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#1 Apr 27 2011 at 9:44 PM Rating: Decent
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how are they nowadays

im thinkin about goin resto instead of feral tank cuz i dont know.i tried it out yesterday(which swipe was like a million times better then it was the last time i tried out feral tanking)and i think i remember why i quit my warrior who also was a seems like i can never judge how many mobs are to much and everytime theres always people who make comments like "omg,pull faster tank gogogog" and i end up getting irritated and leaving the group

im thinkin about trying out resto but i dont still farming the heirlooms for my feral dps cuz apparently i had full feral dps heirlooms before but the character i had them on i just wondering how they are cuz really the only times ive ever healed with any class was a disc priest and that was in pvp,oh and if it matters any.i dont really have any glyphs for feral tanking.i just used glyph of mangle but i figured since it was like lvl 40 crap it didnt really matter,i have all the glyphs i need for resto though

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BetrayerofHope wrote:



are resto druids any good nowadays.or should i just stay feral tank

cuz the only actual healing ive ever did on any class,was a disc priest and it was in pvp.all id be healing though would be heroics and the new troll raids,assuming pugs can actually down more then 1 boss by the time i hit 85

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Meat Popsicle
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Resto Druids are just fine.

Blizz has ironed out most of the trouble spots we've had since the beginning of the expansion. That said the 40s (if you're still about there) can be a tough time right now for us. Things get easier once you get Wild Growth, so says the Mrs. at least.
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#5 Apr 28 2011 at 6:05 AM Rating: Good
Yeah resto druids are fine. Just as a general rule though, I wouldn't worry about the people that tell you to go faster. If they annoy you, tell them to STFU or find a different tank. I'm not even a tank, and that's the single fastest thing you can do in a dungeon group that will **** me off is to say "gogogogo."
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Need more question marks.
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