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Coming back after awhile, starting back on the old WHMFollow

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I've burnt out on WoW, and since I usually play a healing class on that game I decided to reactivate my old content ID and start again on my 29WHM. So far I've gotten to 31 (and deleveled back to 30) and I've noticed my habits of healing in WoW are affecting me negatively. Do I need to keep peoples' HP topped off? Is there an easy rule to avoid getting agro? Should I be casting enfeebles or other non-healing spells at this point? How will I know when I can rest during battle to regain MP so as to not slow down the group?
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Keeping people's HP topped off isn't a dire necessity. More often than not if they're looking a little under the weather(yellow hp) you can toss them a Regen and call it a day. If the tank's HP starts dipping into orange or red, cure bomb away.

It's a fine line to walk avoiding aggro/hate/enmity, but there is eventually some gear to help you out with that. Around level 30 there isn't much so you're better off learning how the hate mechanics work so you can get better at judging when to cure bomb and how hard. One thing that's gonna do wonders for you is learning to love Regen. It's ridiculously MP efficient and produces very little hate. Another good rule of thumb is to cure in smaller increments when possible. Curing huge chunks of HP all in one go will get the mob's attention very quickly if you're not careful.

A good primer for understanding hate mechanics is the Enmity Table compiled by this guy:
I wouldn't expect you to read the whole thing, but skim through it and take a look at the curing and damage tables, along with the tables for White Mage so you know which of your spells are likely to get you eaten if your tank can't hold hate worth beans.

Yes you should be casting enfeebles and other non-healing spells. Protectra and Shellra are pretty useful in mitigating damage, as are the bar-spells. You'll have to do a little bit of research beforehand for barspells, as they're only useful for specific threats, whereas protectra and shellra are pretty universally useful.

Enfeebles are best handled by a Red Mage, but you can still make good use of them. Paralyze and Slow are particularly useful in mitigating damage and your melees will appreciate Dia since it reduces the mob's defense by a percentage.

As for knowing when to rest, that's largely something you can only learn through experience. Sometimes it's ok to let the mob wail on the tank for a while as you get a tick of mp back, but more often than not you'll have to be ready to jump up at a moment's notice to deal with an emergency. MP management's pretty tricky at lower levels, but there's a few things that can help. There's a Refresh effect from the Fields of Valor books you can pick up for about an hour. Alternatively you can kidnap a Bard or spend a small fortune on juices. Another thing that will help is investing some gil in hMP equipment(+mp recovered while healing). Off the top of my head you can pick up a Pilgrim's Tunic and Baron's Slops off the Auction House. Macro those pieces in right as you sit down to rest and you'll get a slightly better return on your MP. It's not much, but every little bit helps over the course of a party.

Lemme know if there's anything I need to clarify, I got kinda carried away with all that.
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For the most part, everything you ask is party dependant. If you have a pld tank, don't cap them on HP, as they use Cures themselves to hold hate better, if you have a Nin, its likely they may take a hit but then won't for a while, so regens are sometimes better.

its definatly something you have to get the feel for.

For ex. If you are in a party with w Pld, Drk, Rdm, Whm (yourself) Thf and Mnk, your cure priorities will by Pld> Drk > All else. I list Drk above the rest, as they are the Most damaging DD there, and if they use Souleater, you'll be cureing them the most of the DD classes.

It will also depend on what healers you have as well. The options are Whm, Rdm, Sch, and Dnc as main healers, however Smn, Brd, and Blm can all heal with /Whm decently. And depending on the party setup, you may either be cure bombing back to back, or sticking to cure 1 and regens.

As for enfeebling, if there is no Rdm, Enfeeble away, Slow, Para, Dia. If there is a Rdm, i would offer to Split the dutues with the rdm, as they have additional Debuffs they can use. Whms can enfeeble Quite well, and with /Sch even better.

Aggro can be 1 or 2 things, the above poster mentioned Emnity. (im not sure what its called in WoW) Aggro is where a monster will attack you out of nowhere, when you are not fighting anything, you can avoid aggro by useing Sneak to avoid sound aggro or Invisible to avoid Sight aggro, know that casting a spell will remove Invisible however, and you cannot cast Sneak and have it work, if its active already, where Invis will override itself.

If you mean Emnity, where in a fight a monster will look towards you and srtart attacking you, there are a few ways. 1 is watch what you do, and be careful what you cast. If you need to throw a Cure 3, make sure its not before the tank has voked for the first time. There are Emnity- pieces of gear, however there are not as many available at lower levels. For now, keep up Stoneskin to take the damage for you, if you get hate from the monster.

Resting for Mp in battle, its going to depend on the fights. If you are fighting mobs that require you cast 90% of the time, its likely you'll have to resort to resting only after the fights, or at the last little bit of health. Grab some cookies, Ginger are Great, Cheap and effective, they raise your HMP by 5. HMP or MP while healing, increases the Mp you restore per tick or resting. HMP +5 will add 5 Mp per tick. Clear Mind trait does the same thing. This is arguable the Most important stat for mages. And pretty much hands down IS the most important while resting. HMP+ can make the difference from baing at half MP to being Full after resting.

Base HMP is 12>13>14>15 etc.
Clear Mind raises this to 15>16>17>18
Clear Mind 2 (at lv 35 for whm) raises this to 18>19>20>21
Clear Mind 3 at level 50 is the largest boost, as instead of going up by 1 a tick, you go up by 2: 21>23>25>27 etc.

HMP+ gear just adds onto this number. If you have a Pilgrims wand (HMP +2) and a Mohbwa sash +1 (HMP +2), Seer's Tunic (HMP +1) and Baron's slops (HMP +1) at level 30, as well as chowing ginger cookies, your ticks would look like this: 26>27>28>29>30 for 1 min of resting, restoring a total of 140 Mp, vs with no HMP+ items you'd restore 15>16>17>18>19 for a total of 85 MP.As you can see, it makes a large difference.

With decent HMP items, even 1 tick of resting here and there can add up fast, you also don't neccessarily have to get up as soon as the mob gets to camp, if you are the solo mage (healing and enfeebling) its a slightly harder task, as you have to be up for most of the mobs life. However also theor regens on players then rest. Regen is an Amazing spell, don't forget to use this.

Also, if you are fighting in areas with a FoV book, make sure to get FoV refresh. You'll need tabs to do this, which you get Via completing FoV pages.

Overall playing is significantly easier than it used to be, however for mages, its more fastpaced than sometimes our Mp can keep up with.
Best of Luck.

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