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#1 Dec 22 2004 at 5:46 PM Rating: Decent
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OK ^^ Hello!

For starters, I am new to World of Warcraft, and I played Warcraft III. I also played FFXI for a while as well. The thing is though that I am still not familiar with the talent tree ( I think that is what it is called. ) and hate that you can't just fill in every talent over time. . . I figure not to spread all my talent points across all three trees b/c it seems you would not get the best benefits from each individual tree. With that stated I was wandering if it would be ridiculously stupid to go all Demonology? I plan on being a Gnome Warlock with primary jobs as Mining and Engineering. I also am going to rely on a lot of secondary jobs since there is no limitations to how many you can have. Can someone help me out here with a good idea on understanding the talent tree or could you just post some character builds that may suit a Warlock in PvE? That way I can just follow a similar guideline of the character build you may post.


( I really am getting quite tired of FFXI . . . Need to get used to a new game. FFXI seems to just repeat the same thing you do every time you play. . . Log On > Level > Farm ( With all the Gil Sellers you can imagine how CRAP this game becomes. ) > Buy New Equipment > Log Off > Repeat. )

Thank you,
#2 Dec 22 2004 at 7:52 PM Rating: Decent
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If you are going PvE then I suggest the Affliction tree.
I am currently going for :
Suppression Rank 5
(10% less resists on mobs makes you hit more often and waste less mana)
Improved Corruption Rank 5
(making this spell an instant is a must)
Improved Drain Life Rank 5
(because its the best one left tho I rarely use it)
Amplify Curse Rank 1
(very good)
Grim Reach Rank 2
(again a must mostly for PvP though)
Nightfall Rank 2
(the only time I use Shadow Bolt in PvE is when this skill proc)
Siphon Life Rank 1
(4th DoT and its a life tap)
Curse of Exhaustion Rank 1
(this is mainly for PvP to be able to spam fear without them getting to me in melee I guess you can kit with it in PvE)
Improved Curse of Exhaustion Rank 4
(Curse of Exhaustion is useless without this)
Shadow Mastery Rank 5
(dmg boost always good)
Affliction Total: 31

wich brings me to the level 40 then I was thinking of maybe Demonic embrace and going for shadowburn...

I am curently foloing this build (lvl 31) I didnt have a single downtime yet and I kill in under 24 second :
I just cast my DoTs/send in the VW, then I spam dmg with my wand...
Everything is Something but Something is Nothing...
#3 Dec 22 2004 at 11:16 PM Rating: Decent
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I say go for it Wakachiba. ^^

Soul link has now been fixed, and when combined with Fel Domination, and Master summoner there might be something worth trying out here. If it doesn't work out for you, you can always reset your talents.

This tree is mostly untested since its fix, so I say if you like the looks of it, go ahead and try it ^^. I'm assuming you're going to specialize in gnomish engineering, so with the help of gnomish rocket boots, and net-o-matic projector, and if you pick up First aid as a secondary profession, you probably won't need the high end affliction talents like CoE, and Dark Pact.

Instead of posting an entire build since there are so many already out there I'd just say if you wanna focus on PvE then just make sure to buff your pets up. Hit up the Demonology tree until at least master summoner, grabbing the pet buffs you want along the way. Then head over to Destruction and try to get to at least Shadowburn. VoidWeapon is right in that if you have some extra points after seeing where you want to go, then try and grab improved corruption to make it instacast. I've been doing fine without it so far, but it's also the next thing on my list ^^.

Just have fun, try out what you like, and remember nothing is permanent. ^^


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