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#1 May 14 2011 at 9:18 PM Rating: Excellent
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I'm running my first PVP character (warlock) and am only to level 16, so I haven't run into any fights yet. But I'm concerned after taking not only this character but also my L66 non-PVP hunter through several battlegrounds. To be blunt, I suck. Everything seems to be moving at warp speed and even when I do manage to target something, it gets me first. Those are the good ones - most attacks I don't even see coming!

To make it even more frustrating, everything seems to have the ability to kill me with a single blow - I can deal some damage, but nothing like single-shot kills on equivalent level players or monsters.

I have run a couple of random dungeons with pickup groups and hold my own there just fine.

I am coming to suspect that my PVP problems are one of:
1) I'm just using the wrong character types, or
2) They're too much like video shooter games and I'm getting clobbered because my visual and/or other reflexes are too slow, or
3) I'm missing something - or a lot of somethings.

As frustrated as I feel, I can't believe that I'm alone in this.

Is it just something I have to work through, or can anyone suggest things I might be ******** up on?
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#2 May 16 2011 at 10:54 AM Rating: Excellent
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Low level battlegrounds are unbalanced. In most brackets there are a class or two that are just plain over-powered. Also, people who have lots of heirloom gear will be difficult to kill for someone in questing greens, regardless of what they're playing.

In general though, you should be able to PvP with both the warlock and the hunter fairly well. Though I haven't PvP'd as a hunter in years, so can't say much about them that's current.

Some random stuff:

- You're playing 2 ranged classes. In general this means you don't want people to touch you, so you need to slow them down to keep that from happening. Concussive shot and use slowing traps on the hunter. Curse of Exhaustion or aftermath on the warlock (I don't know what spec your warlock is, not that you'd have either of those at 16 anyway). If they are coming at you, don't let them get to you. You'll want to kite them, keep range, and wear them down.

-You don't want to 'not see them coming.' Rogues/Ferals are sneaky little bastards, use flares and Consume shadows to give you a bit of a warning (or make them use shadowstep/pounce to reach you). Have defensive CDs ready when defending a node.

-You're playing two pet classes. Using your pet well can be important. Learn what different abilities your pets have, petopia is a good place to keep up with the different hunter pets (if you haven't found it already). Warlock, you're just using the Voidwalker at 16. Sacrifice should be used frequently. Later on you'll get the Succubus and the Felhunter, then you'll be wanting to switch them in and out as the situation dictates. Succubus has the added CC and Felhunter has the interrupt

-You're playing 2 complicated classes. Seriously, I could probably use 40 different abilities on my warlock; if I could only keep them all straight, and on keybinds that were convenient. Watching a pet as well as managing your own abilities can be a tough task. It'll take some practice.

-I don't know if you're doing this or not, but if you can pick up a couple of enchants for items you expect to keep a while that'd be great. It doesn't have to be anything super expensive (and watch the level restrictions!), but if you're going to be running through BGs most of the way, it can give you a bit more of an edge, and make it more enjoyable.

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#3 May 31 2011 at 11:31 AM Rating: Decent
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when you start you will die alot but thats how you learn to play your character better. guys will call you a noob and all kinds of crap, just run with it. i have leveled three different guys to 85 by running bg's and i am totally bored when i have to go into a raid lol.

locks are fun, but you have to use different things at different times. been awhile sinse my lock was level 16 but agany, coruption, weakness on melee and silence on casters, fear, drain life run away. if your more destruction toss in a immulate into the agony coruption mix. learn to move away from your opponent and you will do fine.

but you will be a better lock by running bg's you will learn to move and to use your abilities faster than just a lock that raids. good luck
#4 May 31 2011 at 5:00 PM Rating: Good
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Healing is really really fun in pvp, probably more than you might think so definitely try that at some point. A disc priest at low levels is great, bubbles absorb a lot of damage and you can do a ton of cool stuff with dispel magic (force flag running shammies out of ghost wolf form, break tons of cc, dispel resto druid heal over time spells).

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#5 Jun 01 2011 at 1:02 PM Rating: Good
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I too suck at PVP..
now, step 1, as a warlock is to make sure that you sucker some poor meatshield (hint - warrior, paladin, or priest) into taking the damage...*evil grin*
Now, the way I played PVP as a midlevel warlock was to find a nice juicy enemy suitably occupied by somebody else -- then DOT them from a suitably long range (in case they take umbrage to you trying to kill them).
True, I do die alot...but I figure my squishy role is to distract enemies from accomplishing anything useful-- and, killing me takes time away from that -- as well as a HP dent.
#6 Jun 03 2011 at 7:42 PM Rating: Decent
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The lock is zero surprise - you're an untwinked clothy in a BG full of fully heirloomed toons - that makes you pure one-shot gank bait.

Don't sweat it though - my shadow priest is fully decked and it's always the first target too due to two simple things - one, if you don't have top end gear then you're an easy kill and two, clothies are f-n dangerous if given the ability to dot, cast a big spell or heal and therefore are killed first by folks for self preservation when not killed first for easy HK padding.

The hunter is a different story though.

Admittedly, thanks to heirloom gear, hunters are now even more hated then rogues by anyone who's done the <40s BGs due to packs of heirloom bow wielding hunters slaughtering everything and anything before it can even pretend to close with them, so I'm sure there's lots of folks targeting you first out of hate or fear from earlier BGs.

Gear also plays an important role, not so much PvP grade gear, but just gear in general - if you've got mostly greens and stuff that's several levels old in all of your slots then you're in trouble, especially considering that all of the 60-70 instances and raids are now easily soloed by an 85, meaning plenty of peeps talking a friend or guildy into running them through some instances to pick up shinies with no competition from others rolling for it.

Then there's what you're doing - your rotation and preferred attacks in PvP are a lot different then the rotations and preferred attacks which you'll use in PvE. If you're not dual spec'd on your hunter then do so and then shop around for the best hunter PvP specs and attack rotations - ditto on your lock when you get old enough.

Another important thing to remember is to not spare your CDs - PvP is all about living for the moment so that you can survive the next so while you might be prone towards conserving different CDs for big pulls or that rare "oh crap" moment in an instance, saving them in a BG borders is pointless unless there's a specific thing you have to save them for (like running a flag or taking out an enemy FC) - blow the CD for the kill now or to survive the current attack because it doesn't help you if the other guy kills you.

Finally, as a range, always try to stay with a pack and keep other people between you and the other team - it wont stop someone who's determined to gank you from doing so but it'll slow him down and wear him out to the point where the odds of victory are dramatically in your favor.
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