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So you wanna be a Fisherman eh?Follow

#1 Feb 03 2004 at 5:05 AM Rating: Excellent
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Hello everyone, it's me Wolfsfable chiming in on the subect of fish. Seems to be the hot topic as of late and being LVL 80 in cooking UG I need Emperor fish (skill LVL 90 req to catch) to further my cooking skill so I decided to give fishing a go.

I have been fishing a lot the past couple of weeks and have found the guides on this board (no offense fellas) but although they work, they are about as exciting as clipping my nose hairs.

Folks fishing is a great habbit to pick up. It is by far one of the most resilant tradeskills of them all. You fish its kinda like pulling FREE money outta the water. Before we get started lets clear up something, YOU ARE GONNA BREAK FISHING RODS. If you wanna skill up at an decent rate you hafta take chances, risk vs reward.

First things first, JOIN THE FISHING GUILD. You can't skill up if you are not part of the guild, so head over to Port Windurst and join up. Most guides on this board say grab a Composite or Mythian and head for the moat carps. Bad idea.

Skill 0-5
First thing ya should do is grab a couple bamboo rods and some handfuls of little worms and high tail it over to Bastok Mines area. Use your bamboo rod and your little worms to fish up some crayfish outta the sewers. These little suckers may not look like much (DONT SELL UM) but they along with your trusty bamboo rod will LVL your fishing skill up rather quickly. Here are a few reasons to use the bamboo. It's the single best rod for beginner fisherman to use and skill up on and it is designed for smaller fish,so none of those pesky "too small" messages. Not to mention it's cheap as ****. Bastok Mines area, well little worms in that area will pretty much single out only crayfish. Taget fish for good skil gains early on.

Skill 5-8
After getting a 5 in fishing you can off your bamboo rod/rods you won't be needing them anymore. Grab yourself a Carbon fishing rod and a Sabaki Rig and head over to the fishing guild in Port Windurst. Fish off the pier there and yank up Bastore Sardines 1-3 at a time YEEE HAW. These suckers will take you to a skill LVL of 9 you can chop them up to start your cooking career or hang onto them for later use. the choice is yours. AT skill LVL 8 make sure to hit the guild for your first promotion.

Skill 8-11
Moat carp's galore. If you have a LVL 29+ in cooking now would be a perfect time to use it. Earth Crystal Millionear Corn, Little Worm, Distilled Water. Insect paste, I suggest using Carbon or Glass Fiber rods. You can sell off the moat carps or turn them in for Lu Shangs. You should make a pretty good profit during this time. Use the money made during this stage and invest in fishing clothes, they make a difference.

Skill 11-20
Copper frogs my ***. Head down into Para mines and half the time you will catch monsters for no gains and the other half the time you will find yourself with nothing on the end of your pole. Fishing for Copper Frogs just plain put my *** to sleep. I swear folks it will knock and insomnic out. Instead grab yourself a Glass Fiber rod head to East Ronfare and use a fly lure. Pulling in Salmon/Shining trout you will be LVL 20 in no time flat. The fish East Ronfare river can snap your Glass pole and on occasion your line will snap. This is one of the fastest LVLin in fishing I have done to date, didn't wanna sleep it was that fun ;) AT LVL 18 you are do another promotion take one of your salmon to windurst with ya when ya head back to promote. You can stick around till ya hit 20 you will cap at 20 without your LVL 18 promotion so it's all good.

Skill 20-30
Ok if you wanna catch Catfish. Well **** I will ask those that skilled on catfish. Was I doing something wrong here? I catch at MOST 4 Giant Catfish a day trying the West Saruta Moat Composite/Sinking Minnow. I was seriously dying there, fell outta my computer chair twice because of shear bordem. Let the money FLOW. INSECT PASTE/Carbon Rods (take 2 one for a back up) Head to Jugar Forest head to the lake use nothing but insect paste. OMG this lake is OFF THE HOOK. Even with a crappy moon you are going to get a bite almost every toss. I can't brag enough about this lake so lemme give some pointers. Don't forget your promotion at LVL 28 Giant Catfish is needed.

The lake in Jugar Forest is a gold mine for fishing skill LVLing. THe entire carp family lives in the lake (don't fish the river BTW) Tricolor Carp will take your fishing skill to 27 (these guys have a chance to snap your rod) The sell for 103 gil per fish in Jeuno to the NPC's didn't bother collecting and giving them in to the guild in windurst. Dark Bass will skill you up to LVL 33 (these have a chance to snap your rod). Dark bass sold for 40 gil a pop in Jeuno to the NPC's. Moat Carp bite here also, no skill gain great to sell or turn in for Lu Shangs these fellas will not break your rod. Gold Carp also bite here, they are rare, will skill to LVL 56 so dont expect gains (these have a chance to snap your rod) they are worth 600 gil to the NPC's in Jeuno. And last but not least by any means the ol Rusty Cap (these have a chance to snap your rod). Folks first time to the Lake O Gil I caught 5 of them and threw them away... caught a 6th and headed to Jeuno with it and hit the sell button and saw the man offer 2,596 gil I was kicking myself for bout 10 minutes straight and a steady flow of profanity flowed from my lips. DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY! LOL No skill gains but they will pay for your broken rods in a hurry. WHEN you break rods in this lake, shake it off folks, sell broken rods back on the AH and pick up some more. It shouldn't happen that often but it will happen, expect it. Because of monsters caught on this lake I suggest being LVL 45+ to fish in the area. If not be prepare to die some. You will pull up Pugils/Crabs and Leeches but not very often.

Skill 20-30 Alternate
There is an alternate route to 30 using those Crayfish you caught at the early LVL's. If you have a umm..46+ in cooking you can make Crayfish Paste best way to skill your cooking from 46-51 BTW :) Earth, 3 Crayfish, San Doria Flour, Distilled Water. Used on the Selbina-Muhara Ferry you can catch Nebomnites which sell REALLY well. They are used to make Black ink used in many of the Ninjitsu tools. They are also used in Fish Kabobs as well and a few other things. These will net you some nice cash, you wanna burn off some Crayfish paste this is a good way to do it.

Skill 30-40
Sliced Sardines on the coastline in Eastern Sarutabaruta is the place to be. This is the point at which you are gonna want to use those Composite/Mythian Rods. The bling bling at this stage will start to flow really well. If ya need bait fish up some Bastore Sardines! Chop um up! You will Catch Gold Lobster / Bluetail/ Bream in this area. The Bream like to snap rods. You can keep the Bluetail if you want for bait at later LVL's.

My skill is currently LVL 32 and rising fairly quickly and the money is good. Welp time for me to hit the sack. Good luck fellas. Hope to see ya on the ferry sometime soon!

Events for Skill Gains...the working Hypothesis

For now I won't call it so much of a law, but more of a working progress. Although I do not like to get technical because things like this tend to give people headaches, so I will try to keep it simple. Again for the record this is my thoughts, I didn't read this off any message board or buy it off ebay. This is data collected from what I have experianced thus far.

For starters for these "rules" to be in effect you must be fishing for fish appropriate to your LVL. 5 LVLs to 10 LVLs from your current skill. This is the prime target which you should attempt to stay in. Anything more/less skill gains come slower and if you try to fish too high above your skill you will get no gains just like fishing for fish below your lvl. The approximations are based on a single point of fishing skill between LVLs 1-50. I haven't had the chance to test fishing gains above LVL 50 but due to the fact that other trade skills slow down after LVL 50 I am lead to believe Fishing will follow the same basic set of rules. OK on to the meat of it!

Fishing skill 0.0 - 0.8
During this time is when it is most possible to make successful skill gains if you get a "Something caught the hook!" during this time. "Something caught the hook!" rate for this time to gain skill is approximately 5% + any additional "Bonus events that raise"

Fishing skill 0.8 - 1.0
During this time "Something caught the hook!" are reduced dramatically. By dramatically I mean by as much as 80% of normal skill gain rates. "Something caught the hook!" rate for this time to gain skill is approximately 1% + any additional "Bonus events that raise"

Bonus events that raise:

The following is a list of events in fishing that I believe give bonuses to raise your skill and the approximate % chance to raise skill.

Your line broke! + 10% chance to raise skill
Your rod broke! + 10% chance to raise skill
You caught <name of fish> + 5% chance to raise skill

Events that do not raise fishing skill:

Rusty Items
Fish to far above or below current fishing skill.
"You did not catch anything."

That being said, dont be foolish enough to break rods on purpose, it won't work. For instance using bamboo rods to fish out Giant Catfish. The fishing tackle/rod used during skill gains must have a chance to catch the target fish. A small rod designed for small fish will always break (with the exception of Lu Shangs of course ^^ )if you attempt to catch a fish designated "BIG"

I furthermore believe that "organic baits" have a better chance to attract bites versus lures of the appropriate type. For instance Sliced Sardines have a better strike rate for Bluefin as opposed to a Sinking Minnow Lure.

Hope this helps explain a little about fishing and how to gain skill. ^^

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Edited, Jul 18th 2006 at 2:32pm EDT by Wolfsfable
#2 Feb 03 2004 at 5:58 AM Rating: Decent
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What can I say? Another great guide! Wow!

I really wish there was some way I can send you a present cross servers :/

#3 Feb 03 2004 at 6:02 AM Rating: Decent
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Very good post...couple of things i would disagree/extend on with tho:

1) Gold carps will give u skill rises if they bite and even if you dont pull them up, although, granted, this is very rarely, so not very productive.

2) Like the idea of fishing in the lake in jungar....are u sure about the lv 45 thing tho..most of the mobs in there dont seem to be anything harder than lv 20...

3) using a carbon rod from the beginning (if you can afford it) as it will not break very often (I only ever snapped one of these and that was either a pipira or a big *** gold carp in windy... buying a carbon will save you money in the long run and you wont keep breaking bamboo's etc.

4) buy fishing clothes as early as you can afford them...THEY HELP! They are even worth it at lv 1 as they will help pull in more crayfish (although of course you would need to be fairly well off to do that, i fished for hours to be able to afford mine!)

5) If your rich, hand in moat carps and get a rod, in the long run its an advantage, if ur skkint like me, sell the moat carp in the AH for 4k per stack...ka ching :D and buy/earn the rod later when u can use a rogue rig effectivly.

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#4 Feb 03 2004 at 6:03 AM Rating: Decent
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Wow very nice lots of info here good work. if anyone wants to add 30+ please do
#5 Feb 03 2004 at 7:07 AM Rating: Default
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2) Like the idea of fishing in the lake in jungar....are u sure about the lv 45 thing tho..most of the mobs in there dont seem to be anything harder than lv 20...

Like he said, it's the monsters caught in the lake that are the problem.

5) If your rich, hand in moat carps and get a rod, in the long run its an advantage, if ur skkint like me, sell the moat carp in the AH for 4k per stack...ka ching :D and buy/earn the rod later when u can use a rogue rig effectivly.

I really wouldn't worry about the Lu Shang's rod for awhile, certainly not while you're still lvling the skill at 8-11 on moat carp. It would be much easier to fish for moat carp for the Lu Shang's rod when you're 50+ and can use the rogue rig to catch multiple moat carp (for free too).

#6 Feb 03 2004 at 7:28 AM Rating: Good
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It's a decent guide but there are still some falsehoods in it.

Personally I agree that using rods that will break will cause faster skillgain, but you don't want to be doing that when using lures instead of bait.

Glass Fiber + Fly Lure + East Ronfaure can break your Glass Fiber rod. Personally I've even broken my Mithran on these suckers. (Only Composite is safe here). If you can afford it just go for it though.

Palborough Mines is ill suited for fishing, Zeruhn Mines River -is- however a great place to fish, but you have to start at level 5 and sod off again at 8 or 9. You will not catch monsters here. The Zeruhn Mines River is the bridge that leads to Korroloka. You'll catch a lot of [07] Crayfish and [11] Moat arp, but there's a chance to get stronger fish like [27] Tricolored Carp and [47] Black Eel and some rusties.

In the long run you will start breaking rods anyway because there simply isn't an alternative. A good idea wood be to gain skill in woodworking -- You WILL need it later on when going after the [60]+ fishes. Anyone that spends some time on the Ferry will see high level players snapping Lu Shangs like no tomorrow. You have to keep in mind that you -cannot- lose a wooden rod when you fail a Ligth Crystal repair synth, so you don't have to be afraid of permanently losing that 25K mithran rod (if you bought it at the guild).

Other very important notes:
- You CAN gain skill when a fish is lost due to it being to small
- You CAN gain skill when you lost a catch when reeling it in
- You CANNOT gain skill when you lost a catch when NOT realing it in
- You CAN gain skill for catching fish even more than 50 levels above you, maybe even more than that.

Keep the following in mind:
- Try to catch fish between 7 and 10 levels above your current level for the fastest gain
- A succesful catch will gain you skill faster than a lost catch. If you aim too high you will lose too much and not gain skill as quickly
- If you don't have the cash to replace / repair broken rods go for the cheap and safe route. Use non-breaking rods and use lures instead of bait. is your friend.
- If you have the cash OR the woodworking skill -- break away and gain skill like no tomorrow.
- Don't hand in Moat Carps ~ sell them at the Auction House. If you're serious about getting Lu Shang, start mass moat fishing when you reach fishing skill 30+ or 23+ and full fishing gear and advanced image support. By that time you're probably able to access the more suited areas as well anyway and have plenty of Gobbiebag room to store all those stacks.

There are still better areas to fish than provided in Wolfsfable's post but I'm still busy doing the math for about half of the areas. (There are too many options for my database to calculate it all for me, so doing most of it by hand, area by area -_-)

Also, for those who area actually trying to catch Rusty items for NIN quests, make sure you fish on Firesday. Less fish means more junk.
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#7 Feb 03 2004 at 7:31 AM Rating: Decent
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I am lvl 48.. and I am clueless as to where to to go from here.
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#8 Feb 03 2004 at 9:37 AM Rating: Default
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A few mistakes in your guide

Firstly you dont need to join the guild until lvl10

Tricolored carps dont break carbons rusty items do

Logs break rods in east ron thats why you use a comp

Catfish only bite at night

Trying to lvl off nebs is silly cos they are a rare bite

And dont use a mithran with sliced sardines it will break
#9 Feb 03 2004 at 10:59 AM Rating: Decent
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Quick Question, can fishing sustain and make plenty fo money to fund say a thf's equipment if I wanted to spend money on +1 items etc?

I am reluctant to level because I dont like not having up to date or the best equipment possible so I am looking at some form of crafting to get me to a spot I can comfortably enjoy my leveling instead of worrying about how I will come up with enough cash to buy armor upgrades.

Any advice? My fishing is already 5.
#10 Feb 03 2004 at 11:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Awesome guide Wolfsfable! I'm all over it! Thanks for the input. My goal is to get my Fishing skill high enough to catch Nebomites and start making Ink.

And yes, I agree, fishing gear makes a difference. Bite the bullet and just buy all 4 pieces. Once you have it, it ain't going anywhere and it will pay for itself.

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#11 Feb 03 2004 at 11:52 AM Rating: Decent
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Wolf, you are a marvel.
#12 Feb 03 2004 at 12:40 PM Rating: Decent
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Oh my God! You killed Fishing! You *******!

{Note: The above is intended as humour.}
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#13 Feb 03 2004 at 1:24 PM Rating: Good
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Yes the Salmon and Shining Trout WILL snap glass rods, I stand corrected. Failing to reel in a catch "You lost your catch!" Has skilled me up quite a few times, but I seem to skill more times on a successful catch.

The mobs you yank outta the lake in Jugnar, most of them are low LVL. It's those off times you hafta watch out for. For instance sometimes you will catch a Spring Pugil and other times you will catch a Feriocious Pugil....ouch. Thread Leech sometimes a Huge Leech ouch...Stag crag sometimes a Coral Crab...ouch.

You can tell when you catch a monster, if you watch your "Spidy sense" as I like to call it. When you get a bite from a fish the explosion of little sparks out of your head will be fairly small. When you hook a monster they tend to flare out REAL big, it is a distenct difference. If you catch a monster the game will not allow you to cancel you fishing, HAHAH SE you sneaky bastards. Instead I usually just refuse to real the **** thing in if you dont wanna mess with it.

If you are still confused about what I am saying keep an eye on your "Spidy sense" while fishing in the lake in Jugnar. You will catch on pretty quick. ^^

Wow a 48 man I wish I was there. Congrats. 51 is Rogues rig, time for you to get Lu Shangs at that point. I hear the best place at that LVL is the Ferry using sliced bluetail for Marlin. But I am not at that LVL so I cannot confirm yet. ^^

Edited, Tue Feb 3 13:30:54 2004 by Wolfsfable
#14 Feb 03 2004 at 1:26 PM Rating: Decent
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I just want to update my experience with going from Copper Frogs to Cheval Salmon as wolf suggested. I've done about 10 hours of Copper Frogging, and now 10 hours of Salmon fishing. Personally, i don't see a difference in skill points gain, they seem to be pretty much the same. If there is a difference, it's certainly out of my observation. What i have noticed though, in all my time going for frogs, i never once broke a line and lost a lure. In my equal time at salmon fishing, i have lost 4 lures so far. The lures are dirt cheap, so it's not that big of a problem for me, but for others, this may be a contributing decision.

Gil wise, i sell both copper frogs and the salmon to the merchants, so there really isn't a difference here either. The Shining Trout i've been saving, since i think those will sell decently at the AH (1k gil maybe?).
#15 Feb 03 2004 at 1:46 PM Rating: Good
79 posts
3 reasons I prefer E. Ronfare over copper frogs.

1) No rusty epuipment is found the rivers.

2) You will not catch any monsters in E. Ronfare.

3) More bites per hour vs the mines.

These 3 equal faster skill gains, it's simple logic.

Its up to you though, copper frogs will skill you to 16 but in my experiance...snore...
#16 Feb 03 2004 at 1:50 PM Rating: Default
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Well you're right on the rusty, i do get them, but not too often, and they don't bother me, i either drop them, sell them to merchants (buckets), or AH (subligers).

As for monsters, i'm not sure where you were fishing, but i didn't once get a single monster from Bastok mines or Zehrun bridge.

And for skill increases, like i said, i didn't see a difference. Maybe others will, but i didn't. Don't take it personally, i'm just telling others what my experience was.
#17 Feb 03 2004 at 2:06 PM Rating: Good
79 posts
Im talking about the Parabohla mines, it has been mentioned a couple times on this board as best place to catch copper frogs. Monsters there are rampant. Dunno about the Bastok mines or the bridges, first time I have heard of this.

As for criticizm, I take it well. I have been know to be wrong from time to time ;) But at LVL 11 after fishign Copper Frogs in the Para mines for 12 hours with .4 skill gain I never wanted to look at another copper frog again. *twiches*
#18 Feb 03 2004 at 3:18 PM Rating: Default
367 posts
It could be the Palborough that's the problem. At any time, i see 4-5 people fishing in Bastok Mines (sometimes it's funny seeing the amount of people fishing around this little stream of sewer water), and 2-3 in Zehrun over the bridge, so it is a very popular area.

Anyways, now that my skill is 16, i'm starting to see a lot more increases on the Salmon, but that could be due to the moon too. It's Waxing Gibbous (79%) at the moment, so this could be a factor. I'm staying here though, since the frogs are definitely not good now at these levels.
#19 Feb 03 2004 at 4:18 PM Rating: Decent
262 posts
A comment on the jugner fishing. There is a part of the zone only 20 feet from a zone on the lake. Travel through ransperre's tomb and you arrive in jugner in a small section of the lake. You cannot leave except by going back through ransperre's.
#20 Feb 03 2004 at 6:17 PM Rating: Good
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LOL @ Kakita! ^^

Awesome guide Wolfstable! I've been stuck at 12 trying to up my skill in Port San on tri-colored carp. Boy does that suck. ; ;

I have a Mithran, will this give me problems if I don't use the rods you all are suggesting?
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#21 Feb 03 2004 at 7:41 PM Rating: Default
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Well, Copper Frogs are a really bad thing to go skilling up for really. Personally I've never caught a Copper Frog in Palborough ~ Fishermanrods also confirms that there are only Crayfish in Pal, but I know that their database isn't 100% accurate.

When fishing in Zeruhn you can single out copper frogs by using Fly Lure, but this is still bad skillgaining as you will only be able to catch 1 fish that enables skillgain and 2 rusty items. (I suspect the calculations are not as crude as this, but let's say a rough 1 out of 3). There are wat better odds out there.
Copper Frogs are overrated, though I still see many fishing for them.

I admire all the fishermen out there that already got that far. I know how tough it can be to fish at the proper locations, going for the proper fish, catching several stacks of them and gaining very little skill. It's not all random, but it still involved a lot of luck, and I seem to have a lot of these no-gain sessions whilst doing the exact same spot/rod/bait the next day under the same moon, catching the same amount of fish and gaining skill like crazy. (I wish you could just get fishing XP per fish like with normal levels. That way gaining would be much more constant.)

East Ronfaure unfortunately does have junk items. I've personally caught plenty Rusty Buckets, Subligars and Copper Rings. Supposedly you can also catch Arrowwood Log in ERonf but never succeeded in doing so.

On a sidenote, Wolfsfable's Cooking Guide has almost doubled the prices of AH Sardines on our server ;) Whereas you used to be able to grab stacks for 450 gil they go up to 800 now, and sometimes even more. I can't seem to find a vendor or guildshop that sold them for the 50-ish gil, they're still a bit over 100 at the guild and I have quite a decent amount of fame Ranking. Wanna go with the Zerg? Whip out your Sabiki Rig and sell of those Sardines while fishing for Yellow Globes and Quus. Suppose Sardines will grow out to become the Poor Man's Moat Carp?

I personally avoid the areas with Monster catches. You can easily check if an area has catchable monsters by using Alla's Bestiary > By Area section. Any monsters in blue font is a monster you can catch by fishing. No blue names == monster catch free area.

A lot of people just grab a rod and a bait that is capable of catching the fish you want for your next closest skill level. The real trick to gaining skill is finding a combination that:

A. Preferably doesn't break your rod
B. Fishable in an area with as little Junk Items as possible
C. Eliminating the chance to catch lesser (trivial) fish
D. Catches as many fish possible in the range +7 to +10 of your current level

As posted in How a Bastokian fisherman can succeed ?
I already crossreferenced the Gustaberg / Bastok areas. I know it's the extremely scientific approach, but the data I've gathered has been extremely useful to me for rapid skillgaining. As promised, this guide will get published, but I'd rather not do so till I've covered every single area.

As for financing gear with fishing, I personally feel that fish aren't really worth much till past skill level 25. I think that catching Moat Carp for gil isn't really a great option either as in the same time you can gain dropped gil, farm items and crystals and get experience and conquest points at the same time. By the time your fishing skill reaches the "profitable" levels your THF is long since past level 15 allowing easier farming.

My advice: Go fish for the act of fishing and gaining skill in the craft. If you do manage to make a little profit out of fishing you should invest it (as already suggested earlier in this thread) in fishing gear, and after you got your basic setup, invest the time and money in the skills that supplement fishing; cooking and woodworking. Maybe we can gather enough info for a "So you wanna be a Woodworker eh?" guide, so the circle completes ;)

Just my 2 gil
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#22 Feb 03 2004 at 8:53 PM Rating: Decent
70 posts
Lv 57 fishing here and just putting my input.

I still fish moat carp for gils. I've tried nebimonites but they sell kinda slow for my taste. Emperor Fish might be nice if I ever get to that level. I catch more or less the same amount of moat carp I was catching with 20ish in fishing skill..perhaps slightly more because of the 1 second taken off between casting at each fishing skill rank, but I don't think this has mage a huge difference. Fishing is cool because it's a low intensity activy you can do while watching tv.

One last thing. DON'T LOWER MOAT CARP PRICES. They'll sell mostly overnight when you're sleeping the the japanese players come to buy them up. I've gone to sleep in the evening with 150+ moat carp at the AH and when I wake up, less than 20 left.

#23 Feb 03 2004 at 9:39 PM Rating: Decent
156 posts
Am I doing something wrong? I fished for 3 hours last night in N. Sandoria using Carbon/Little worms (with fisherman's tunic) and gained about .8 in the first 20 minutes, then only .1 for the next two hours and forty minutes. Today I read this guide, went to Bastok, bought fisherman's gloves and boots, bamboo rods, and little worms. I went to the sewers in Bastok Mines and fished for an hour and a half, and only gained .2 skill and pulled up about 18 crayfish.

Edit: One more thing. While I was sleeping a jp player came up, examined my bazaar, and then shouted five lines of kanji/kana at me (lots of exclamation points). I didn't have anything unreasonably priced, so I don't think that was it. The english letters GM were in his text, so I don't know what he was talking about. It occurs to me that someone else had already bought my moat carp (is 300 good on Ifrit? They sold to the same person, so I might raise the price to 330 tonight.), so he wasn't complaining about that. Do jps dislike when people run bazaars overnight? Did he think I was a bot? (I was sleeping, so I obviously wasn't fishing). I can't figure it out.

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#24 Feb 04 2004 at 1:37 AM Rating: Decent
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Probably thought you were a bot
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#25 Feb 04 2004 at 3:25 AM Rating: Decent
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you can catch nasty nasty lv 1 pugils in E.Ron...those can be nasty to a lv .5 trying to lv fishing :P

anyway i know what u mean :)

also thanks for the advice about "spidy sence" ill have to look into that further...

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#26 Feb 04 2004 at 4:32 AM Rating: Good
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Added some info to the end of the guide, have a look see fellas. Maybe it will help explain a little more, of how I believe you get skill gains in fishing.
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