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#1 May 26 2012 at 6:43 PM Rating: Decent
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Any other players here? I'm pretty far along in the ranks but it's always nice to discuss weapons/maps/tactics regardless of rank and experience.
What setup do you normally run with? Are you a Conquest/Rush/TdM player? Which are your best maps and what are your tactics on said maps?
Discuss everything about the game here, I had a look around this forum and didn't find a thread about it so I thought I'd make one.

Xbox360 Gamertag: Lyncath
GMT Timezone

Mostly on Conquest but occasionally dip into Rush mode.
Seine Crossing/Operation Metro/Tehran Highway/Grand Bazaar/Strike at Karkand - I have a server with these five maps on rotation saved in favorites for when I want some Infantry battles.
Caspian Border/Operation Firestorm/Tehran Highway/Wake Island/Gulf of Oman/Sharqui Peninsula - Another server saved for when I want vehicle/aircraft combat.

When I'm on Assault I tend to use the AN-94 with Foregrip/Heavy Barrel with the optics being KOBRA RdS and PKA-S Holo depending on CQC or Medium/Long Range.
I'm also pretty good with the L85A2 using Heavy Barrel/Bipod/Holo-ACOG.
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#2 May 29 2012 at 10:55 AM Rating: Good
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I played pretty heavily for a while, but I burned out for a bit, and was also getting frustrated by the incessant "balancing" that was being done to the game, while key features remained blatantly glitched on the PS3.

I typically rolled with the Support class in Rush or Conquest, but I messed around with other classes a lot to unlock things and mix it up.

Here's my stat sheet.

MG36 mostly. Gun was beastly. I'd do IRNV scope until they nerfed that, and then I think I just put a holo sight on it. Still a great weapon...I loved using it in Metro, setting up the bipod in the middle, and just holding the fort. The AN-94 was pretty nice, too. I think that was my favorite weapon to use on the other classes.

Classic example of why I stopped playing: the MG36, flat out did not work in any of the Back to Karkand maps. Equip it, and your character's arms would go all Stretch-Armstrong and extend up the screen with the gun, blocking your view, and making aiming impossible. This condition, which never should have made it to release, was well-documented, and remained uncorrected for months until I stopped playing.

I can't stand what they've done to that game. Boosting and nerfing weapons incessantly, changing the effects of attachments like silencers and laser sights in irrational ways to the point where their effects no longer make any sense, batting stat changes for the vehicles back and forth, etc. etc. Their change logs are always like 9 pages long...who could keep up with all the adjustments? All while stupidly obvious problems, like voice chat STRAIGHT UP NOT WORKING AT ALL for the PS3, remained unaddressed.

Very silly.

It was a fun game, and it had its moments, but I'm happy to have moved on to others.

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