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#1 Nov 27 2004 at 2:36 AM Rating: Decent
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whats the best class/race for PVP?
#2 Dec 04 2004 at 6:31 AM Rating: Decent
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Matter of opinion, and Blizzard seems to have taken a Rock-Paper-Scissors approach in regard to class balance.

As in a Mage will own a Warrior that will own a Rogue that will own a Mage, etc. (exp, probably not accurate). At least for 1v1 stuff.

Although from personal experience, in a raiding group, NE priests can be devastating (heals + hiding), and rogues (any race) are very PvP popular.

W/ druids, tauren > NE solo, NE > tauren group (stun vs. hiding).

Solo we own Hunters (hibernate the pet, root the hunter, close distance as bear), mages (mana efficient heals, shifting frees up movement), and rogues (roots + fearie fire). But Shadow priests, shaman, warlocks, and paladins own us.

In groups, shifting = attention = death, unless it's into Cat to Prowl.

Multiple rogues take us down quick, as do warriors (they can break the roots somehow, don't quite know how). However using Thorns on the guards and other players lets you do massive DoT w/ noone knowing, and Ressurection helps (once).

Pretty much, stay in the background, buff and heal, sending out a moonfire once in awhile (starfall and wrath = big line pointing at you = death). Maybe faerie fire the rogues, root some people. Just don't attract attention to yourself.

#3 Dec 23 2004 at 8:49 PM Rating: Decent
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im sure most people would agree with me when i say there is no best pvp class. it all depends on what u wanna play. after you figure this out, learn about the other classes to find their weaknesses. a strong player is a small player. like a warrior can take down a mage using his sheild skills to stop casting and silence ( spec'd) and take less magic dmg with shield wall, or sumtin like that ( not too sure what it does)

As for duids gettin owned by paladins, shadow priests, shamans, and warlocks, thats a lie. I dont see how a druid could die to anyone 1v1 unless not properly played. druids are maid to be versatile and do everything. if a druid knows the weakness of a class, like a pally ( their mana) and exploit it somehow you could win. havent heard complaints against killing warlocks much, but i beleive if you just root the pet and focus on the caster in cat form ( after castin a revuj and a dot) you should win pretty fast.
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