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"§µœ∞ ¡§ ¥σµ┌ þ┌σσ╒;
€σµ┌αçε ¡§ ¥σµ┌ α┌mσµ┌;
çø σπ, çø σπ, \/\/¡τ╫ τ╫ε sτ┌επçτ╫ ø╒ τ╫ε ╒ø┌¢ε;
απδ, ¥ε §╫α║ τµ┌π πστ ßα¢k ╒ø┌ απ¥!"
— £¡ßεrτy ^║ ∞:46



Illustrious Grand Master Trepe {ingame:Aryel}
Officers: Those interested in leadership responsibilities are welcome to apply.

[Time Zone] Pacific Standard Time {GMT -8}
[Server] Harrow RolePlaying Player versus Player

We are openly recruiting all Defiant citizens.

[Raiding & Militia Combat]
There will be multiple groups within the guild for raiding, pvp, and whatever other guild content our members wish to explore. These groups will self determine their own schedules and broadcast to the guild. What unites and strengthen us as a guild will be our diversity.


Argenteum Astrum translates from latin as "Silver Star". Defiants believe in using the power within us and the rifts to fight. Argenteum Astrum citizens believe in using the power and the light to manifest our own destiny. We hold knowledge and the collection of knowledge sacred and are called to be a positive force of change on Telara. Guardians have branded them heretics and outlaws because of this. Argenteum Astrum is virtuous and noble despite what Guardians may or may not choose to believe. True Gods worthy of the title only help those who help themselves... instead of waiting around for some savior to deliver them from the evil that has befell Telara.

The virtues that will guide our guild are Toleration, Justice, and the Force. Strength, Justice, Beauty, Prudence, Temperance, Chastity, Sobriety, Zeal, Honor, Fidelity, Punctuality, Forgiveness, Charity, Kindness, Generosity, Gratitude to the Force, Love for Others, Confidence in Our Nature, Truth, Justice, and Toleration; These values are what all members aspire towards rather than attain. We will be pillars of the community, resisting the temptation to lower ourselves, rather we will seek to help others to raise their spiritual frequency. This leading by example is how our guild will attract others to join us. A charter will restrain the authority of the Illustrious Grand Master, as well as the officers of the guild; And, give the average member ultimate control over the direction the guild takes.

Our charter is the tool that will help unify us and eliminate much of the negative drama. Everyone is held to account and brought to task by the charter. We are here to enjoy a game with family and friends; Having fun, is our only reason for being here. We make new friends and sometimes an incongruent frequency or two may not agree with us and seek to disharmonize our Toleration, Justice, and Truth. The charter is also the primary tool to deal with them objectively, fairly,and with swiftly. Contact Illustrious Grand Master Trepe today, and learn more on how you will strengthen the guild.

Toleration is the ability to respect the nature, beliefs, or behavior of others. While members shall tolerate views that are contrary to our own, it does not mean we must accept those beliefs when they are morally wrong or conflict with the laws of the Divine or the Force. Members must practice toleration in our dealings with others and respect the right of the individual to his own faith and to form his own opinions.
Justice is equity, honor, and fairness in all aspects of life. It is moral rightness. Members shall judge others as we wish others to judge ourselves. We shall always look for the good in others and their actions. We shall believe everyone is honest and sincere in his beliefs and actions, until proven otherwise by action. Justice gives everyone his due, is not rash or censorious, nor hates sin so much that they are unable to love others more. As members we're encouraged to stand upright in our beliefs and deal justly with our fellowman.
Truth is the crowning virtue of Argenteum Astrum. Truth can symbolize Divinity and the Force and is the foundation to All. The dictionary defines truth as fidelity to a standard and conformity to fact or actuality. Truth is most often used to mean correspondence to fact or with what actually occurred. As members, we shall strive to be sincere in all aspects of our lives. The nature of the extranet means that Truth's true meaning is even more magnified and important. A few may look for ways to pervert the Force and Truth to fulfill their own selfish goals. As members, we shall stand for truthfulness and abhor any and all deviations from Truth and the Force.


What does 'Argenteum Astrum' mean?
Argenteum Astrum translates from latin as "Silver Star". A great Jedi of the name Aliester Crowley created an order of the same name but this guild is separate from that organization. However, the guild is based upon common Hermetic and Masonic traditions & principles. We strive to provide a guild that helps the individual explore and play the game as they wish to. Each member will get out of the guild whatever she, or he, puts into it. Our guild is a place where players of different intensities can play, have fun, and experience, the game together

What is Hermetic and Masonic?
Masonic is of or relating to common Freemasonry, like the constitution of the United States of America. Hermetic is of or relating to Hermes Trismegistus or the works ascribed to him. Primarily having to do with the medicine, sciences, alchemy, and magik.

What makes this guild different from any other?
Our guild is built upon a charter that is inspired by the United States of America's constitution with separation of powers. [Judicial, Executive, and Legislative branches] This is important because power corrupts and the only goal for any governing body is to gain more power. Separating three powers to govern means that they will be more busy fighting each other than the member.

People invest real time in playing their characters and they also invest real money for the privilege of playing the game those characters are set in. Because of our emotions, time, and energy spent, it is more than just a game, whether we realize that or not; However, the only reason we are here is to have fun and enjoy ourselves. Thus the charter is there to help everyone do just that.

We seek players that fit the following prerequisites:
☼ Ages 16+
☼ Want to have fun and enjoy the game.
☼ Enjoy helping others.
☼ Serve an ideal greater than themselves.

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