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#1 Aug 12 2013 at 1:57 AM Rating: Good
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Things are chaotic today. I'm going to get this rolling, but it'll have to be short.

WOW: I've gotten the Rogue almost caught up to my Hunter and have just started Northrend. We'll see how it goes; the rogue play style doesn't seem quite my cup of tea, but at lower levels one doesn't have the full set of tools for a class.

RL: /facepalm 'Nuf said. Smiley: oyvey

Here's hoping you all did well and have tales to share!
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#2 Aug 12 2013 at 2:29 AM Rating: Excellent
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TherealLogros wrote:

- Take down a few dungeon bosses that can drop mounts I'm still missing (Stonecore, Vortex, ZG). <- Got 8 combined kills and no mount. After a while these dungeons get quite tedious so I don't do them as regularly as I should. And I never take advantage of the fact that Stonecore and Vortex could be done in non-Heroic. doing them once a day is more than enough.
- Make moar gold. <- A guildie was unable to complete Wrathions challenge for ranged DPS for the cloak so he gave me his account details and I did it for him. He gave me 20k as a thank-you. Apart from that I made very little.
- Level my alts a bit (Rogue 62, Mage 39, Shaman 35). <- Rogue 64, Mage 42, Shaman 36. I am no fast leveler.
- Hopefully get our second HC kill with my guild. Horridon seems manageable. <- Yeah well... I almost ragequit. Every fracking try one or two people would die to Double Swipe and the poison clouds on gate 2. Both mechanics are there in nHC too. I was extremely ****** and I think it showed. After 2,5 hours of completely idiotic wipes we downed him nHC and proceeded to kill some more bosses so we can clear the place on Tuesday. At least I got a Thunderforged amulet from Megaera. A little upgrade but welcome.

non WoW:

- Go to the gym. <- Yes.
- Work on my diploma thesis. <- Kinda. I'm a bit stuck.
- Meet some friends. <- Caught up with a few but only via phone and Facebook.

Apart form that I cleared Firelands and Ulduar for my their respective legendary quests. Made progress on both fronts but still a long way to go. Farmed a bit on the Isle of Giants. Have ~6100 bones now. yay -.-
#3 Aug 12 2013 at 8:52 AM Rating: Good
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Game - did a whole bunch of mini-instances and skirmishes, no real levelings, no huge drops; just money and a companion (playing Neverwinter).

RL - better than expected weekend, friday was movie night and gaming with the family. Saturday was a quasi-picnic with the family and some gaming. Sunday was bowling with the family and cleaning and gaming. Was a family weekend which was more pleasant than usual.

Weekday - busy week for the wife so she will be working, so I will be cleaning and gaming. Garden is dying off (its 100+ every singe day), so only a few things to can and not much else besides mowing and cleaning up dog messes /sigh
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