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Opinion On: Panda Dailies

#1 Nov 13 2012 at 3:20 PM Rating: Decent
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Lyrailis wrote:

The reason why PvP is so easy, is because you don't kill bosses for drops (not counting Sha/TB/Vault). The entirety of PvP Progression is "get points for killing players" which sounds right. You do PvP, you get points. You use points to buy armor and weapons.

PvE, however, is more complicated than that. People want fat lewtz out of killing bosses, right? That sounds sensible. However, bosses don't drop enough gear to keep everybody happy, AND there's too much RNG. You need to fill, what, 15 slots on your character sheet and there's 5 people in a heroic dungeon group. That's 75 slots to fill if my quick math is working properly.

But yet if you gear people TOO fast, then the content seems trivial and too easy. So they added a point system so that people are guaranteed to get SOMETHING even if it isn't gear.

In Vanilla, you had complaints "I ran xxxxxx and got nothing!" then they tried the badges and it was "OMG, it takes 90 badges for gear? GAH!" and now we have Justice/Valor, it was "It is kinda stupid you can run dungeons and just buy gear... what's the point of boss drops?"

So what exactly are they supposed to do to fix PvE?

Like I said, the current model is closer to the goal -- but still not perfect. Best thing we can do is come up with suggestions and ways to improve it and hope Blizz sees it and improves upon it.

Edited, Nov 13th 2012 4:07pm by Lyrailis

Theoretically gear through VP rewards should be attained slower than from loot drops off bosses. If it's still too quick for Blizz's sensibilities they should have just lowered the weekly point cap. Instead we have... this. (imagine a disgusted look on my face)

BTW if a simple system is ok for pvp why is something similar not ok for pve? The old system (mostly) worked. The only issue appeared to be that rep gains using tabards was too lol (and that's arguable - some people preferred it and most didn't care).

PS The main (and first) issue with badges was that you were getting cutting edge pve loot from lower teir raids like Kara (which we nicknamed badgazan). '90 badges for Sunwell level gear? Sweet!'

PPS The current model isn't anywhere near any sort of goal. You have a situation where the majority of players are somewhere between '**** no!' and 'meh even though it sucks I'll deal with it.'
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