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A good wow stream.Follow

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Hello, my name is Zerpentz.
I play a Warrior on Kazzak EU.
I've been play World of Warcraft since earlie 2005.
I started of as a Hunter with the name Welker over at Zenedar which I level to 48, stopped for a while and came back when The Burning Crusade was released, or 2 week's before to be exact!
I've been playing almost everyday since TBC and I'm still standing strong!

I'm currently playing on Kazzak eu in a guild called Vanguard together with alot of nice people.
We're raiding Wednedays, Thursdays and Sundays and we might have an off day raid on Mondays.
I'm want to and I will probably will stream all of those raid's if there is interest in that.

PvP Information
I'm 2400 experienced in 3v3 and 2000ish in 2v2.
I started PvP a bit in wrathfull season as Warrior with a friend, I didn't fint it fun at all but I did it cause of achivement and I keept on capping stuff every week and so on!
In season 9 I got 2200 rating as TSG and in season 10 I got 2356 rating as kittycleave
I'm still interested in PvP but I have not been bothered, if I ever find a team, or they find me I'll stream arenas and even RBG's if possible.

A bit about myself.
I'm a guy (Taaaadaaaa) from Sweden, I'm 20 years old and I live home.
I live in Västergörlands Län, Vara.
I'm streaming as much as I possible can and I could consider streaming as a full time if that opportunity ever occur

What can my stream bring to you?
*A chat with me if you so please, I'll be trying to answer all the question and read all opinions in the chat
*PvE End Content, Beta and PTR testing
*Hopefully a good time, that is why you're here, remember that.
*I'll guide you trough whatever you want help with if you ever ask something that you would like help with, that I of course have the knowedge of.
*Hopefully a big various of games and other stuff.

Where can you find my stream?
My stream is
I hope you're going to enjoy your time spended in my stream, watching me play!
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