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Under 40 Farming Guide.Follow

#52 Apr 10 2008 at 2:10 AM Rating: Decent
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legomike wrote:

[b]San d’oria
West/East Ronfaure,Ghelsba Outpost
Wild Rabbit
Hare Meat-WR Best drop rate
Rabbit Hide-ER Best drop rate
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Forest Rabbit
Hare Meat-ER
Rabbit Hide-WR

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#53 Apr 29 2008 at 10:10 PM Rating: Default
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I am new to this site so I hope I am not making a mistake by posting here.

I have no idea how to farm or even where to farm.I really need someone to break it down for me step by step because to be blunt about it I really have no clue.Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you!
#54 May 03 2008 at 8:16 AM Rating: Default
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Farming generally refers to killing mobs, and getting the drops. More specifically, it's more beneficial to kill lower level mobs for items that sell decently on the AH. Some of the fundamentals of farming efficiently are:

- Thf 15/45: Treasure Hunter I/II (Job Trait) will increase the drop rate you get from a mob. I don't remember the link, but someone did a test on numerical effect of each TH, and the bottom line is, it works! Having this even as a subjob will help tremendously.

- Inventory: Having more space means you'll have to travel less frequently back to town to sell your loot. Increasing your mog house inventory will also help. Look here (LINK) and check them out. Also, it helps if you have a mule(s). With mules, you can store more stuff, and have more stuff up for sale in the auction house. Another thing that people don't know in the beginning is sorting your bag. Sorting will stack any items that can stack into a neat pile, saving you some space. (There's a joke about carrying a stack of bed while you can't stack a bettle jaw <_<)

- Auction House vs. NPC: First a bit about the AH. Check the sales history and learn what sells. Higher demand = faster sales = better flow of gils. Check out FFXIAH for a rough idea, and go out there to target the specific mobs that will drop them. At lower levels, crystals are the way to go. Keep in mind that crystals will only drop from most you can get EXP from while you have a signet. But remember, don't limit yourself. As for selling items to the NPC, sometimes items will sell for less on the AH, or not sell frequently enough to justify the AH fees. You can sell them to the NPCs for what seems like a small amount, but it's better than nothing, no? Also, you'll get better prices from the NPCs if you have higher fame in that city.

- Beastmen Seals: Among the loots in your bag, you'll also see what seems like a worthless thing called Beastmen Seal. While you can't sell it for anything, it's important to remember to SAVE THESE. They are used at higher levels for BCNM (staged boss fights that can also yield some good moola).

Now, as for a "step by step guide" goes.
Let's say for this example you're from San d'Oria, and you are a level 10 WAR. Your inventory is very limited, you don't have TH yet, and you can't kill stuff efficiently enough; however, it's important to realize, no matter what level, MOBS WILL DROP ITEMS. It's not like the mobs discriminate against the lower levels. <_<
At lower levels (1-15 ish), the items that you got as you leveled should be enough to get you through. You can get the entire leather armor set from the Orcs in Ghelsba, and not 100% sure on this one, but I think you can get the level 10 armor set (forgot what they're called). If not, go level something else! To explain this: let's say you want to level war to 37, and sub it for PLD or NIN in the future. If you're in need of money to buy new armor, go level MNK and THF! At these levels, you can save money on armor since they'll be sharing armors, and you'll still be getting the drops while leveling. Also, by the time you go back to levelling WAR and get the subjob quest done, you'll have MNK ready to be subbed with your WAR! Also, it might be better to target more Easy Preys for less EXP per mob. You'll still get the EXP, but you'll be fighting more mobs, which means more drops. (I still don't think you'll need to go this far at those levels...)

Frankly put, kill stuff, then sell stuff. If that's not enough at your level, go level something else for a while, and sell those stuff as well.

Farming strategies change a bit later when you can kill mobs faster and more efficiently. Let's say you're a lvl 30 WAR now, and you have your MNK subjob leveled, and now you're in need of some gils. If you leveled your THF to 15, change your subjob. If not, go level your THF to 15 at least, and change your subjob to THF. Before you head out, try to cram as much stuff in your mog house as possible to clear up some bag space. Looking back on the list, see what areas you can kill stuff without much hassle. If you find yourself resting every 2~3 mobs, it's probably not a good target area. From the list of items from that zone, go to the AH, and see what sells. Suppose someone's raiding all of the sheep skin from the AH. Also, you notice someone's getting high off of all the shrooms from the AH as well. Conveniently enough, La Theine has plenty of sheeps AND fungies at your disposal, so head on over and get killing. Once your bag is full, go back to town, and sell sell sell. Rinse. Repeat. We're now farming. :)
Hats off to Selphiie for this. This site lists where you can farm specific types of items, and other useful information.

Edited for grammar and mechanics. I has an english. lulz.

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#55 Aug 11 2008 at 11:04 AM Rating: Decent
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Its listed in other but from my experience S.Gustaberg with steal is the best area to farm Saplings as you can steal its most valuable drop grain seed and there are more than enough saplings that you can fight almost non stop.

N.Gustaberg also has the same saplings but they are fewer in number which makes it slower and less effective.
Allena 99 WHM/ BST
#56 Nov 07 2008 at 9:17 AM Rating: Good
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This entire thread can be condensed to one word: Rams.

Learn them. Know them. Live them.
#58 Feb 14 2009 at 8:30 AM Rating: Default
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Lightning elementals show up alot in Upper Delkfutts Tower and in Gusgen Mines, I've spent hours at both locations and gotten tons of clusters.
#60 Nov 24 2009 at 2:11 PM Rating: Decent
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legomike wrote:
Lv.45THF or /15THF for best results.
Trait: Treasure Hunter(THF15,45)= Mobs have a greater chance of dropping items. Experience may differ.

San d’oria
West/East Ronfaure,Ghelsba Outpost
Wild Rabbit
Hare Meat-WR Best drop rate
Rabbit Hide-ER Best drop rate

Funguar-Ghelsba Good drop rate

East Ronfaure [S]
Carrion Worm-Good drop rate while soloing
Zinc Ore-
Copper Ore-

Ranguemont Pass
Cave Scorpion-2 spawns
Scorpion Shell-
Scorpion Claw-Very high drop rate

King Ranperre’s Tomb
Bone Chip-Steal
Chest Key-Battle Gloves

Bat Wing-Mouse Bat better then others
Bat Fang-
Fiend Blood-

Rock Eater
Flint Stone-100% drop rate
Ascetic Ring-
Zinc Ore-
Copper Ore-
Chest Key-Battle Gloves

La Theine Plateau
Danceshroom-Shrieker Ordelles Cave

Ram Horn-
Ram Skin-
Lanolin Cube-Quest

Valkurm Dunes
Lizard Skin-
Lizard Egg-Steal
Lizard Tail-

Sheep Skin-
Sheep Teeth-
Sheep Meat-

Jugner Forest
Tiger Fang-
Tiger Hide-


Trent-Be patient. 4 spawns
Dryad Root-
Oak Log-

Zeruhn Mines
Bat, Worm, Leech, Slime
Zeruhn Soot-Quest

North/South Gustaberg
Bird Egg-
Bird Feather-Steal

Bee-Good drop rate
Bee Chip-
Giant Stinger-

Lizard Tail-

Dangruf Wadi
Gaint Grub
Flint Stone-100% drop rate
Hermit Ring-
Zinc Ore-
Copper Ore-
Chest Key-Tropical Shield

Konschtat Highlands
Ram Horn-
Ram Skin-

Sheep-Good drop rate
Sheep Skin-
Sheep Teeth-
Sheep Meat-

Gusgen Mines
Gusgen Chest Key-Myconid Frost Shield, Replica Maul

Bone Chip-Steal
Gusgen Chest Key-Wendigo, Wight
Scroll of Gravity-Wight
Scroll of Tractor-Wight, also in Qufim
Scroll of Absorb-VIT-Wight
Scroll of Absorb-AGI-Wight
Scroll of Absorb-INT-Wight

Wolf Hide-
Revival Tree Root-
Gusgen Chest Key-Mauthe Doog

Pashow Marshlands
Leech-Be patient
Beastman Blood-
Fiend Blood-

Goobbue-Be patient
Tree Cuttings-
Boyahda Moss-
Treant Bulb-

Crawler-Be patient
Silk Thread-

Funguar-Good drop rate

Malboro-Be patient
Malboro Vine-
Dodge Headband-

West/East Sarutabaruta,Giddeus
Saruta Cotton-Steal
Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud-Quest

Crawler-Be patient
Silk Thread-
Crawler Calculus-Quest

Bee Chip-
Insect Wing-
Giant Stinger-

Tahrongi Canyon,Buburimu Peninsula
Dhalmel Hide-
Dhalmel Meat-
Giant Femur-
Papaka Grass-

Saruta Cotton-Steal
Four-leaf Mandragora Bud-Quest
Two-Leaf Mandragora Bud-Quest
Yuhtunga Sulfur-Quest

Bee Chip-
Insect Wing-
Giant Stinger-

Poison Leech
Bird Blood-
Fiend Blood-

Maze of Shakhrami
Scorpion Shell-
Scorpion Claw-
Scorpion Stinger-Quest

Meriphataud Mountains
Fly-Good drop rate
Gausebit Grass-Chocobo Quest
Insect Wing-

Raptor-Be Patient
Raptor Skin-

Coeurl-Be patient
Coeurl Meat-
Coeurl Hide-
Coeurl Whisker-Steal

Cockatrice-Be Patient
Cockatrice Meat-
Cockatrice Skin-
Giant Bird Feather-Steal

Beastmen-Found everywhere. Not all mobs will drop said item in all areas.
Goblin Thug, Weaver, Fisher, Ambusher, Butcher, Tinkerer, Leecher, Gambler, Mugger, Smithy, Furrier, Pathfinder, Shaman
Animal Glue-A
Ash Clogs-W
Bamboo Rod-Fi
Brass Cap-M
Brass Cuisses-S
Brass Finger Gaunlets-P
Brass Leggings-M
Brass Mask-P
Brass Mittens-M
Brass Subligar-M
Bronze Cap-ThFi
Bronze Leggings-Th,Fi
Bronze Mittens-Th,Fi
Bronze Subligar-Th,Fi
Chain Hose-S
Chain Mittens-S
Chestnut Sabots-Sh
Coeurl Leather-F
Cotton Cloth-W
Cotton Thread-W
Counterfeit Gil-P Quest
Crossbow Bolt-F Steal
Dangruf Chest Key-B,T Tropical Shield
Dhalmel Leather-F
Fastwater Rod-Fi
Galka Fang Sack-S,F,P Garrison
Goblin Armor-
Goblin Helm-
Goblin Mail-
Goblin Mask-
Grass Cloth-W
Grass Thread-W Steal
Holly Clogs-G
Horutoto Chest Key-A,T Moth Axe
Iron Mask-S
Leather Bandana-A
Leather Gloves-A
Leather Highboots-A
Leather Trousers-A
Linen Cuffs-G,L
Linen Slops-G,L
Mithra Fang Sack-S,Sh Garrison
Mythril Beastcoin-F,P,Sh
Ordelle Chest Key-S,F,P Force Belt
Poets Circlet-G,L
Poison Flour-G
Ranperre Chest Key-B,T Battle Gloves
Scale Cuisses-T,B
Scale Finger Gaunlets-T,B
Scale Greaves-T,B
Shakhrami Chest Key-F Heat Rod
Sheep Leather-F
Silver Beastcoin-Steal
Studded Bandana-F
Studded Boots-F
Studded Gloves-F
Studded Trousers-F
Tiger Leather-F
Wild Onion-Th
Wool Cloth-W Very rare?
Wool Hat-Sh
Wool Slops-Sh
Yew Rod-Fi

Quadav Old, Copper, Brass, Amber, Greater, Onyx, Bronze, Garnet, Zircon, Silver
Ash Clogs-A
Brass Cap-C,Bs,S,O
Brass Leggings-C,Bs,S,O
Brass Mittens-C,Bs,S,O
Brass Subligar-C,Bs,S,O
Bronze Cap-A
Darksteel Engraving-C Garrison
Fetich Arms-On,Bs,G,A,O Mission
Fetich Head-On,Bs,G,A,O Mission
Fetich Legs-On,Bs,G,A,O Mission
Fetich Torso-On,Bs,G,A,O Mission
Holly Clogs-On
Palborough Chest Key-O,C,Bs Flame Bommerang
Quadav Backplate-
Quadav Helm-C,Bs,B,A,S,Z,O
Quadav Stew-Z,G
Scale Cuisses-B
Scale Finger Gaunlets-B
Scale Greaves-B
Shell Bug-C,Bs,B
Silver Beastcoin-C,Bs,S,Z,G Steal
Silver Engraving-B,Z Garrison
Silver Name Tag-On,G Quest
Wool Hat-G

Yagudo Acoltye, Scribe, Initiate, Mendicant, Persecutor, Piper, Votary, Priest, Theologist, Drummer, Herald, Orcale, Interrogator
Air Spirit-O
Ash Clogs-S,A,Pi
Brozne Cap-I
Brozne Leggings-I
Brozne Mittens-I
Brozne Subligar-I
Cotton Brais-V,T
Cotton Gaiters-V
Cotton Gloves-V
Cotton Hachimaki-V,Int,H
Cotton Headband-V
Cotton Kyahan-V,Int,H
Cotton Sitbaki-V,Int,H
Cotton Tekko-V,Int,H
Eastern Paper-H Quest
Foe Lullaby-D,Pi
Giddeus Chest Key-V,T,Pr Shield Earring
Holly Clogs-Pr,T
Horde Lullaby-H
Juji Shuriken-H
Linen Cuffs-T
Linen Mitts-T
Linen Slops-Pr,T
Magic Finale-D
Poets Circlet-Pr,T
Seven Knot Quipus-V Garrison
Silver Beastcoin-Pi,P,M Drop V,O,T,Pr,Int,H,D Steal
Thirteen Knot Quipus-Int,H,D Garrison
Wool Hat-O
Wool Slops-O
Yagudo Feather-S,I,A,Pi,P,M,Pr,V,T,O,Int,H,D
Yagudo Necklace-S,I,A,Pi,P,M,Pr,V,T,O,Int,H,D

Orc Fodder, Grappler, Mesmerizer, Fighter, Serjeant, Cursemaker, Beastrider, Brawler, Impaler, Nightraider
Absorb AGI-Be
Absorb INT-Be
Absorb VIT-Be
Ash Clogs-M
Black Slacks-C
Bronze Cap-Fo,G
Bronze Leggings-Fo,G
Bronze Mittens-Fo,G
Bronze Subligar-Fo,G
Castle Floor Plans-S Quest
Cathedral Tapestry-F Quest
Chain Hose-Be,I
Chain Mittens-Be,I
Ghelsba Chest Key-F,S,C Cougar Baghnakhs
Iron Mask-Be,I
Jade Cryptex-Be,B,I Garrison
Lizard Gloves-F,S,N
Lizard Helm-F,S
Lizard Ledelsens-F,S
Lizard Trousers-F,S
Nyumomo Doll-Be,N Quest
Orcish Axe-Fo Mission
Red Cryptex-F Garrison
Shaman Garlic-C Quest
Silver Beastcoin-F,S,C,Be,B,I Steal
Soil Gi-B
Soil Hacimaki-B
Soil Kyahan-B
Soil Sitabki-B
Soil Tekko-B
Studded Bandana-N
Studded Boots-N
Studded Gloves-N
Studded Trousers-N
Tavanazian Liver-B,N
White Mitts-C

Grain, Vegetable, Herb, Fruit Seed-Steal
Treant Bulb-

Slime-Korroloka Tunnel is good
Slime Oil-

Cotton Cloth-Steal
Revival Root-
Escape-Gusgen, Qufim
Gusgen Chest Key-Frost Shield, Replica Maul

Beetle-Be patient
Beetle Jaw-
Beetle Shell-
Insect Wing-

Earth Cluster-Highlands, Dunes, Canyon, Mountains
Wind Cluster-Plateau, Peninsula, Canyon
Water Cluster-Plateau, Jugner, Pashhow, Peninsula
Lightning Cluster-Highlands, Jugner, Pashhow
Light Cluster-Qufim
Fire Cluster-Dunes, Mountains

Edited, Jun 28th 2008 4:18am by legomike

Thanks for this. It's helpful to know where to farm and what sells well.
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