<).

I think you're overdoing with your eva. I'm going toward Subtle Blow / AGI set while keeping haste the closet to 26%.

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#6 Feb 26 2011 at 7:27 AM Rating: Decent
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For your evasion setup definitely consider:

With evasion coming out of your a@@ you don't need an Evasion Torque and there are other ways to cap Subtle Blow. So Torero Torque does not make any sense to me.

Twilight Torque offers unique stats that are hard to find on thf gear. The damage taken -5% applies to both physical and magical damage. Especially the magic damage reduction (a thf weak spot) makes Twilight Torque a no-brainer in a proper evasion/tank setup.

Edited, Feb 26th 2011 2:28pm by Breaze
#7 Feb 27 2011 at 3:31 AM Rating: Decent
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Thanks everyone for your input

Breaze wrote:
With evasion coming out of your a@@ you don't need an Evasion Torque and there are other ways to cap Subtle Blow.

Edited, Feb 26th 2011 2:28pm by Breaze

I have that and was considering adding that to my Evasion setup. I have a question though, what's Subtle Blow cap (if it can be measured in numbers or %?) I'm just wondering how much Subtle Blow+ gear I must add before they become a waste of slot.

Edit: NVM. Found it

Edited, Feb 27th 2011 9:34am by Shaiamy
#8 Feb 28 2011 at 12:22 AM Rating: Default
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Breaze wrote:
Especially the magic damage reduction (a thf weak spot)
What? Merman's Rings/Earrings, Avalon Brestplate, Denali Hands. I cap MDT with that and Twilight torque. You can cap it without Torque aswell, but it needs Merman's Harness gear in the other slots (like Legs+Head). Don't bother commenting on how rare they appear on the AH making them hard to get because they're low enough main/sub crafts that you can HQ1 them and the materials are dirt cheap.

I don't yet, but ideally I'd like 2 evasion sets, one oshi- set with max evasion, and one evasion/haste hybrid. So for example:
Fugacity Beret, Torero, Novia, Ethreal,
SH+1/Antares, Denali/Slither, Alert/Heed Rings,
Boxer's, Scouter's, Ocelot, AF3+2

And Hybrid set:
Zelus, Torero, Suppanomimi, Novia
SH+1/Antares, Ocelot, Heed, Rajas
Boxer's, Twilight, Ocelot, Ballerines.

Zelus has -5Eva on it, but it also caps haste, which is the main goal of this set. I don't have either of these sets yet but it's what i'm aiming for.
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