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Possible Beast Mastery talent selection...Follow

#1 Nov 13 2004 at 11:15 PM Rating: Decent
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I just did this myself, it may need a little help, please post me if there are any major mistakes.

Hunter Talents- all the way to lvl60 in order (beast mastery)

5points - endurance training - (inc. pet health 10%)
5points - beastial discipline - (inc. pet focus 20%)
5points - unleashed fury - (inc. pet damage 10%)
5points - thick hide - (inc. pet armor10%)
3points - imp. aspect of monkey - (inc. dodge chance by 3%)
2points - improved mend pet - (inc. mend pet spell 10%)
5points - ferocity - (inc. pet chance to crit 15%)
5points - frenzy - (inc. pet atk. spd. 30% after
every crit for 8 secs.)
1point - spirit bond - (hunter gains 20hp every time
pet strikes enemy)

**a pet that hits once every 2 secs will have 10% more health
and armor, deal 10% more damage, have 20% more focus crit
about once every 8 secs, and be 30% hasted for an average of
the rest of the battle after first crit, so...

(made these stats up, doubt anything will have 100dps but it's
an easy number)
instead of a pet that does 100dps, 1000hp, 100 focus and
5000armor, you have...

a pet with 110dps before a crit lands, 1100hp, 110 focus, and
5500armor with the extras in dmg...

after the first crit, average dps will become...
(110dps + 1 extra hit since 1 out of 4 hits double) X (130%
atk. spd. from frenzy)

110 dps in 2 seconds = 220dmg/hit (hitting once every 2
seconds)--> 220dmg extra from crit + 880 normal dmg in 8 secs=
1100 dmg in 8 seconds
(1100 damage in 8 seconds) X (130% faster atk. spd.) = 1430
dmg in 8 seconds
divide 1430 damage by 8 seconds...
178.5dps not to mention critting more often when hasted

*78.5% dps increase (average after first crit)*

this is assuming that crit does twice the damage of a regular
hit and pet crits 10% before any talents
(if pet crits 10% of the time before talents, he can crit 25%
after ferocity; a pet with less/equal than 2sec atk. spd.
will not drop 30% haste from frenzy (on average after first
crit lands since frenzy lasts 8secs)
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