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#1 Jan 21 2013 at 10:55 AM Rating: Excellent
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The summary thread is usually up by now, so I'll go ahead and start it...hopefully, no one minds.


Getting over a cold, so I'll probably take it easy. I don't want to push it too quickly and get sick all over again. Going to a car show with a friend on Saturday. No idea about it, just an excuse to hang out. The dog needs some attention after my out-of-town stretch. Dog park, walks, etc. Maybe rent a movie in there somewhere.

Pally - Run all the LFR I can. I've got my Golden Lotus rep up to revered, but don't have the VP to purchase the shoulders. I'll try to max out my weekly VP this weekend.
Work toward exalted with Golden Lotus. Do more Klaxxi dailies.
Check to see if there's more factions I can work on (Shado Pan?) now.

Druid - Get my undead pet to 25, to finish the all-classes-to-25 achievement
Work on getting more pets to 10 and 25 for the 30 to 10, 30 to 25 achievements
Look out for the Giraffe Calf and the Scourged Whelpling. <-- with this in mind, I created a worgen DK on a low-pop server to see if it might improve my odds (plus I need the worgen-only pet anyway), so get some levels on the DK, at a minimum, get out of the DK starter area.
Work on the final two panda elemental tamers I need to get down. Tried the earth one briefly last night...his stun is a ******.

Car show was fun. Some cool old muscle cars that cost more than I'll ever be able to afford. Dog was good. Just gotta keep on it. No movies. Looked at Redbox, but nothing caught my eye so...meh. Looked at another house, but...meh.

Pally - Ran 4/5 LFR. Probably do the last one tonight before reset. Did my Golden Lotus dailies, but none of the others. I'll get on them sooner, rather than later, but I wasn't really in a grindy daily mood this weekend.

Druid - Undead to 25. Check.
Worked on leveling some pets. So, sort of check.

Worgen DK - Out of starter zone. Got the Worgen-only pet. Managed to get a Giraffe Calf, but no Scourged Whelpling. I'm being stupid and wasting time leveling gathering professions, figuring I'll need the money at some point. I also figure if I can spend a little time and catch up the professions to my current-ish level, I'll benefit from the gathering XP when I go to Outland and beyond. The DK is pretty much a throw-away toon, but wtf, I'm a completionist when it comes to professions, so there you go. Plus, I'm having fun playing an alliance toon. I haven't spent much time on alliance since probably around Ulduar. So, just something different to break up the routine and have fun with.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!
#2 Jan 21 2013 at 11:07 AM Rating: Excellent
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Missed friday because I was out of the office... but

RL - saw Mama on Friday, was your usual horror movie but well done, had a few creepy parts but was your typical del Toro movie, no kids and no ambition so played way too much wow and finally preserved some food we had dehydrated this fall, was a relaxing weekend

WOW - raised our monks from level 20'ish to about level 35, raised alchemy from 100'ish to 200'ish, cooking to 155'ish, raised my paladin from 68.75 to 71.5, did 2 days worth of Golden Lotus dailies and tiller dailies, ran a few random heroics. Tie in to clearing old content thread, I cleared about 3 raids for achievements but did not get any mounts :(

Ready for tuesdays reset to start all over again.
#3 Jan 21 2013 at 2:22 PM Rating: Excellent
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Sorry guys, I was dealing with a threat of suicide from someone who has already slashed themselves up and down the arm (not across) once in the last few months. At the very least, they were going to end up nuking their only shot at education and end up with a rich life of cleaning streets or washrooms. Not in a great mood and it is 0400 here. Azwing, thanks for catching this one.

WOW: Didn't get to play much.

RL: I plan to vacuum my floor with it.

Here's hoping that the rest of you had such a good weekend that it balances out the suckage of mine -- I think I can cover pretty much all of our regular posters on that one. :p
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#4 Jan 21 2013 at 3:08 PM Rating: Excellent
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Not sure what my goals for the weekend would be. I'd like to take an hour or two and do some scenarios to get my blacksmith some more VP since he's the only character that can do LFR, would like to get him an upgrade or two. It'd be nice if the stupid satchels would give me some freaking decent pieces.

I've done enough scenarios to get my 463 weapon upgraded to 471; no pieces of gear. Every time something DOES come from the bag, it is always 450.

Think I probably want a level or two on an alt or something, probably my Horde LW. Not sure, we'll see I guess.

Did manage to get 1 level on my warlock, but also managed to get 2 on my priest, now she's 90. Also, got some rep done too.
#5 Jan 21 2013 at 3:13 PM Rating: Excellent
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- Decided to go into nostalgia land and picked up Morrowind and a pure caster and not the godly SnB. Having fun so far and realizing how much the difficulty changed since I first stared playing it a decade ago.
-Also playing the Defiance beta but I got to be all hush*ty hush hush about that.

Well my rose tinted glasses were ripped off my face when I realized that I either super suck at casters in Morrowind or they just generally are weak. Gave up and went with SnB and kicking some real ****. Can't say I am surprised nor can I say that it isn't fun.

Defiance beta, is well, beta. Can't say anything detailed about it since it is still under NDA. It is enjoyable though and has potential.
#6 Jan 21 2013 at 4:29 PM Rating: Excellent
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Long weekend isn't quite over yet, but I think I've done almost all that I'll do!

It's a long weekend, which is a nice break; also the first weekend I've had no definitive plans since... yikes, before Christmas? I'm not a reclusive hermit, but man oh man, do I want some "me time!" And "me time" means "WoW time!"

My mage is level 49; I'll probably easily get to 60, so let's aim for 70 to be optimistic! I might modify that back down to 65, and to switch skinning with alchemy (my main has herbalism).
If possible, I'd like to get my rogue from 83 to 85, and get some decent BoA or AH gear on her.
And I'll probably do some soloing on my druid, since you guys started that **** soloing topic and it's put an itch in me Perhaps Ulduar for some achievements!

Mage is at 65, and I did indeed drop skinning and take up alchemy. And I've powerleveled both tailoring and alchemy; hit Northrend materials for both of them. I think I have each around level 400 right now; unfortunately that means all the stuff I'm making I can't use Smiley: glare Tempted to push Tailoring to 420, as I believe that's when I get my first embroidery, but we'll see if that happens or not...
My rogue got about 1/3 of a level... Uldum just feels slow, and my rogue feels squishy. I think I need some more upgraded gear. Once I hit 85 it should be easy to find some... though maybe I could look on the AH right now... hmmm...
Druid did some soloing; got Dwarvageddon in Ulduar. Died on FL Smiley: oyvey, and quit for the time being. Did a lot of dailies, a few scenarios, and have around 2000 VP saved up, so I'm eying new epics.

Oh, has anyone else noticed that Nomi's dailies aren't giving reputation? Just got the bell yesterday, and I've done two dailies - no rep. Nothing on my faction page either. Harumph.

Nomi's bell is still totally bugged. Harumph, no reputation for me!

RL: Ok, I do have SOME tentative plans. Going out to brunch on Sunday with one of my "friends" (cough, ex-girlfriend, cough), and likely going to Busch Gardens on Monday with some other pals. I'm going to make that annual pass worth it!

Brunch happened on Saturday instead of Sunday, Sunday was a lazy day, and today I got a haircut and restarted the P90X (and failed horribly halfway through; my upper body was shaking like a drug addict in need of a fix). Now I've got one foot out the door to visit some friends for dinner and a movie night. So long!
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