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Vuhdo and MCFollow

#1 Jan 15 2011 at 7:25 AM Rating: Good
Something to be aware of if you use Vuhdo. I added the following comment on the Vuhdo Support forums:

I love Vuhdo. With MC being more common for priests in Cataclysm, here are a few things I found out the hard way about Vuhdo and Mind Control.

Auto firing trinkets - While mind controlling a healing mob (adepts in SM Library are good for testing), Vuhdo will autofire your trinkets with certain mouseclicks. If you have a trinket like Darkmoon Card Tsunami, you are going to throw an AOE and cancel Mind Control.

For instance, for testing, I put "target" as my Vuhdo action on left click for both friendly and hostile targets. Then I mind controlled the Adept. Clicking on myself targeted me and nothing else. Clicking the adept's Vuhdo focus frame targeted him and fired my trinket (breaking mc).

Valid Spellcasts - Let's say I put PW:Shield on my left click, then MC an adept. Clicking myself does nothing, since the adept doesn't have PW:Shield. However, clicking the NPC's Vuhdo frame (focus or target) causes me to throw a PW:Shield on the NPC and break mind control. Now you have a hostile npc coming at you that you gave a shield to.

These little quirks caused more than one wipe in Vortex Pinnacle last night, but were good for a few laughs in vent. I'm thinking that turning off Vuhdo spellcasts and trinkets (but still being able to target or auto-target) when you are channeling MC would be a good thing.

I got around the problem by just turning off autofire trinkets and working them into my macro:

#showtooltip Prayer of Healing
/use 10
/use 13
/use 14
/cast [target=player] Power Infusion
/cast Inner Focus
/cast [@vuhdo] Prayer of Healing

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#2 Jan 17 2011 at 4:08 PM Rating: Excellent
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This is as good a place as any to tell this tale.

Running Halls of Origination with guildies, I introduce our shadowpriest to the concept of Mind Control CC. He’s having a grand old time grabbing mobs and trying out their abilities, while I’m giving him tips over vent, like how to use fade when the spell ends. He loves it, so I start telling him stories of how I’ve used it in PVP and to avert trash wipes, blah blah blah.

“One cool thing is that since the mob is friendly to you while the channel is happening, you can actually cast an instant on him and it will take effect before the spell breaks. You can cast Leap of Faith on the person you’re controlling, for example, and yank them up out of a flag room in Warsong Gulch like you’re a Death Knight.”

“YOU CAN???”

And he did. Pulled the melee mob he was controlling from forty feet away to right in front of him, breaking the channel and dropping shadowform in the process. The mob tore through him like a three-year-old with a birthday present. Oh, it took a few hits, so I probably could have healed him fast enough that the tank could have grabbed aggro, but we were both crippled with laughter.
#3 Jan 17 2011 at 4:15 PM Rating: Good
emmitsvenson wrote:
Pulled the melee mob he was controlling from forty feet away to right in front of him

See, there are some fantastic possibilities in wow I hadn't thought of. "Ok, heres the plan... I'll lifegrip the healer and yank him over here. You grab aggro, and the group beats him down, cause I'm gonna be rocket boosting out of here. What could possibly go wrong?"
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