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#52 Jun 12 2014 at 11:42 PM Rating: Good
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I wasn't a big fan of Xenoblade. It had some really interesting ideas but the game itself just wasn't that much fun to play.
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#53 Jun 13 2014 at 4:25 AM Rating: Good
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It definitely had its problems in the battle system. The targeting system could be problematic at times. The skill system wasn't very fluid to use because it required you to select skills with the Dpad when you moved your character with the left analog. This made various key moments of large battles a bit more frustrating than they should have been. The voice acting definitely suffered from the repetitive phrase use. "The enemy is weak, but don't let your guard down" spam was constant when ever farming low level creatures for quests or certain items.

But the world was good looking even if disappointingly SD. The genesis story was interesting. Lots of side quests and crafting. You could try your hand at monster hunting since "Notorious Monsters" existed. The wild life changed by time of day and weather. The equipment and gem slot system wasn't too bad either. A little overwhelming with garbage, so many junk items would drop, but at least there was a decent inventory sorting system and it was easy to find out what was garbage for the vendors.

A few of the first big bosses gave me fits when I was first learning to Monado system.

Overall I really enjoyed it. It was a game that filled a void in the current gen systems at the time. I'm glad I got a copy at GameStop before everyone went crazy for it and GameStop started charging 90 dollars used.

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#54 Jun 13 2014 at 8:39 AM Rating: Good
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Iamadam wrote:
Spoonless wrote:
Downloading the Destiny alpha. Hopefully I'll be able to find some time to play it. Smiley: lol

I've been watching some streamers and it looks a lot like Halo to me. So if you liked Halo, you'll like this.
Yup. Played the first story mission and a bit of the PvP Multiplayer (control points). Very fun, but it's basically a reskinned Halo game. Not that I'm complaining; I love Halo. Some people are going to be disappointed. Bungie's whole thing with leaving MS was that they wanted to move away from Halo. This is a departure from Halo in the sense that you make your own character so you're a bit more involved in the story, whereas Halo is pretty much stuck with Master Chief. Anyway, I'll keep my preorder (I had preordered on Amazon to get Beta access since Amazon doesn't charge you 'til it ships). I will enjoy the game.

I played as a Titan class, which is basically Master Chief. I'll have to check out the other two classes before the end of the Alpha.
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