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Ghost in the Machine
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cynyck wrote:
I'm actually fairly geographically literate. You guys are on the north coast of what I call the main part of the continent, eh? And Maz kind of bridges the fjords guarding those hot blondes in Sweden and Finland (and I'm drawing a blank on the other country up there)? How'd I do?

You did good. The other country up there is Norway, but don't feel bad about not remembering the name. It was known as part of the Kingdom of Denmark a short while back. Then the Swedish people tumbled across the frozen sea and decided to take back what was not rightfully theirs, and the Norwegian people, drunk on lutefisk and the prospect of getting all the oil for themselves, decided to break away from us as well.

**** tryhards. But yeah, we're the small country fending off the giant serpent trying to devour us.

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Please "talk up" if your comprehension white-shifts. I will use simple-happy language-words to help you understand.
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