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#1 Jan 07 2013 at 5:14 AM Rating: Excellent
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Monday comes early on this side of the planet. Here's hoping that all went well for you (and that Daniel's son didn't burst into flames).

WOW: It looks like a chaotic weekend. I'm keeping things simple. I'll work on the dailies, knock out some scenarios, and run a heroic or two if I can get a stable block of time. I'd like to get one of the three 90s geared for LFR.

/facepalm Erm, no. You see, DMF rolled around and my poor little shaman has been sitting in Outland, needing to advance her Mining and Jewel Crafting. Unfortunately, Outland is an annoying stretch for me to level professions through. I still hate TBC content (we had extra helpings of it). One thing led to another, and I spent the weekend pushing her from fresh dinged 60, to getting off the boat in Northrend as a new 68.

RL: Pink is diabolically pleased that I'm still doing my best stunned bovine impression. Much of the weekend may get spent letting her admire the effect. I'm still trying to decide if I should link one of the pics and let y'all laugh at me.

Blame Locke. I decided to share and let you laugh at me. Pink is enjoying the stunned bovine impression way too much.
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#2 Jan 07 2013 at 6:43 AM Rating: Good
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My weekend summary is this: Dose any one else feel like there is too much questing to do in MOP? >.< I joined Mop late and for some reason I insist on staying a prot/holy spec on my Pally main. Problem is, kills come in slooooow... so I spend more time on my main and what time I have left isn't on my alt's ... :(

I know logic would say just turn one of your specs into ret... but **** until this x-pac I did fine doing my dailies and heroics as a prot pally and my BG's on holy like I loved since BC.
#3 Jan 07 2013 at 6:51 AM Rating: Excellent
-I have exalted all the peeps in MoP in my monk. I like never have do to a daily on him again :o or 7-8 weeks because that is how many lesser charms I have for greater...
-Made some gold <3
-Leveled 3 levels on my Hunter. Not played Hunter in ages. He basically hit 80, I tried out DK and have never gone back (leveled so many other classes, while he just sat at 80). Questing is uber-easy-mode-WoW like I remember :o PvP is starting to get "fun" aka, I'm not getting 1 hit anymore...

-Went to funeral
-Was a gathering after. Ate, drank, hung out with family.
-bought booze
-Proceeded to drink booze rest of the weekend.
-Watched some Netflix.

Really wish I was a multi-billionaire so I could stop going to work. (heck even a few million)
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#4 Jan 07 2013 at 7:17 AM Rating: Excellent
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Rhodekylle wrote:

Blame Locke. I decided to share and let you laugh at me. Pink is enjoying the stunned bovine impression way too much.

More like thank Locke; great pics! Smiley: nod

I already posted the majority of what I got done on Friday:
After a good nap this afternoon and STILL feeling like roadkill (huh. Which looks strangely like Rhodekylle. Did I miss a joke? Was that intentional? If so, I feel dumb. If not, please don't be insulted)... anyway, I managed to get some more stuff done:
-Hit 25 with a pet from every family
-Hit 25 with 15 pets
-Got Raiding With Leashes. Paid 5k for the Stitched Pup, but it was worth it in my book.
-Found out that even though I won a BMAH bid for the Blood-Soaked Invitation, it disappeared and I still don't have access to the Brawler's Guild >_>
-Found a Guo-Lai Ancient Chest (achievement: get!) and found enough relics to hit Revered with Golden Lotus. Freaking finally.
-Realized what a grind AC and SP will be and decided to say "***** it!" to dailies. Klaxxi wasn't bad. Golden Lotus was like pulling nails. Shado-Pan (the 5 I did) were unique but not much better; like a watered-down Klaxxi.

I only played for a few minutes last night; enough to do some dailies and a scenario, and that's about it. I want to recreate a character I have on Skywall named Naoki but someone on Sen'Jin already has the name Smiley: frown So now I'm not sure what to do next.

RL: I was sick Friday and most of Saturday, but still drove myself 90 miles to visit my family. Felt a lot better Sunday and today I'm just coughing up the gunk in my lungs (ew). In my personal life, things are getting kinda crazy... I have two exes, one of them who was interested, then decided she wasn't, then seemed interested again (but lives 2 hours away), and another who just got out of a relationship and slept over last night. She's interested in me, but
1) I don't want to be a rebound
2) I don't want to date her
3) We didn't hook up, so stop judging; it was (mostly) just sleeping Smiley: bah

So now I'm left scratching my head going, "Dude, what kind of position did you just put yourself into!?" I think I need to meet new people Smiley: glare
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#5 Jan 07 2013 at 12:01 PM Rating: Decent
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Rhodekylle wrote:

RL: Pink is diabolically pleased that I'm still doing my best stunned bovine impression. Much of the weekend may get spent letting her admire the effect. I'm still trying to decide if I should link one of the pics and let y'all laugh at me.

Blame Locke. I decided to share and let you laugh at me. Pink is enjoying the stunned bovine impression way too much.
She is a cutie, one of our riders (military retired) bought one of those Chinese girl for companionship (got married). He is 35 years older than her but they are lots of fun.
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#6 Jan 07 2013 at 12:12 PM Rating: Excellent
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Pally - Dailies. I'm behind the curve, but already annoyed by the necessity and repetitiveness of the Golden Lotus dailies. Probably ought to get more serious about Klaxxi. I plan to run Strat, Scholo, and Stormstout Brewery every day. I need 463 head, shoulders, and legs. Hopefully, the RNG gods are smiling on me. Got the cloak from Hoptallus last night, so that was one down. Not too worried about VP, since I can't spend it on anything now anyway...

Account/druid - pet hunting. I'm at 377 pets. I want to get to 400. I have a list of what I need and where I need to go. Some are rare spawns, so again I may need some RNG help, but I think I can hit 400 without relying on rare spawns. Maybe I'll solo some old raids for fun and the pet drop chances. I'm close to best friends with Sho...maybe I'll be able to get that one done, too. C'mon apples (and RNG gods).

Farming. I need two cards to finish the Crane deck. I may just end up buying or trading for them. But, I'd like to try to see if I can get lucky (again with the RNG gods) and craft them. So, some herbing is in order. Either way, I'll have the Crane deck and get the trinket by the end of the weekend.

Looks like my weekend is going to be pretty dependent on RNG gods. I guess I should be prepared to be dissappointed. :-)

WoW - How wrong I was. RNG smiled on me in a big way. Thank you RNG gods.

Pally - Hit the heroics and got all three 463s I needed in just a couple runs (Thanks RNG). So, now I can just hit the random heroics for VP, and not worry about specific ones. I managed to get rep up with Golden Lotus to get the VP ring. Nice upgrade. I completed the Crane deck (skipped the farming, though...just bought the last two I needed) and got the Int/healing trinket, then bought one upgrade for it in an attempt to get from iLvl 469 to 470. Didn't work, but I borrowed a higher level off-hand to get over 470 so we could run the higher LFRs. Got a belt drop in there, so I'm not at 471 (Thanks RNG). Woot. Also, got the drop for the Sapphire Cub from a Gui-Lai Cache (Thanks RNG).

Druid - Petstravaganza this weekend. I hit 400 and then some. Up to 427. **** it's addictive. I made a list on Friday of pets I needed and went at it on Saturday. The wife was gone all day, so aside from a couple breaks, I spent a lot of the day pet hunting. First, I went to some toons on my old server and pooled and spent their gold on the AH. I got about five or six pets that way. I doubt I'll ever be back on those toons, so money well spent. Then, I made the rounds of the continents and snapped up as many pets as I could, spending some time looking for the rare spawns, but not camping. As is, I got lucky a couple times and was in the right place at the right time. I got my minfernal about the third or fourth time swinging by the zone. There wasn't anything there, so I was just hovering and reading Wowhead for a second and then looked over at the minimap to see the Minfernal spawn. Grabbed it asap, before any of the campers saw it (Thanks RNG). Grabbed the Emerald Proto-whelp in Sholazar on only my second look for it (Thanks RNG).

Then, the major RNG smile of them all. Last night after finishing LFR, a guildie called out for more folks to kill the Darkmoon Rabbit. I hopped in and then won the roll (WOOT!) (Thanks RNG). Then, as I was about to log off, I decided to check the Wanderer's Festival one last time. The server time of the event seems like it's off from what guides say, but I don't know. Anyway, it was a couple minutes after 2 server time and boom, the Wanderer's Festival Hatchlings on my minimap. Woot. And, the first one I tagged was a rare (Thanks RNG).

Now, just waiting on rain on Jaquero Island and sandstorm in Tanaris. But, hey I'm not going to question the RNG gods after this weekend. I still need some RNG love for the Fluxfire Feline, Tiny Twister, and Scourged Whelping, so I want to stay on RNG's good side :-). Still have the old raid pets to get also. Bought two on old realm, but that leaves 10 more to pick up.
RL - ?? I don't know. Save money by not doing much. Hopefully get to look at a house or two. We've been in a rental a little over a month and I'm more than ready to get back into our own place.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. /pray to the RNG gods

Not doing much - Check.
Looking at houses - not so much :-(
Took the puppy over to the dog park and he had a blast. He impressed several people with his speed. He's a 10-month old Queensland Heeler. Apparently, even at that young age he can easily outrun other dogs.
Hockey Sunday evening. Loss. I was pretty rusty after the holiday weekends off. Hopefully next week, I'll have my lungs back a little better.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

*****, that ended up being quite a long summary.)

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#7 Jan 07 2013 at 12:18 PM Rating: Excellent
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Play games. At this point I am just playing w/e floats my boat. Haven't bothered getting a new memory card. Probably will just dink around. Absolutely nothing special going on.

My weekend was so awesome I played solitaire all weekend. Exciting!

Locke wrote:

So now I'm left scratching my head going, "Dude, what kind of position did you just put yourself into!?" I think I need to meet new people Smiley: glare

You answered your own question there. Ignore the hoes and get with someone that is actually serious and doesn't want to play around.

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#8 Jan 07 2013 at 1:51 PM Rating: Excellent
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I didn't get a chance to post in the goals thread, but...

I managed to put a level on my druid and one on my priest, so that's awesome.

Helped mom get a load of rep with one of her characters (she has revered with Golden Lotus and will have Revered with Klaxxi today) which was also a good chunk o' rep and gold on my blacksmith, lol. Did some scenarios, meh. Otherwise, didn't do a whole lot this past weekend. Hoping to replace my mattress set in my room, I'm fairly sure that's what's causing a lot of issues with laziness and lack of energy/drive; I'm not getting very good sleep because my bed's worn out and not giving me very much rest. Hopefully that'll change this coming week.

Edit: Update: Another level on my druid partly thanks to the Carousel buff. yaaay. I love getting 235k out of TLS quests.

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#9 Jan 11 2013 at 3:56 PM Rating: Excellent
Hopefully get to 90 on my 88 Pandarean Monk.

Finish the Wok cooking specialization, start on the other specializations ***** being a completionist)

Not done, too many ingredients for the daily and I'm too cheap to buy in bulk
Baptize my kid on Sunday. Hopefully he won't burst into flames when touched by Holy water. I wouldn't worry except I know the father.

Done, he didn't burst, in fact he sat i the holy water and took the baptism with a bored expression on his face, everyone was sure he was going to cry his eyes out... Hardcore!

Took me this long to reply because of a week long storm, I had no internet access at all.

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