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#1 Jan 20 2014 at 9:52 AM Rating: Excellent
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Monday, and boy does it ever feel like it! Whatever I've got is mild enough that it hasn't laid me out, but I'm feeling pretty out of it. Let's see how things went.

WoW: I've been too out of it to get much done on the WoW front. My alternate Alliance Monk has been doing her class quests, but otherwise this weekend was a wash.

RL: Gulp! Tyger is taking ten days to go home to Guangdong. She is officially making the pitch to her parents and tells me not to worry. She has set her mind on August 15th for a wedding. Dinner went well, we had deep dish pizza at my friend's restaurant and everything was fantastic. Since I've been unable to concentrate on much beyond not coughing up a lung, I've been on a Lost Girl binge.

Sorry for the rather sketchy summary, but respiratory problems don't play well with apnea.Smiley: disappointed
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Was out of the office friday so missed the goals thread, only goal was to do as little as possible to make up for every other weekend.

Friday - had a seminar and then dinner and a movie with a friend. Lone Survivor is a good movie, go see it!

Saturday - cleaning and cooking and Tera'd the rest of the day. Got my "main" to 24'ish and started an alt.

Sunday - laundry and Tera'd, main to 26 and alt to 20'ish.

All in all was a lazy weekend which I needed. Leveled some toon's and cleaned the place up a bit.

Week plans - Tera some more and War Thunder if I can. Have to get some work done on my sister's business.
#3 Jan 20 2014 at 11:37 AM Rating: Excellent
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I wrote:
RL - Hockey Saturday night. TIme to get a new point streak started. We're playing a team that really shouldn't be in our league, though, so I'm expecting to get our asses handed to us. Oh well. I want to get started on my guitar project. I need to sand it down to prep for painting. Not sure how long it's going to take, but hopefully I can put some time into it this weekend.

WoW - I've been focusing on my leveling trio. I got them up to 81 last weekend, but during the week, I pushed the Priest to 84, and the Pally and Druid both to 83. I'm finding Cata stuff is going a lot quicker than I thought it would. Heirlooms, rested, and reduced XP requirements will do that, I guess, LOL. Anyway, I want to push the three of them up to 85 and be ready to knock on the Pandaland door.

I if feel like it, I may grind some Lion's Landing commissions on the DK. I'm half-assed working toward the Sumprush Rodent, but the idea of grinding out 2000 commissions (at 2-4 per kill) isn't really pulling me in with excitement. I'll get to it...

RL - Hockey went about as expected. We hung tough with them in the first period. We were only down 2-1 at that point. But, downhill from there...ended up losing 10-4. Oh well, it was one better than the first tiem (10-3). No points for me, but I was only -1 which I figure isn't too bad given the score. I played hard and stayed out of the BS that results from a lopsided game.

I got a brief start on the guitar project, but I'll grade myself a D- on effort. No sanding done, just some minor electronic stuff. Otherwise, a pretty laid-back weekend. Cleaning, laundry, dog walking...exciting, huh? LOL

WoW - Main goal acccomplished. My trio is now 85. I'm pretty amazed at how quickly I blazed through the Cata content. A lot of it was dungeons. I spent time in Hyjal, Deepholm, and a little Ulduar, but by no means maxed out any of the zones. The big problem with leveling quickly, however, is outpacing professions so much. The biggest stumbling block is tailoring and enchanting on my Priest. I'm having to hold off on hitting Pandaria so I can farm Embersilk. Once I clear 500, I'll be gold as I have a ton of Windwool cloth hoarded. Professions need ovehauled, in my opinion.

Lion's Landing Not a one. Didn't feel like it. Oh well, it was a succesful, fun WoW weekend.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
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