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#1 Apr 07 2013 at 12:00 PM Rating: Excellent
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The wee hours of Monday morning are here and since Pink has claimed Monday evening, I'm going to go ahead and get things rolling.

WOW: It was a long weekend here. I relaxed and did LFR on several toons. There wasn't anything terribly exciting to report, but I felt like I made some progress. The Hunter got an upgrade on his weapon (and managed to get LFR gear for the only three slots were his gear was better than the LFR loot) and the Shadow Priest got the 502 necklace from a loot bag. The Druid capped her VP, but is too freshly dinged to buy anything useful yet.

RL: It was a four day holiday here, but I spent one of the days doing some consulting. I was helping out a friend so I didn't charge, but dinner was spectacular. We had roast duck, dumplings and other stuff at a place that has been running since the days of the last dynasty. Pink spent the rest of the weekend spoiling me silly and we wrapped up the weekend with one of her favorite activities -- massages and facials.

Here's hoping that the RNG treated you all at least as well as it treated me and that you'll have tales to tell!
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#2 Apr 08 2013 at 12:01 AM Rating: Excellent
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- Got my first Thunderforged item! A pair of 528 boots. I lost the roll to the other Shadowpriest in my guild but since he seldom raids he gave them to me anyway. It's great to have such nice guildies.

- After maybe a year of ignoring it I did the fishing daily near Shattrath and got Muckbreath as a reward. Since he was one of the two pets I missed from this quest I rejoiced.

- Finally managed to catch the Arctic Fox Kit in Stormpeaks and thus got the Northrend Safari achievement.

- Finished some achievements in Ulduar25. Since it was only the Protection paladin of my guild and myself they were not that easy to get. Now only 4 achievements are missing from the entire Dungeons/Raids Wrath tab.


Saturday afternoon I went to the gym and the evening was spent celebrating the 30th birthday of a friend. On Sunday I swore to myself to never drink alcohol again but we all have been there a few times I guess.
#3 Apr 08 2013 at 10:21 AM Rating: Excellent
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21 Pally - level to 25.
26 Priest - levl to 30.
83 DK - level to 85.
Hit dungeons on all three. Pally and DK are tanks, Priest is holy...partly for queue times, but also because I tend to enjoy those roles more.
Hit DMF on all toons, for the easy profession points. Probably fish around Darkmoon Isle a bit, too. The pools are a good source of income, while getting profession mats and skill-up points.
Maybe see if I can find a guild. I'm mostly playing solo-style these days, but the guild perks would be nice. But, that's kind of a lame reason to join a guild, so I'll think about it.

Yardwork. Blech. Otherwise mostly chill out. I should find out tonight or tomorrow if we got the house we bid on. /cross fingers. Hockey Sunday night. If we lose, we're done for the season. I'm not holding my breath. We just haven't been very competitive this season.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Pally to 25, check...actually got to 26.
Priest to 30, check.
DK to 85, nope, only made it to 84. I was focused more on the two lowbies, so I didn't put much time into the DK. Oh well, at least the rested is storing up.

Hit quite a few dungeons on the Pally and Priest, but none on the DK. I dread the Cata dungeons. I need to just get over it, but meh. Ran toons through DMF for the profession points. It's just too good to pass up. No movement on finding a guild. I keep hoping I'll run into someone while playing that leads to interest in a guild. Instead, I rarely ever seem to cross paths with anyone in game. I guess it's the downside to playing on a low pop server. I keep getting random guild invites, but I really don't want to join a guild based on a random spam invite alone.

I was lazy on the yardwork. ***** it. Hung out with some friends on Saturday evening. Cigars and port...mmmm. Hockey: we're moving on in the playoffs. We started the third period down 3-1, but stormed back to win 6-3. If only we could put that kind of effort in more consistently. So, we play again tonight -- do or die -- to advance to the next round. Had a bid in on a house, but lost. Our bid was 15k over list price...the winner got it for 115k over list!?! Jaw dropper. The house really was not worth that price. Someone must have really wanted it. But, sucks cause we did like house. Oh well, back to looking.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
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azwing wrote:

Hockey: we're moving on in the playoffs. We started the third period down 3-1, but stormed back to win 6-3. If only we could put that kind of effort in more consistently. So, we play again tonight -- do or die -- to advance to the next round. Had a bid in on a house, but lost. Our bid was 15k over list price...the winner got it for 115k over list!?! Jaw dropper. The house really was not worth that price. Someone must have really wanted it. But, sucks cause we did like house. Oh well, back to looking.

I don't want to talk about hockey...Pens without Crosby again... Smiley: cry
Sorry about the house, my brother and his wife are looking, they get pretty frustrated.

I logged onto the game late last evening, did the faire quests on some alts who needed that 5 level prof boost.
Will log in soon today, and probably work on my s/priest more. So close to 80.

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#5 Apr 09 2013 at 6:16 AM Rating: Good
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I managed to get exaulted on one toon on 5.2 dalies, I am done with them >.>
#6 Apr 09 2013 at 7:02 AM Rating: Excellent
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It's Tuesday, but I was off yesterday, so here I am now!

WoW: Mmmm, at some point I managed to hit 86 on my mage. On my main I leveled a few more pets to 25 (Emerald Proto-Whelp, Terrible Turnip, and Anubiseth Idol among them). I killed a variety of Zandalari Warscouts for their insignias, using the Shado-Pan and August Celestials ones to get Exalted with both factions, and sending the others to my mage. Also did some odds and ends like archeology and farming.

RL: What a topsy-turvy week. If anyone read in the OoT forum, my grandmother unexpectedly died last Wednesday, two weeks short of her 89th birthday. She helped raise me as a child and for the past few years we've been pen-pals, with weekly or bi-weekly updates. I was hit pretty hard by it and spent Wednesday and Thursday as a crying, weepy mess. Luckily I had Friday and Monday off for vacation already, as college friends from Delaware were coming to visit. Their time here did wonders for distracting me, as I spent the majority of sunlight hours with them all weekend. We visited a ton of Tampa attractions: the aquarium, the Big Cat Rescue, manatee viewing, a private boat cruise in Tampa Bay, many local restaurants. Yesterday we spent lying out on the beach in Clearwater, with a perfect day; temperatures in the low 80s, water still very cool, not a cloud in the sky. Thanks to generous reapplications of sunscreen I managed to avoid getting too much of a burn. Really, the only complaint I had about this weekend was that I likely spent around $600, between all the activities and doing some repairs in my spare time on my car. Still, that's not bad for my first real vacation since I've moved to Tampa!

The entire weekend helped me a lot to come to terms with the loss of my grandmother. It still hurts, but I think that it always will. The family is planning a remembrance get-together later this summer when more people have a chance to come together; I'll definitely be attending it.

Plans for this week: Get back on track with health. Eating out every night, snacking (one of my friends is pregnant, so snacking was constant), and a general lack of movement overall (again, pregnant friend) means I likely put on some pounds. Looking forward to trying to even that out. On the WoW front, not too many plans; maybe get back into dungeons. I need to brush up on my mage; I did one dungeon and didn't care for my DPS; I'm not sure what the proper rotation for AoE is at 86. I'll look up Icy-veins later. I'm not setting the bar high; I plan on doing some dailies on my main and that's about it!
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I know it's Tuesday but I don't work Mondays so it tends to get lumped in with my weekend.

I didn't get much done in the way of LFRs. I did one with the Pally on Friday night with a half guild group. I didn't win anything though. I did some dailies but not many. I worked mainly on my Hunter and got him partway through the Klaxxi quests hoping to get his gear level up a bit higher with quest rewards (which I did) and I also started him on Golden Lotus rep after finding out that you don't automatically get the full set of Work Order quests upon hitting exalted with the Tillers.

I did the Ulduar run on Saturday evening which went pretty smoothly. I got another tier token on the Druid and a couple of neat looking transmog pieces. Unfortunately, the token I need the most for a complete looking 'set' is the glove one which didn't drop.

On Sunday we drove out to my sister's house to spend a few hours and had a nice time. Dinner was good as always.

Yesterday we took our youngest kitty to the vet to get fixed. Poor little guys was terrified since we'd never taken him out of the house before. He just huddled in the back of the carrier. He didn't seem overly traumatized when we got him back home in the evening though he did seem a little groggy (understandably). The other cats hissed at him a lot because he probably smelled funny. He was walking around acting pretty normal in the evening and eating and drinking fine so I didn't feel too bad having to leave for work today.
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#8 Apr 09 2013 at 10:19 AM Rating: Excellent
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I accomplished absolutely nothing!

Step-daughter went into labor Friday around noon, she finally delivered at 9:15pm on saturday. So spent the entire weekend and monday in and out of the hospital helping them out. All is well and both are healthy and fine.

WoW - started archaeology in the 30 minutes I had to play this weekend, got it close to level 30 and that was it!

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