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#1 Feb 04 2013 at 6:42 AM Rating: Excellent
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Early for some, but it's Monday night here! How'd everyone do on those goals?

WOW: Got my Horde Warrior to 80. It seemed fitting that my first brush with Cataclysm's Horde side should be with my old main. I didn't get as much other time as I might have wanted, so I'm still burning the accumulated XP buff for Pandakration. Edit: Made it to 70 on the Monk and calling it a night.

RL: Things were a bit busy. One of the guys I know is heading back to Chicago for a couple of weeks, so a couple of us had hot pot for lunch on Saturday. Pink and I had a late supper and found that places are already starting to close in anticipation of Spring Festival. We ended up eating large amounts of skewered stuff and I had several small canisters of Tsingtao beer (I forgot to check, but would guess them to have been about 2L) that were a pleasant change from the local brew. They're more or less mini-kegs and they were nice and fresh. Sunday, we'd had clear air for a couple of days, so I did weapons forms. And that's how I managed to burn less of Pandakration's XP buff than I'd expected.

Weekday musings: Things are apt to be a blur. Friday will mark my third year past my expiration date, but celebrations have been put off until the following day since that's when Spring Festival kicks off. The fireworks will be awesome, but here's hoping that the winds don't die down -- that's a lot of smoke with some potentially nasty stuff like light metals in it and I'd rather not marinate in it for two weeks. As far as WoW, I'm going to try to burn off the rest of my Horde Monk's XP buff, then push the Horde Warrior a bit. I just have to remember to hit DMF before the weekend arrives.

OK, I'm boring, let's hear some real tales!

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Ew, Tsingtao Smiley: lol Fun story: a Hispanic co-worker of mine told me that he used to work in a bar when Tsingtao was "new" over in the US. He and his friends always laughed, because depending on how you pronounced it, it sounded like someone was saying "F*ck you" in Spanish Smiley: tongue

RL: Well, some jerk backed into my parked car yesterday while I was at work and smashed my taillight, so I should probably get it looked at and repaired. Luckily they only broke the glass and not the light itself, so the car is still fit for the road. On Sunday I'll be watching the Super Bowl with my friends. Huzzah!

Nope, ended up not getting anything done. My car felt a little iffy last night though; I think one of my tires might need some air.

The Super Bowl was a nail-biter by the end. I graduated from UD with Joe Flacco (not like I knew him personally, but still), so I was rooting for the Ravens. I thought it was over when they were 28-6, but the last two minutes of the game we were all glued to the TV. Glad they won!

I ate WAY too much though, and felt pretty sick that night Smiley: frown

I guess I'll put my goals as "at least 73 with my mage" and "run dailies on my Druid." Huh, sounds kind of boring. I need new goals

Pffft, nevermind hitting 73 on my mage; I went full speed ahead and got to 80 with him. Also brought my alchemy up to Cataclysm level (475, IIRC), and my tailoring is getting close too (425, I believe). Northrend FLEW by. Now I need to replace some of my heirlooms Smiley: glare

Hardly touched the druid... did some dailies on Friday and some farming for the mage.

Other Games: Really want to try and complete my Fem-Shep ME1 Insanity run-through. Totally picked the wrong class though; Adept is pretty underpowered for an Insanity run, I've found. I'm currently stuck at Liara's dig site, and I've wiped against the Krogan Battlemaster five times. One hit from his rush instantly kills me, even at full health and shields. Blech. Maybe I'll restart as a soldier... a little boring for a choice, but Immunity is so overpowered in that game that Insanity shouldn't be as bad.

Nothing with ME1. All WoW, all mage, all the time.

Weekday goals:
Repair from the weekend! I have a nasty habit of getting the itch to be unhealthy once in a while, and that's what happened these past two weekend. Ate WAY too much, imbibed too much, gamed too much, no physical activity. I call it (to myself) "being caught in the tornado," because I can't seem to resist it and I never know when it's gonna happen. The plus side is that I always come out of it with an excessive amount of will power to be healthy (usually lasts about a week). So this week will be a recovery week; lots of exercise, little eating. Won't go too wild next weekend, as I have a lady friend visiting and she's pretty laid back on the partying front. So I'm hoping that I'll stay motivated and healthy for this week. That also means less videogame time, but oh well!
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#3 Feb 04 2013 at 8:51 AM Rating: Excellent
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RL - have my kids and a garage and yard that desperately needs to be cleaned up, the house as well ... so will be entertaining small ones and cleaning the majority of the time

WOW - prob will not get to play much due to said RL stuff. So my plan is to do what dailies I can for Celestials and Shadowpan, I'm about 6k away from Revered with Shadowpan and need about 500 more VP to cap for the week. Also have to farm farm farm as much as I can, only need 2 more cards and the darkmoon faire starts this weekend. My wife gave up on her monk, so I will try to level my paladin some to catch up to her shaman or I will roll a rogue after I get some more JP gear.

RL - did not have my kids, typical of my ex-wife, reported her to the police and tried to not let her ruin my weekend. Played WoW friday, went to an outdoor shopping mall on saturday for clothes and food (first time I ever ate at a Joe's Crab Shack, not too bad actually). Saw Warm Bodies at the theatre, was suprisingly decent and a change for the zombie profile. Sunday spent with WoW and buying/working on the law stuff, re-tilled a tomato patch and flower bed, now just to finish edging and putting up decorative fences to keep the dogs out of them.

WoW - got my Relic of Xuen yesterday and tried out the Darkmoon Faire for the first time, it was pretty neat I have to say. Helped my wife get her shammy from 84'ish to 87 and cleared Temple of the Jade Serpeant about 5 times for gear for her. Did my shadow-pan and tillers dailies each day, about 2 more sets till revered with shadow-pan and the next turn in will get me revered with tillers. Ran a few heroics for VP's, need about 70 to cap. Was able to purchase the cloak for VP's so now I have 3 pieces of 489 gear and counting!

Weekday - will continue to plant/clean up my yard and make it presentable, hit revered with at least 2 rep's and start the climb to exalted. Will keep getting VP for my next piece and plan to start a panda rogue for grins and giggles and see if I enjoy playing a rogue. Have a pally that has stalled in the mid 70's, dont know if I want to start over or just play the pally.
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Super Bowl party on Sunday. That's probably going to kill a good chunk of weekend play time. I make sushi every year, so the shopping and prep time involves a bit of work as well. It'll be fun, though, so no complaints. Also, get the dog to the dog park again. He made substantial progress last weekend, so hopefully that continues.

Pally - maybe run some LFR. I'm not very motivated for it, so we'll see.

Druid - Pet hunting. Specifically, rare hunting. I'm at 1 poor (can maybe replace it since Darkmoon Faire starts this week), 21 common, 180 uncommon, and 256 rare. I'll make it my goal to get to around 275 rares over the weekend. Also, I need to look into starting the August Celestial dailies. I have them open on the Pally, but not the Druid...need to figure out why. Also need to look into how to open the phased stuff in Krasarang that leads to the Sumprush Rodent.

DK - Hit 65 last night. So, I should be able to get a level or two. XP racks up quick in dungeons, but I may need to quest a little to get some gear upgrades. I'm mostly sporting DK starter stuff, which isn't going to work much longer. I may not have the time to play as much on the DK given RL commitments, but we'll see. I'm really liking playing the DK. It's been pretty fun just having one toon on a realm and relying only on that one toon. A bit of pain in the **** sometimes, but a fun challenge nevertheless.

Super Bowl party was fun. Sushi went over well. Tried something new that was dissapointing, but promising. My mother-in-law got a kitchen torch for me for x-mas. Tried to do some seared salmon and tuna w/ jalapeno. Unfortunately, after doing a few, the torch decided to act like it wanted to explode. Poofs of flame were spouting out of spots they shouldn't have been. So, I decided to skip the torch, rather than risk it. Guess I'll have to do some research and find one that I can trust.

Dog was pretty good at the park...he's still figuring it out, but he's making progress. For anyone that ever watched Dog Whisperer, my dog just needs to hang out with a dog like Daddy for a while and he'd be fine. The trick at the dog park is some dogs can get pretty rambunctious, as dogs will do, but that freaks my dog out a bit. He's working up to it, but not there yet.

Watched Safe House with Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds. Good overall, but some nitpicky flaws that were hard for me to ignore. Mainly with the improbability of certain events and the leaps of logic. Don't want to spoil anything, so I won't go into any detail. Also, the bad guy was pretty predictable.

As expected, RL took some time from WoW. But, oh well, I probably didn't need to spend too much more time sitting on my ****.
Pally - motivation was lacking. No LFR. Oh well. Just seems too grindy right now, so I'm doing other things...namely:

Druid - Pets! Rare hunting went pretty well. I'm up to 279 rares, so I got 23 this weekend. Most of those were from battling, since the tamers weren't too generous with the stones this weekend. Anyway, I'm not at 0 poor (-1), 18 common (-3), 161 uncommon (-19), and 279 rare (+23). I did manage to upgrade my crow, but only to common. That one's going to be very dependent on RNG to get a rare. There's so few spawns on Darkmoon Island, and the crow can only be a secondary for lvl 5+, so about half of the spawns don't even have a secondary pet. Didn't bother much with the rep stuff...again, a little too grindy for me at the moment, and I was busy hunting anyway.

DK - leveled up part way to 66. Focus was on pets, so not too much time put on the DK leveling. Did get out to Darkmoon Island to get the profession boosts and try a second realm for the crow.

Hope everyone else had a good weekend.
#5 Feb 04 2013 at 12:49 PM Rating: Excellent
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Anyway... am painting. Then putting it all back together by SuperBowl time on Sunday, which I'll be at my brother's place for.
In game, I have no plans really, just log in and see what strikes me. I've also been playing Final Fantasy: Dimensions on my iPad which is taking me back to my formative gamer years

Paint went relatively quickly, putting everything back took longer than the actual painting tho. Looks good.
Yay Ravens. /shrug
My reasons in rooting for Baltimore were shallow...just wanted to keep it in the AFC, and to deny SF that 6th ring. Only the Steelers may have 6. Smiley: grin
In game, didn't have a lot of time but did some dailies as usual, went out herbing and archaeology on my priest, my monk is chugging along slowly.
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#6 Feb 04 2013 at 6:54 PM Rating: Excellent
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Weekend at work (missed the goals thread).

Did get my monk to 89 and a half and Hot Dang..... Spear of Xuen = Godmode.

Seriously... 39k DPS when everybody else is doing 17s? Nothing like feeling godly to brighten one's mood and bring a big ole smile to one's face.

And then there was this macho spriest walking around like he owned the place... and he goes "post damage meters after this fight" after the first boss of Shado-Pan Monastery.... Me: 39k ... him 30k and he was like "daaaamn..."

It was fun, to be sure!
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