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#1 Mar 25 2011 at 6:26 PM Rating: Good
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Although I tank in our raids we don't have a plate dps so I've got lucky with trinkets - too lucky really, as now I can't decide!

I know the answer to 'which should I use' questions is normally to spreadsheet it but I'll be honest I haven't looked up a Cata one yet. Also, I heard Rawr was very buggy since the expansion launched. So the first question - anyone know where I can download a decent spreadsheet for Ret dps, or do you guys have a positive experience of Rawr more recently?

In case you're interested in the specifics, I'm currently using:
Crushing Weight
Heart of Rage

With an option on:
Fury of Angerforge
Impatience of Youth

(Sorry, don't know how to link properly.)

Heart of rage gives me enough expertise to lose the glyph and take the Exorcism glyph instead for the Exo dot. Crushing Weight, well it's a ton of strength! I know haste isn't ideal but that much strength seems too good to pass up.

Fury of Angerforge hasn't been equipped yet so I'll probably end up sticking it in the guild bank and letting the officers decide what to do with it - someone will have an alt that can use it.

Appreciate any thoughts you folks might have.
#2 Mar 25 2011 at 10:17 PM Rating: Good
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As I understand it, the glyphs you should always be using are Seal of Truth, Templar's Verdict and Exorcism.
If you used gear to gain the expertise necessary to remove the SoT glyph then that is 300 points of itemisation spent on it, something that no other glyph can make up for. This means that even if you have enough expertise to make the Glyph unnecessary, it is a DPS increase to reforge all the expertise off and use the glyph anyway.

As far as trinkets go, Strength is king. So much so, that I believe the raw Strength on Crushing Weight makes up for the weak Haste proc. I think the Darkmoon Card is also in our BiS list.

Mastery is better than crit, so the BH trink beats Fury in that respect. But the on use function of Fury is far better for Fury so I really cant decide between them.
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#3 Mar 26 2011 at 8:14 AM Rating: Good
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Good point, I really hadn't considered the itemisation value of the SoT glyph.

Tricky choice with the other two. I like to macro my on-use trinkets to either Wings or Zealotry - the BH one is at least guaranteed to be availble. On the other hand, I could turn into a dragonkin! Decisions, decision...

Thanks for putting me right on the glyph.

#4 Mar 26 2011 at 11:32 AM Rating: Good
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Yeah I am really unsure about the trinkets, I generally rely on Elitist Jerks for everything, but it doesn't mention what trinkets I should be using so I am completely stumped.
They'll rape us to death, eat our flesh and sew our skins into their clothing. And if we're very, very lucky... They'll do it in that order.
#5 Mar 26 2011 at 5:33 PM Rating: Excellent
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I've recently been using Ask Mr. Robot to help with my itemization. My GM is an excellent Shadow Priest, but when he started using Mr. Robot his DPS increased by 400-500, so I think it has some pretty good advice ;)

According to Mr. Robot the best two trinkets for Ret are License to Slay and Impatience of Youth. This is based on a Human paladin with no professions and excluding only Archaeology items (there are no trinkets anyway right?), so when you put in your specifics your mileage may vary.

Heart of Rage actually shows up on the list as second best, but it's no considered second when factoring in all your other gear. That's what I like about Mr. Robot: it gives you a BiS list factoring in how each item will interact with every other item, not just which is the best item for that slot alone.

Fury of Angerforge actually shows 6th on the list behind a couple of blue Heroic drops.
#6 Mar 26 2011 at 6:57 PM Rating: Decent
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I'll have to give Mr Robot a go; it'll be good to have a tool available for checking these things.

I guess if I can get to the expertise cap with other gear + the SoT glyph then Heart of Rage will drop down the list. I did see License to Slay as well but I've only just picked up the last of the tanking Valor Point pieces and I have bigger upgrades I can get on the Ret side for now.
#7 Mar 26 2011 at 7:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Just remember if you actually have a legitimate plan you can outplay Mr. Robot. It's a rigid evaluation and has arbitrary results for a few of its suggestions (mostly concerning enchants.) It also has a fondness for equalizing stats that are about equal DPS for the sake of reducing the effects of Diminishing Returns, but this is not always the best option.

Mr. Robot is pretty smexy, though.

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#8 Mar 27 2011 at 12:13 AM Rating: Good
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Viidred wrote:
I could turn into a dragonkin!


Go with cool factor and Heart. Gives more itemization freedom and you can set up something to know when Heart procs so you can trigger FoA and other such things for much lulz.

idiggory wrote:
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#9 Mar 27 2011 at 3:03 PM Rating: Good
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Ah yeah, I forgot about License to Slay, despite the fact I have been saving for it. Awesome trinket, the hit makes reforging for stats you need (like expertise) easy and the stacking buff works out amazingly, especially for fights where you can get 100% uptime.

I told you I didn't know much about trinkets lol.
They'll rape us to death, eat our flesh and sew our skins into their clothing. And if we're very, very lucky... They'll do it in that order.
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