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Holy Paladin 5.1 Healing Guide

#1 Feb 03 2013 at 5:45 AM Rating: Excellent
Drama Nerdvana
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For the most part the video has the right info, though the glyphs are ****.

-If you are running Divine Purpose with EF spam then the protector of the innocent glyph blows Avenging Wrath self heal out of the water. That's just math. And I am not talking spreadsheet perfect storm math.
-10% mana return from LoH is a mandatory. Every top 1000 paladin in the game has it.
-The final glyph is fight dependant, Flash of Light or Divine Protection. For example I would use FoL on Tsulong, but pop Divine Protection on HoF HMs with lots of unavoidable splash since that raid is all physical damage and our aura does nothing to stop.

Simple internet stalking got me your armory

LFR Hero, no chants, no reforging, some poor gemming. Alt?

I'd also say that if you are in a 10 man, go Divine Purpose with EF Spam. I took LoD out of my rotation entirely and my HPS went through the roof. As for my raid experience. I have played since Vanilla. TBC I ended in a guild stuck on Muru which I think put us at us top 500ish world I think. WotLK I bounced around 100 to 500 world. Dedicated Tribute to insanity we were top 40 world, also I got carried to a HM Lich King and Halion while content was current. I was gone most of Cata (only raided FL, where we were 6/7 HM) and I have returned semi casual to MoP and am currently 5/6 HM MV, 2/6 HM HoF.

Bode - 100 Holy Paladin - Lightbringer
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