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#1 Dec 10 2012 at 9:00 AM Rating: Excellent
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Another weekend is over and we're only a couple of weeks from Christmas. How did everybody do on their goals?

I managed NOT to throw up on Friday. I don't know what was wrong with me, but I was nauseated from the time I woke up until about 11:00 am. (queue jokes about morning sickness, yuck yuck yuck har har har) I unsubbed from WoW and Star Wars this weekend. I decided I'm going to be a console gamer for a while and play all of the awesome titles I have for my PS3. I did manage to get all of my Christmas shopping done except for my dad and step-mom, the two hardest people to shop for. And of course, I can never have enough presents for the Tiny Terror. my 3 yr old son.
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#2 Dec 10 2012 at 9:27 AM Rating: Excellent
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WOW: The weekend took a strange turn and WOW reflected that. I ended up spending such time as I had leveling Pandamonium, but with rapid queue times, heirlooms, the monk dailies and rested XP I was able to get just short of ten levels -- all the way through Northrend. Yay!

RL: I'll spare you the long story and boil it down to basics. Pink and I spent much of Saturday on a shopping binge and she got a pair of nice, gold ear rings as an early Christmas gift. Sunday was her friend's birthday party; her friend was turning 30 (probably 29, the Chinese tend to start at one). Things ran late and we all had a good time.

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RL: Well, it kinda sucks... the girl I was seeing for the past several months gave me the old "I just don't feel the same way any more..." speech yesterday. Has me, predictably, in a bit of a funk. Officially single now, but not really thrilled. Still, trying to make the best of it. Going out tonight with friends to try a new Chinese place that has some pretty good reviews. Looking into trying a church (*gasp!*) on Sunday... UU church though, so non-Christian. Should be an interesting experience.

Chinese place was good, but a bit pricy. Might go again, but not for several months. Ended up Smiley: chug a lot on Saturday, mostly mooning over my girl issues... hungover on Sunday, so no church for me Smiley: tongue

WoW: Already ran MC, BWL, AQ40, and Nax10 this week for the pets. Tried The Battle of Mount Hyjal and failed miserably on Rage Winterchill solo. I think I might have better luck if I bring a free action potion and/or a pvp trinket. Still want to solo BT; might try the Reliquary of Souls this time since it was nerfed. That should let me hit Exalted with Ashtongue (dinged Exalted with Brood and Hydraxian earlier this week). Besides soloing old raids...
1. Would like to get Scenturdist. Still, it'll suck to run several scenarios and not get rewarded... we'll see. Definitely going to run a few though.
2. More dailies; Anglers, Klaxxi, Golden Lotus, Shieldwall. Still need to hit Revered and unlock Shado-Pan and August Celestials. I think I might get Exalted with Anglers sometime this weekend!
3. Pet battles! Want to get the "15 pets at level 10" achievement (currently at 12), and maybe get a few new 25s. I would love to beat the Darkmoon Trainer before the faire ends this month, but it seems unlikely to happen. Only have 2 25s and a 23 right now; and only one of them is strong versus one of his pets. Grumble grumble. Maybe I'll work on more Northrend trainers, though I know Major Payne is going to be a Major Headache too.

Hit exalted with the Ashtongue, also got the 60 Exalted reputations achievement. Beloved am I!... at least in WoW Smiley: glare
1. Nope. I did do a few scenarios though; found out that you don't need to do them ALL on a single Saturday, so I only have 2 left. Next week, methinks.
2. Hit Exalted with the Anglers, Honored with Shieldwall, and more than halfway through Revered with Klaxxi. Golden Lotus is so darn slow, though... Still mucking my way through Honored, but less than half of the way to Revered.
3. Didn't get the 15 at level 10 achievement (though I might be at 13 or 14). Didn't beat the Darkmoon trainer either. Hit the 250 pet achievement, and the achievement for catching a pet in each Pandaria zone. Best part of the weekend was getting my Clockwork Gnome to 22, and acquiring a Fluxfire Feline (now 20). Starting to think about investing in some hard-counters (-damage taken, +damage given) for several upcoming encounters. Found this list on MMO-champion:
vs Aquatic: Jade Owl, only Magic pet to learn Flying moves
vs Beast: Sorry, no Flying type exists with Mechanical attacks. So, pick a decent Flying type to take less damage, or a good Mechanical to deal more damage.
vs Critter: Flayer Youngling is the prize all-star here, Curious Wolvar Pup is just behind him. Both are Humanoid with Beast attacks.
vs Dragonkin: Scourged Whelpling... I know, it sucks, it's as rare as a Minfernal, but it's the sole Undead pet with Humanoid attacks.
vs Elemental: Any Snail-type Critter. They all learn Dive, the sole Aquatic attack in the Critter family as a whole. Plus, they are very durable, a nice counter to the typically higher damage output of Elementals.
vs Flying: You got about a half-dozen options: Azure Whelpling, Celestial Dragon, Emerald Whelpling, Lil' Tarecgosa, Netherwhelp, Nether Faerie Dragon, Spirit of Competition, and Sprite Darter Hatchling. All of them are Dragonkin with 1 or more Magic attacks.
vs Humanoid: Any Spider or Maggot of the Beast families. They each get one Undead attack. I like a Spider with Brittle Webbing in their build too.
vs Magic: Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling is the only Mechanical to get a Dragonkin attack. Definitely worth getting.
vs Mechanical: Pick an Elemental. ANY Elemental pet. They are a flat hard counter out of the box. Lil' Ragnaros is a nice powerhouse for that job (over a 350 Attack at Level 25), and learns Lava Wave, which is like the Aquatic Tidal Wave attack, in that it destroys turrets, bombs, etc. but it is Elemental-type instead.
vs Undead: Pick a Turtle from the Aquatic types, and use Powerball. The Wanderer's Festival Hatchling is the only turtle to NOT learn Powerball.

So there's a good goal... as I have NONE of those leveled up (and most not even captured Smiley: lol).
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#4 Dec 10 2012 at 10:29 AM Rating: Excellent
Got my 60 exalted reps when I dinged exalted with Shadowpan and August Celestials. I won a match in the Brawler's Guild, but don't see myself spending a lot of time on that (I'm a healer. DPS isn't my strong point). Got new mounts, and a cool hat for Transmog from Shadowpan. All in all, a fun weekend.
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#5 Dec 10 2012 at 10:37 AM Rating: Excellent
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RL - I was having a problem with Legend of Dragoon where the game would freeze up on me when I would enter buildings. I was a save hog so that didn't bother me too much. Well it happened after a short cutscene of the final boss in disk 2 dying. ****** that I would have to kill her again I went to load my game and was greeted with instant freeze. After several attempts I gave up.

So I went to my next game, Xenogears. Was really getting into the game. Went to save... "Save failed". Did a bit of research and it is apparently a bug that happens. Recommend to have save files from other games would help. So I put Xenogears at the bottom of my PS1 list.

Now I am working on Breath of Fire 3. Just picked up Momo and am off to her fathers factory. Incoming new party member.
#6 Dec 10 2012 at 11:08 AM Rating: Excellent
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I wrote:
goals: I think I'll split time between pet battles with my druid and dungeons on the pally. I've got two pets close to 25 that I want to get capped. I'd also like to push my pet total to 300. I'm at 266 now, so it should be in reach with a little focus and travel. Pally leveling...I'm at 87.5 now. I want to get at least to 88.5, maybe even 89. Depends on time. RL, I'm going to a bachelor party Saturday night, so that might not leave enough time for WoW goals.

Okay, so splitting time didn't happen too much. **** addicting pet battles. But, I did ding 88 on the pally, just didn't make it too far into 88. So, I'll give myself a C on that goal.

Pet battles, on the other hand, went well. I got up to 319 pets. My goal was 300, but once I got there, I realized I was close to several achievements (zone/city battle mainly), so I just kept going instead of leveling the pally more. At least I'm building up the rested XP. The big push will be to get to 400 pets. My focus will have to be Pandaria, since there are so many pets available there. Oh, and I did cap the two pets at 25. Now, I'll have to get a few more up to 25. Getting higher level pets has a snowball effect. At first, it's hard to get high level pets. Then, once you're there, it's gets easier and easier to accumulate/upgrade lowbie pets.

RL - the bachelor party was a lot of fun. Definitely cut into my WoW time, but who cares?

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

#7 Dec 12 2012 at 2:25 PM Rating: Excellent
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Didn't get a whole lot done. Had 2 business Christmas parties, so we were out for those. Networking...yay.
My painting has come to an end. Now we just put the house together and get the Christmas decorations done. Maaybee...I can play Wow this weekend while I'm smelling cookies baking.
I also [ahem] reactivated FFXI. Maybe mess around with that til FFXIV-ARR starts next spring or summer. Not leaving WoW since I'm paid thru April, but... I've been feeling burned out. **** dailies.
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