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#1 Feb 07 2014 at 8:19 AM Rating: Excellent
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I'm going to be celebrating "Rhode was supposed to be dead by now" for the fourth year this weekend, which also happens to make me a year older. Smiley: nod
I'm sure Montrose's toast is in some manner applicable. So, about those goals . . .

WOW: My Horde side diversion seems like it will last through the weekend. It is just too much for my altoholic tendencies to not get those toons dusted off and set in orders while I can. Classes will start soon enough here. For now, heirlooms can be mailed across servers, DMF is still up, and we have a couple more days of the 10% holiday buff!

RL: Most of the snow missed Beijing. We got enough today to make sure that tomorrow will be a sloppy mess. Given that Texans probably drive better in snow than Beijingers, I think I'll stay home and improve my odds of celebrating again next year. I gave them a shot at me today in order to get beer and booze.

Let's hear some plans, you slackers! Smiley: lol

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In Chinese: glasses are yanjing; eyes are yanjing, and the beer of Beijing is Yanjing. When speaking, the difference is in the tones. Did I just order a glass of beer or a glass of eyes?
#2 Feb 07 2014 at 8:56 AM Rating: Excellent
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Wrong title. ;)

Passed an important exam today (and with a very good grade, too) but celebrations will have to wait till next weekend. This one I'll mostly relax and NOT STUDY. Which is nice.

WoW-wise I hope to get some more ToT HC kills I'm still missing. Continue working on the 10.000 daily achievement and the one for 250 Pet Battle PvP victories with full 25 teams. Also, raid on Sunday. Here's to hoping my guild will down Iron Juggernaut HC.
#3 Feb 07 2014 at 12:45 PM Rating: Excellent
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RL - Hockey game tonight. Second round of the playoffs. Playing the team that beat us 10-3 and 10-4 during the season. Not holding my breath on this one, but I'll give it my best shot. The rest of my weekend is heavily dependent on work. I've knee-deep in some massive edits of a co-worker's less-than-stellar report section. Hopefully, I can get it done so I can have some weekend time. If I do have time, I want to put some work into my guitar project. Also, the in-laws are coming into town in a couple weeks, so some house cleaning is in order.

WoW - Really depends on how much time I have. The main goal is to run toons through DMF. I've been busy this week and have hardly touched WoW. I got my druid through DMF, but will work on getting the remainder through, as well. I may spend some casual time fishing the DMF pools. Easy way to pick up mats, cloth in particular. Otherwise, dabble at getting the 86 druid, pally, and priest toward 87.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.
#4 Feb 07 2014 at 2:10 PM Rating: Excellent
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RL - its going to be hectic and more than likely suck. Tonight is hopefully finalizing all paint in the bathroom and possible final touch ups tomorrow. Tomorrow I have to get up early and help some family unload furniture and moving stuffs. Then will put the finishing touches on the bathroom (faucet, towel racks, re-hang the door, put the toilet back to use, hang a mirror), sunday dang well better be R&R day.......

Game - stopped playing Tera and any other MMO's for the most part. Still playing War Thunder but the grind is starting to get to me, plus they keep ******** with plane balance so 1 week you raise levels in a country and the planes are decent, the next they nerf them and you have to switch to a different country just to survive.
#5 Feb 07 2014 at 3:37 PM Rating: Excellent
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WoW - Finish SoO lfr on my rogue. At spoils of pandaria. Would have been past that wing but a down net last night screwed up that plan. All I can say is that I am baffled on how poor the lfr community is compared to ToT. Maybe I am getting bad luck when it comes to groups.

- Work on getting the sweet robot engineering mount plus the sandstone drake. Daily cooldowns for the former and got to farm the pattern for the later.

- Possibly work on getting dk a decent weapon. Want to farm lich king meta mounts but if I cannot do it this weekend that is ok. I got it to 90 so that is all that matters.

RL - Nothing really going on. Suppose to be mid 50s to 60s for quite a while here so I don't have to worry about the snow crap everyone else seems to get.
#6 Feb 07 2014 at 4:40 PM Rating: Excellent
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RL: A friend's birthday is tomorrow, but I dunno if there are any plans for that. She hasn't told me anything, at least.

Gaming: I'll probably pick up Bravely Default tonight. In FFXIV, I need to finish my level 30 Archer quest (allows me to access the Bard job, plus gives me a shiny new ability). To actually change to Bard, I'll need to get my Pugilist to level 15, though. I think it's around 8 or 9, atm. Not too big a deal. Just slightly annoying, since Pugilist defenses are really low, and I don't have much firepower yet.

Other than that, no plans.

Reading: I'm determined to do some. I don't know what.
IDrownFish wrote:
Anyways, you all are horrible, @#%^ed up people

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Never underestimate the healing power of a massive dong.
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